Bagisto v1.0.0-BETA1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-07 // 10 days ago
  • 🍱 ✨ Features

    ⚡️ Updated to laravel version 6.

    ➕ Added four new product types - Group, Bundle, Downloadable and Virtual.

    Provided new theme (Velocity).

    🍱 🐛 Bug Fixes

    #1971 - Filter is not working properly for id column in autogenerated coupon codes in cart rule.

    0️⃣ #1976 - Default attribute set should be selected in root category.

    #1977 - On editing the product, selected category for that product is not checked.

    🌐 #1978 - Getting exception if changing the locale from cart page, if translation is not written for that product.

    #1979 - Wrong calculation at customer as well as at admin end in due amount and grandtotal.

    💻 #1980 - UI issue in cart on changing locale.

    👻 #1983 - Getting exception on deleting admin logo.

    #1986 - Subscribe to newsletter does not work.

    #1987 - MySQL query very slow if products in category is around 3000

    #1988 - Country and City Names in Create Address is not coming based on Locale

    #1994 - Tax rate should only depend on zip code, state field should not be mandatory.

    👻 #1997 - Getting exception on adding attribute or creating product in bagisto on php version 7.4 .

    #1998 - Showing product sale amount as zero when creating a product, and a existing catalog rule apply on it.

    #2001 - php artisan route:list throws error.

    👻 #2012 - Getting exception when clicking on view all under review section at product page.

    #2033 - API route for products throws error

    #2045 - Login option is not coming while checkout with existing customer mail id.

    #2051 - Forgot password not working due to recent changes in mail keys.

    0️⃣ #2054 -Automatically 1st item of bundle is getting selected as a default after saving product.

    #2058 - Not getting any validation message if entered admin credentials are wrong.

    👻 #2066 - Exception while writing product review.

    #2071 - Customer is not getting forget password email.

    👻 #2074 - Getting exception while creating bundle type product.

    👻 #2075 - Getting exception if trying to select any parent category of root.

    🔧 #2087 - Getting exception while adding configurable/bundle/grouped/Downloadable Type product to cart.

    👻 #2088 - Getting exception on customer login.

    🖨 #2089 - Info missing on printing invoice at customer and admin end.

    👻 #2114 - getting exception while recovering admin password in case admin did not enter the details in env.

    👻 #2118 - Installation issue, getting exception on migrate command.

    #2119 - confirm password is not matching even if admin is entering similar password in password and confirm password.

    #2120 - Not able to add new user as while creating user password its giving error confirm password doesn't match.

    0️⃣ #2124 - Able to make all product as default while creating bundle product in select type option.

    #2128 - Click on add attribute, error is thrown.

    #2132 - Price range slider not displaying.

    #2139 - Logic error in exchange rate calculation

    #2143 - Attributes filterable checkbox - those who do not know will think that a bug!

    #2145 - Emails don't work on registration.

    👻 #2146 - Getting exception on creating bundle product without any option.

    #2147 - Sort order of bundle product doesn't work.

    💻 #2149 - Ui issue when installing through installer.Getting issue on all steps.

    #2162 - product's special price should not greater than price

    #2164 - Redirect to incorrect url when click on finish button after installing through installer.

    🔧 #2165 - Incorrect error message for password field of email configuration.

    🌐 #2167 - Translation issue in Payment description field.

    #2168 - locale direction drop down always select ltr.

    #2173 - While creating locales value in direction dropdown is in small letters, but when you edit any locale it display in caps.

    #2176 - product price section is not getting highlighted if the warning exists

    #2177 - Category image can be add from anywhere

    👻 #2181 - Getting exception when creating/editing customer address from Admin end.

    #2182 - missing option in Customer's Gender at admin end

    #2183 - Add toolkit for add address.

    🔧 #2185 - Issue with configurable product in case of multi-locale. Variation option are not visible.

    💻 #2186 - Ui issue in cart for pt_BR locale. Quantity is not visible properly.

    #2190 - sku should be shown in product list if new product created

    #2192 - For all grid of sales section when you export data in csv file order id heading is mentioned as increment id.

    #2196 - No data is visible in state field, issue exist at all section where state field is used.

    🚚 #2198 - Remove vat id column from customer address list

    #2202 - catalog rule is not applied on product if product's special price date expired

    #2203 - saved categories are not checked in condition of catalog/cart rule

    #2204 - category tree view doesn't visible in catalog rule condition

    #2207 - Unable to delete Category.

