22 Polls and Events software solutions and projects

  • Open Event Server

    8.5 9.7 Python
    Enables organizers to manage events from concerts to conferences and meet-ups.
  • TellForm

    7.9 0.0 L3 JavaScript
    A beautiful online form and survey creator.
  • Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.
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  • Easy!Appointments

    7.7 9.4 PHP
    A highly customizable web application that allows your customers to book appointments with you via the web.
  • LimeSurvey

    7.7 0.0 L2 PHP
    Feature-rich Open Source web based polling software. Supports extensive survey logic.
  • Fider

    6.9 1.7 Go
    An open source alternative to UserVoice for customer feedback.
  • Alf.io

    6.2 8.2 Java
    The open source ticket reservation system.
  • Calagator

    5.2 2.8 L5 Ruby
    An event aggregator.
  • JD Esurvey

    4.8 0.0 Java
    Open source enterprise survey web application.
  • PHPBack

    4.6 0.0 L3 PHP
    The open source feedback system.
  • hitobito

    3.9 9.7 Ruby
    A web application to manage complex group hierarchies with members, events and a lot more.
  • Croodle

    2.7 8.1 JavaScript
    Croodle is an end-to-end encrypted web application to schedule a date or to do a poll on any topic.
  • MaterialPoll

    2.0 0.0 L4 JavaScript
    An opensource strawpoll.me clone for creating random polls.
  • Meetable

    1.8 6.1 PHP
    Event aggregator.
  • Kyélà

    1.6 0.0 L5 PHP
    Participation polls for group events.
  • Clerk

    1.5 0.0 JavaScript
    Simple event logger to keep track of periodic events, habits, etc. as they occur.
  • Feedka

    1.0 5.6 Ruby
    Open-source web application that can serve as a platform to get authentic, kindful, and constructive feedback from your friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Booked

    A web-based calendar and resource scheduling system that allows administered management of reservations on any number of resources.
  • Framadate

    An online service for planning an appointment or make a decision quickly and easily: Make a poll, Define dates or subjects to choose, Send the poll link to your friends or colleagues, Discuss and make a decision.
  • Nuages

    Collaborative meeting poll system, similar to doodle or rdvz.
  • dudle

    An online scheduling application.
  • Mobilizon

    A federated tool that helps you find, create and organise events and groups.
  • Gancio

    A shared agenda for local communities.

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