Chartbrew v1.0.0-beta.12 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-09-17 // about 2 years ago
  • ⚡️ Visual updates in this Twitter Thread

    ⚡️ This update requires a DB migration

    cd server/
    npm run db:migrate

    🔄 Changelog:

    • 🍱 ✨ New KPI chart mode for aggregating charts
    • 🚀 ✨ Released an official Docker image
    • ⚡️ 🔧 Updated the Docker setup and removed the rsync dependency
    • 🍱 🔧 Better environmental variables support in the client app (read below)
    • 🍱 🐛 Fixed visual bug where empty spaces appear in the dashboard
    • 🍱 🐛 Fixed issue with aggregating data on weekly, monthly and yearly time intervals
    • ⬆️ ⚡ Reduced the size of the client bundle by upgrading react-ace and removing the huge brace dependency
    • ⚡️ ⬆️ Chore dependencies updates


    There are 3 environment variables changes:

    • CB_API_HOST - This variable should not contain a port number anymore. In most cases it should be localhost or when running a docker container
    • REACT_APP_CLIENT_HOST - This is used by the client to know its own address
    • REACT_APP_API_HOST - This is used by the client to know where the back-end API is ( Important to set up )

    For development environment, change the same variables with the _DEV pretending. (check .env-template)