Code Quality Rank: L5
Programming language: PHP
License: MIT License
Tags: Feed Readers    
Latest version: v0.1.1

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A simple, fast and secure PHP/AngularJS based single user feed and mail reader, password and bookmark manager. CacoCloud is divided into a RESTful PHP backend storing all data into a SQLite database and an SPA frontend based on AngularJs.

I have mainly written CacoCloud to fit my personal needs, but maybe it fits your needs, too.

You can find some screenshots in the wiki.


For installing you can simply grap the archive file from the homepage or build CacoCoud by your self. Watch the video how to install CacoCloud, from the archive file, in less than two minutes on a DigitalOcean VM with Debain Wheezy.

If you wanna build it by your self, on a *nix machine you can run the build.sh script. This script will install the needed node.js modules for running grunt, installs Composer and let the compser install all required PHP libs and creates a new and empty database. It also lets you create new user account.

If you are planning to use the password manager component and using Apache you should modify log format, take the example virtual host file from config/vhost.cfg! And don't forget to use https instead of http!

Used components

CacoCloud is based on some awesome open source libraries and frameworks.

The RESTful backend is based on Slim PHP, rss/atom feeds gets parsed by SimplePie and E-Mail are send through SMTP by PHPMailer.

Since CacoCloud is an SPA, the frontend is build with love, AngularJs and AngularUI Router. Password stored into the password manager gets encrypted by crypto-js on the client (no fear they are encrypted a second time by Mcrypt before they are stored into the database on the server). zxcvbn estimates the strength of you password before storing it into the password manager.

Thanks to Bootstrap 3.0 the frontend is clean and responsible and a nice theme from Bootswatch lets it not looks so Bootstrapped. The icons are by Font Awesome.

At last all frontend code gets minified with the use of Grunt.

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