    #2226 - Wrong price of product in case of multiple exchange rates.

    #2225 - Not able to export products according to locale.

    #2227 - Grand total column is not visible in invoice pdf, also getting incorrect currency symbol for grand total.

    #2237 - Error when trying to login with app.php locale set to ja

    #2239 - User should not be able to create multiple channel with same hostname.

    👻 #2241 - Getting exception when save a category with category logo

    0️⃣ #2242 - Velocity Header content status should be enabled by default

    🔧 #2243 - Remove Image's Height [in Pixel], Image's Width [in Pixel] ,Image Alignment and Number of Subcategory from Configure->velocity theme.

    #2245 - slider content is not showing in velocity theme

    #2246 - slider disable functionality is not working

    🚚 #2248 - Provide an option to remove filter in velocity theme.

    🔧 #2251 - configurable product options could not get select

    #2252 - Customer is not able to save his/her address in velocity theme.

    ⚡️ #2253 - Customer is not able to update his/her profile in velocity theme.

    🚚 #2254 - Fix layout for remove button in cart page for guest customer

    #2255 - Theme page search bar passing string value

    #2256 - close previous popup if clicks on another item

    #2257 - User profile drop down option should be highlighted on mouse hover

    #2258 - Need space between highlighted text.

    #2259 - Not getting category image on category page in velocity theme.

    #2260 - Not getting the header content.

    #2261 - Not getting option to delete review if customer has reviewed only single product.

    #2262 - Issue with multiple images of same product

    #2263 - Fix issue at review page

    #2264 - Getting internal server error when place an order

    #2265 - Migrate issues with Velocity

    #2271 - When clicking on dropdown icon of all categories, category list didn't get open.

    #2273 - Not getting password reset email for velocity theme

    #2274 - Not able to proceed for checkout after checkout/onepage in case of downloadable product.

    #2275 - Not able to place order for virtual product.

    #2279 - Sort By functionality is not working in velocity theme.

    #2280 - Getting small checkbox on refreshing the product page.

    #2282 - Not getting any validation error message if current date of birth is selected in customer profile.

    #2285 - Layout issue if category length is large.

    👻 #2288 - Getting exception on mass delete of review from admin end.

    🚚 #2293 - On mouse hover, remove filter should be display as clickable.

    #2295 - Admin not able to add address for customer if he add data in Vat id field.

    #2297 - Always showing 0 review for product in recently viewed product even if multiple reviews are given to that product.

    #2299 - Vat Id field is not given is customer address form.

    #2300 - Alignment issue on Billing Information page if user enter an email that already exist.

    #2317 - Multiple pop-up opens at a time if product is added in cart and customer click on Welcome Guest to sign-up or login.

    #2318 - Slider content is not showing properly on slider in velocity theme.

    💻 #2319 - UI issue when customer redirect to reset password page through received email.

    💻 #2320 - UI issue in sort by functionality.

    #2325 - Left arrow should be out of the image area.

    ⚡️ #2328 - Only first three viewed product display in recently viewed section, when customer view 4th product it doesn't get updated.

    #2330 - different route found for customer profile edit page for velocity theme

    #2335 - Success alert should be shown while adding product into cart

    #2336 - Issue with multi level category.

    #2337 - Not getting category logo for 3rd level category.

    #2339 - Selected content type is not showing in Content Pages List

    #2340 - Correct the success message on deleting content.

    🚚 #2341 - wish listed items should be labeled by move to cart instead of add to cart if product already added in cart

    👻 #2346 - Exception when search product based on selected category from search bar

    ⚡️ #2355 - UI issue when update product policy

    #2357 - Broken image link for locale logo.

    #2362 - Page Link Target of header content always save with self option.

    🚚 #2366 - Not able to add logo for category, after saving the category logo gets removed.

    ⚡️ #2371 - Getting exception on updating Category.

    #2280 - In minicart, whole minicart container is showing clickable but only image section gets clicked to redirect to product page.

    #2281 - In minicart, whole minicart container is showing clickable but only image section gets clicked to redirect to product page.

Previous changes from v0.2.2

  • 🍱 🐛 Bug Fixes

    • 🛠 Catalog rule product price issue fixed
    • 🔄 Changed copyright text in footer