6 MapBBCodeShare software solutions and projects

  • Open Source Routing Machine (OSRM)

    9.0 6.3 C++
    High performance routing engine designed to run on OpenStreetMap data and offering an HTTP API, C++ library interface, and NodeJS wrapper.
  • OpenTripPlanner

    7.8 7.3 Java
    Multimodal trip planning software based on OpenStreetMap data and consuming published GTFS-formatted data to suggest routes using local public transit systems.
  • Nominatim

    7.2 9.1 PHP
    Server application for reverse geocoding
  • TileServer GL

    6.6 7.1 JavaScript
    Vector and raster maps with GL styles. Server side rendering by Mapbox GL Native. Map tile server for Mapbox GL JS, Android, iOS, Leaflet, OpenLayers, GIS via WMTS, etc.
  • TileServer PHP

    5.1 1.6 PHP
    Serve map tiles from any PHP hosting.
  • μlogger

    4.1 8.8 PHP
    Collect geolocation from users in real-time and display their GPS tracks on a website.

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