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  • v2.23.0 Changes

    April 24, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    • 🔧 The "manage" view of apostrophe-pieces now supports robust filters, in the same way they were already supported on the front end for apostrophe-pieces-pages. Use the addFilters option to configure them. There is bc with existing filters that relied on the old assumption that manage filters have a boolean API. However now you can specify any field with a cursor filter, which includes most schema fields, notably including joins.

    Note that since all of the options are presented in a dropdown, not all fields are good candidates for this feature.

    The "manage" view filters now refresh to reflect only the options that still make sense based on the other filters you have selected, reducing user frustration.

    👀 See reusable content with pieces for more information and examples.

    👍 Thanks to Michelin for their support of this work.

    • apos.utils.isFalse allows you to check for values that are strictly === false in templates.

    • apos.utils.startCase converts property names to English, roughly speaking. It is used as a fallback if a filter does not have a label property. This is primarily for bc, you should add a label property to your fields.

    • Production now matches the dev environment with regard to relative URLs in LESS files, such as those used to specify background images or font files. Previously the behavior was different in dev and production, which is a bug.

    • 🔀 You can now pass a less option to apostrophe-assets, which is merged with the options given to less.render both in dev and production. You can use this, for instance, to enable strictMath.

    • 👍 apostrophe.oembed's fetch method now propagates its options object to oembetter correctly. Thanks to Fotis Paraskevopoulos.

  • v2.22.0 Changes

    April 11, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    • 🍱 Apostrophe now supports publishing CSS and JS assets via S3 rather than serving them directly.

    🚀 Apostrophe already had an option to build asset "bundles" and deploy them at startup, as described in our cloud HOWTO. However this serves the assets from the cloud webserver, such as a Heroku dyno or EC2 instance. It is now possible to serve the assets from Amazon S3.

    🚀 See the updated cloud HOWTO for details.

    👍 Thanks to Michelin for their support of this work.

    • Enforce string field min and max properties on server side.

    • When validation of a form with tabs fails, such as a pieces edit modal, activate the correct tab and scroll to the first error in that tab.

    • thanks to Ludovic Bret for fixing a bug in the admin bar markup.

  • v2.21.0 Changes

    April 11, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    • 🐎 For a small performance boost, defer option can be set to true when configuring any widget module. This defers calls to the load method until just before the page is rendered, allowing a single query to fetch them all in simple cases. This is best applied to the apostrophe-images-widgets module and similar widgets. It should not be applied if you wish to access the results of the join in asynchronous code, because they are not available until the last possible moment.

    👍 Thanks to Michelin for their support of this work.

    • You can also set deferImageLoading to true for the apostrophe-globals module if you want the same technique to be applied when loading the global doc's widgets. This does not always yield a 🐎 performance improvement.

    • 🐛 Bug fix: if two crops of the same image were present in separate widgets on a page, only one of the crops would be seen in template code. This issue has been resolved.

  • v2.20.3 Changes

    April 05, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    • The search filter is once again available when choosing images. This involved a deeper fix to modals: filters for sliding modals were not being properly captured and hoisted into the shared part of the outer div. This is now being done exactly as it is done for the controls (buttons) and the instructions.

    To avoid incompatibility with existing uses of self.$filters, such as in the manage modal, they are captured to self.$modalFilters. A small change to the manage modal was needed to take advantage of this.

    • 🚚 Moved a warning message from console.log to console.error. stdout should never be used for warnings and errors. Moving toward clean output so that command line tasks can be safely used in pipelines.
  • v2.20.2 Changes

    March 31, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    👌 Improved UI for editing widgets. The edit button is no longer separate from the area-related controls such as up, down, etc. This reduces clutter and reduces difficulty in accessing widgets while editing.

  • v2.20.1 Changes

    March 27, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    When autocompleting doc titles to add them to a join, Apostrophe again utilizes search result quality to display the best results first.

  • v2.20.0 Changes

    March 20, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    ⚡️ This is a significant update with two useful new features and various minor improvements.

    • 👌 Support for batch uploads. The apostrophe-images and apostrophe-files modules now implement batch uploads by default.

    💻 When you click "New File" or "New Image," you now go directly to the file browser, and if you select multiple files they are uploaded without a modal dialog appearing for each one; the title and slug are populated from the filename, and that's that.

    You can also drag one or more files directly to the chooser/manager modal.

    If you are choosing files or images for a widget, they are automatically selected after a batch upload.

    This feature can be disabled by setting the insertViaUpload option to false for apostrophe-images or apostrophe-files. If you are adding required fields to apostrophe-images or apostrophe-files, then batch uploading is not the best option for you because it would bypass that.

    If you wish, you can enable the feature for your own apostrophe-pieces modules that have an attachment field in their schema by setting the insertViaUpload option to true. However please note that this does not currently do anything for pieces that refer to an image or file indirectly via widget.

    • ⏪ Global preference editing, and a standard UI to roll back to earlier versions of global content. There is now a "Global Content" admin bar button. By default, this launches the version rollback dialog box for shared global content.

    However, if you use addFields to add schema fields to the apostrophe-global module, this button instead launches an editing modal where you can edit those fields, and also offers a "Versions" button accessible from there.

    Global preferences set in this way are accessible in all situations where is available. This is very useful for creating project-wide preference settings.

    🐎 All the usual features of schemas can be used, including groupFields. Of course, if you choose to use joins or widgets in global content, you should keep the performance impact in mind.

    • 🛠 Various UX fixes to the manager and chooser modals.

    • If there is a minSize setting in play, that information is displayed to the user when choosing images.

    • 👍 The checkboxes schema field type now supports the browseFilters feature.

    • When batch file uploads fail, a more useful set of error messages are displayed.

  • v2.19.1 Changes

    March 15, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    • 🔧 When saving any doc with a schema, if an attachment field does not match a valid attachment that has actually been uploaded, that field is correctly nulled out. In addition, if the attachment's file extension is not in a valid fileGroup as configured via the attachments module, the field is nulled out. Finally, the crop: true option for attachments is saved successfully. This option allows for attachments to have a crop that is inherent to them, useful when there is no widget standing between the doc and the attachment.

    ⚡️ All of these changes correct bugs in intended behavior. Certain checks were present in the code but not completely functional. If you need to update your configuration to add file extensions, apostrophe-attachments.

  • v2.19.0 Changes

    March 15, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    • 🐎 As always, Apostrophe always populates; when[0] exists that is used, otherwise Apostrophe carries out a separate query. However as a performance enhancement, you may now disable this additional query by passing the home: false option to the apostrophe-pages module. Note that is not guaranteed to exist if you do this.

    🐎 As for children of the home page, for performance you may now pass home: { children: false } option to the apostrophe-pages module. This option only comes into play when using builders: { ancestors: false }.

    👍 Thanks to Michelin for their support of this work.

  • v2.18.2 Changes

    March 10, 2017

    ✅ All tests passing.

    • 🐎 Performance enhancement: when fetching directly in the absence of[0], such as on the home page itself or a non-page route like /login, we must apply the same default filters before applying the filter options, namely .areas(false).joins(false), otherwise duplicate queries are made.

    • 🛠 Fixed bug in as-yet-unused schemas.export method caught by babel's linter.

    👍 Thanks to Michelin for their support of this work.