Chyrp v2.5.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-11-20 // over 9 years ago
  • 🚀 The second security release within a weeks time.

Previous changes from v2.5.0

  • 600x450-recovered

      Changes since v2.5RC2
      + Added Flexnav dropdown menu for Admin UI
      + Added 'Publish' button on Draft posts. Closed #66
      + Added Post featured_image() (usage: $post.featured_image)
      + Added Tags Module list_related() post attribute (usage: $post.list_related)
      + Added Submission Module
      + Updated Complete rewrite of Extension Manager
      + Updated Dropbox API Wrapper library
      + Updated FrontMatter library
      + Updated Markdown library
      + Updated SmartyPants library
      + Updated jQuery library
      + Updated RedactorJS WYSIWYG library
      x Removed all the traces of SWFUpload Module
      * Fixed a potential reflected XSS on install.php
      * Fixed JavaScript $_GET['action'] sanitisation
      * Fixed #127 Category URL defaulting to clean URLs Closed #150
      * Fixed Cascade Module
      * Fixed issues in Dropbox Module
      * Fixed CSS issues with Firecrest and Amin themes
      * Fixed RedactorJS sticky toolbar
      ^ Merged #177 Emoji Unicode support (Thanks @xenocrat)
      ^ Merged #179 Lots of updates and tweaks (Thanks @xenocrat)
      + Many other minor bug fixes.