Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
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Latest version: v2.1.1

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AlertHub is a simple tool written with NodeJS to get alerted from GitHub and GitLab releases, tags and commits.

When you watch a release over GitHub, you also auto watch the issues and comments etc., however if you want to only follow new releases, or only commits or tags, there isn't a way to achieve this from GitHub directly.

There's been a service called sibbell.com, but they shut down on 15th May, 2018. That's why, I decided to make one for myself.

This simple cli tool watches the releases set in config, and notifies you with E-mail or PushBullet, and provides you an aggregated RSS feed which you can use in IFTTT or your personal feed reader.

Update 2018.11.28: GitHub now supports following the repositories' releases, however, it's still buggy for me, and they still don't cover the push notification feature which this tool offers.


Some people still wonder why this tool, which was released before GitHub release feature announced, yet exists, so I wanted to list the features as a bullet list:

  • You can watch GitHub releases, AND tags and commits and issues
  • You can also watch private GitHub repositories by providing an access token
  • You can watch GitLab tags and commits
  • You can watch 3rd party releases which are neither from GitHub nor GitLab
  • You can get notified with e-mail when a new update to your watch list is published
  • You can also get notified with push notification, using services PushBullet and / or PushOver
  • You can generate an aggreagated RSS feed with this tool for all your watches, which is sorted by date, and use this aggregated feed to source to your favorite news reader application, or to pipe to services such as IFTTT etc.
  • Self-hosted. Also, no GUI. You can simply set it and forget it


  • NodeJS 10.x or newer
  • (Optional) PushBullet Api Key
  • (Optional) PushOver Api Key
  • (Optional) SMTP credentials to dispatch e-mail
  • (Optional) Personal GitHub Access token to access to private repositories and to increase fetching rate limits

Either one of the PushBullet, PushOver or the SMTP credentials are required to get notifications. RSS feed doesn't require neither.


You can install and run AlertHub with some simple steps:

  1. Clone this repository or get the latest release version.
  2. Navigate to the repository's folder, and run npm install to install dependencies.
  3. Run npm run init to copy the configuration file.
  4. Edit /etc/config.js, and fill your credentials.
  5. Run npm start or something like pm2 start npm -- start and run the application.

Docker Container

To build

docker build -t alerthub:2 .

To run

docker run --rm --name alerthub -d -p 3444:3444 alerthub:2

# With attaching config file

docker run --rm --name alerthub -d -v $(pwd)/etc:/usr/src/app/etc -p 3444:3444 Ardakilic/alerthub:2


I'll keep track of each release in the [CHANGELOG.md](./CHANGELOG.md).


Please refer to [UPGRADING.md](./UPGRADING.md).

TODOs / Plans

  • A portable storage solution such as SQLite etc.
  • Following GitLab releases
  • Following BitBucket releases
  • Multi user feature
  • Per-repository webhooks
  • Aggregated RSS
  • Following commits and tags in addition to releases
  • PushOver integration
  • Following commits from a specific branch (GitHub and GitLab)
  • You say!



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Donations are kindly accepted to help develop my projects further.

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*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the AlertHub README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.