Anahita v4.4.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-09-07 // almost 4 years ago
    1. added: search near me functionality to the search component ๐Ÿ›  2. fixed: issue which was breaking the json search response when viewer was in the results and breaking the list. ๐Ÿšš 3. removed: closest sort from search. It is now happening in combination with recent or most relevant sorting whenever geo search is happening.
    2. added: max length to the alias in describable behaviour
    3. changed: tags, locations, and hashtags controllers so they work with the rest api
    4. changed: geolocatable behaviours to work with the REST api. For example addLocation now returns the location object
    5. added: JSON view for Browse and Read in site settings component. โšก๏ธ 8. changed: updated actor settings json response
    6. added: actor, optional apps, admins, and extended apps settings to the
      Actor setting json response.
    7. added: json views for com_settings views
    8. changed: settings mvc to config
    9. changed: all instances com:settings.setting to com:settings.config
    10. changed: improved settings assignments REST API for the Browse and Edit operations
    11. added: Actor Apps Settings REST API
    12. added: Actor Permissions Settings REST API
    13. added: checkpoints so only the person with the right privileges can view apps, permissions, and privacy values in the REST api.
    14. added: permissionable controller behaviour for actors
    15. added: permissionable behaviour to the actor controller ๐Ÿšš 19. removed: permissions related methods from administrable behaviour.
    16. added: appable controller behaviour ๐Ÿšš 21. removed: app management methods from administrable behaviour ๐Ÿšš 22. changed: moved Privacy settings to its own tab
    17. added: privatable controller behaviour ๐Ÿšš 24. removed: old privatable methods from the abstract controller and
      administrable behaviour. ๐ŸŒ 25. added: actor privacy tab translation labels to the actors translation
    18. added: GetFollowRequests action to the Actor Requestable behaviour

Previous changes from v4.4.3

    1. removed: get_magic_quotes_gpc because it has been deprecated
    2. changed: in the term filter, added backslash before the dash in
      regular expression.