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  • v0.1.9 Changes

    December 20, 2019

    🍱 ✨ Features

    Revamp Cart Rule

    Cart Rule with multiple coupons

    Cart Rule and Catalog Rule with more new conditions

    Multiple cart rules can be applied on the cart

    Catalog Rule reindexing implemented on multiple events (Eg. Product modification, Catalog rule creation, and modification, automatic reindexing with cron)

    🍱 🐛 Bug Fixes

    #1875 - Discount gets applied on cart if condition is "Visible Individually" is set to yes and product added in cart is not visible individually.

    👻 #1868 - Getting exception on checkout if action Buy X Get Y free is selected in cart rule.

    #1838 - Cart rule not working for condition sku(children only) and sku(parent only).

    👻 #1835 - Getting exception if condition value remains blank.

    #1831 - Negative sign is not required in discount amount.

    #1830 - If Coupon type is selected as "No Coupon" then coupon code should not generate for that particular cart rule.

    #1904 - Existing tax should display as list on creating catalog rule if in condition "Tax Category" is selected.

    💻 #1903 - UI issue in condition field

    🌐 #1895 - Translation issue Action Type field while creating catalog rule.

    🆓 #1883 - Free shipping not applied on cart, if from action "Free Shipping" is selected and discount amount is given as zero.

    #1882 - If from Action "Apply on shipping " is selected as yes then the discounted amount is applying on both product and shipping charge.

    👻 #1861 - Getting exception on checkout if applying invalid coupon code and proceed for checkout.

    👻 #1857 - Getting exception when creating cart rule with condition URL KEY(children only).

    👻 #1856 - Getting exception on creating cart rule with condition Name(children only).

    #1847 - If cart rule condition does not match the cart then on applying coupon it should display message "Coupon cannot be applied".

    👻 #1839 - Getting exception on filtering cart rule through id.

    #1836 - Back button on Edit cart rule page doesn't work.

    ⚡️ #1834 - On editing any cart rule, its priority updates to 1.

    #1833 - Discount not applied if "Payment Method", "Shipping Method", "Shipping State" or "Shipping Country" is selected in condition.

    #1832 - Able to use coupon irrespective of the number given in "Uses per coupon" field.

    ⚡️ #1828 - Updated changes are not saved on editing cart rule.

    #1825 - Not able to generate coupon code while creating cart rule.

    👻 #1823 - Getting exception after clicking on developement.

    🔧 #1929 - Actual product amount and discounted amount both should display on product page for configurable product

    #1928 - Catalog rule should not apply if any of the condition doesn't match, if condition type"All Condition are true"

    #1931 - Catalog rule not applying if in condition type"Any Condition is true" is selected, and some of the condition doesn't match the product.

    #1935 - Categories are not displaying if in condition Categories(children only) or Categories(Parent Only) is selected.

    #1938 - multiple cart rules are getting applied by using only single coupon.

    #1939 - Invalid coupon gets applied, if clicking on apply coupon multiple time, although there is no discount amount but its displaying message that coupon code applied successfully.

    #1942 - When editing the cart rule, selected category is not checked.

  • v0.1.9-BETA1

    December 18, 2019
  • v0.1.8

    October 04, 2019
  • v0.1.7 Changes

    September 18, 2019


    [feature] - Fiterable attributes according to category.

    [feature] - New module CMS added for adding static pages.

    [feature] - Dyanamic event firing in datagrid while adding columns, actions and mass actions as well.

    [enhancement] - Customer gets an email after registration.

    [enhancement] - Customer receives cancellation mail if his/her order is cancelled by admin.

    🔍 [enhancement] - SEO is now available for home page.

    [enhancement] - If account is created for customer by admin then customer should received an email that his/her account is created with create password link.

    [enhancement] - product_flat will is now scalable according to choice of attributes to be used in it.

  • v0.1.7-BETA2

    July 04, 2019
  • v0.1.7-BETA1

    July 02, 2019
  • v0.1.6

    June 28, 2019
  • v0.1.6-ALPHA1

    May 21, 2019
  • v0.1.5

    March 15, 2019
  • v0.1.4 Changes

    February 04, 2019

    [feature] - Product flat, a product subsystem for faster product search, filter & sort on the storefront.

    🔧 [feature] - Configurations loaded up in admin panel for almost all necessary things such as payments, shipments, etc.

    🔨 [feature] - Faster and efficiently refactored datagrids for showing listing data.

    🛠 #191 [fixed] - Add a column Shipped to in Order Grid ,to display the name for whom order has been shipped.

    🛠 #368 [fixed] - If products are added in shopping cart and those product get deleted from admin section then it still displays in cart.

    🛠 #353 [fixed] - Getting exception in deleting currency.

    🛠 #143 [fixed] - If user login from checkout page, then it should redirect to checkout page.

    🛠 #402 [fixed] - Change the validation message on moving product from wish-list to cart if product added in wish-list is out of stock.