Programming language: HTML
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: HTML     Communication systems     Social Networks and Forums     Promiseback     Comment     Comments     Multiline    
Latest version: v0.6.0

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comments app

A real-time comment engine with support for anonymous or authenticated posts


mkdir -p target/standalone && cd target/standalone
wget https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/[email protected]/bin/comments-linux-standalone-x64.tar.gz
tar -xzf comments-linux-standalone-x64.tar.gz


The demo is running on a $2.5 vultr plan located in SG, with the app [configured](ARGS.txt) to use a max memory of 128mb (to leave most of the available memory to the filesystem cache).

Instant comments on your site/blog

Put this anywhere in the html body (although it is advisable to put it last)

<div id="comments"></div>
window.comments_config = {
  collapse_depth: 7, // the depth where comments get collapsed by default
  limit_depth: 10, // max: 127
  //auth_host: 'https://api.dyuproject.com', // if you prefer authenticated comments
  ws_enabled: true, // real-time updates
  ws_host: 'wss://rpc.dyuproject.com/sub',
  rpc_host: 'https://rpc.dyuproject.com'
<script src="https://netlify-comments.dyuproject.com/dist/build.js"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://netlify-comments.dyuproject.com/dist/build.css" />

Note: Uses the same instance powering the demo. No tracking whatsoever.

  1. The css is 7.1kb minified, built with pavilion core.
  2. The js is 91.8kb minified, built with:

Server runtime dependencies

  • jdk7

Dev requirements

  • node 6.9.0 or higher
  • yarn (npm install -g yarn)
  • jdk7 (at /usr/lib/jvm/java-7-oracle)
  • maven
  • protostuffdb (downloaded below)


mkdir -p target/data/main
echo "Your data lives in user/ dir.  Feel free to back it up." > target/data/main/README.txt

# download protostuffdb
yarn add [email protected] && mv node_modules/protostuffdb/dist/* target/ && rm -f package.json yarn.lock && rm -r node_modules

wget -O target/fbsgen-ds.jar https://repo1.maven.org/maven2/com/dyuproject/fbsgen/ds/fbsgen-ds-fatjar/1.0.10/fbsgen-ds-fatjar-1.0.10.jar
mvn install

npm install -g http-server clean-css-cli
cd comments-ts
yarn install

Dev mode

# produces a single jar the first time (comments-all/target/comments-all-jarjar.jar)

# on another terminal
cd comments-ts
# serves the ui via http://localhost:8080/
yarn run dev

If your dev machine is a MacOS, protostuffdb currently does not have binary distributions for it (no MacOS machine to test/build against).

On the other hand, you can still do development on the client-side part with this temporary workaround:

  1. Edit comments-ts/index.html
  2. Replace window.rpc_host = '' with window.rpc_host = 'https://rpc.dyuproject.com'

Production mode

cd comments-ts
# produces a single js and other assets in comments-ts/dist/
yarn run build