Countly v20.11.2.8 Release Notes

  • 🛠 Fixes

    • [batcher] handle BSON overflow correctly
    • 🐳 [docker] fixing invalid CE plugin list
    • ⚡️ [nginx] update blocking paths example
    • [push] fix recording data points
    • 🔒 [security] cryptographically secure random string generation

    🛠 Enterprise fixes

    • 🛠 [attribution] fixed conversion for web apps
    • 👷 [gateway_processor] fix traffic job query
    • [surveys] production file generation fix

    👌 Improvements

    • 🔊 [audit-logs] add option not to record and show IP address
    • [populator] add search keywords
    • [settings] set api.domain in settings automatically
    • ⚡️ [sources] update web domain group logic to ignore fourth level subdomains

    Enterprise Improvements

    • [cognito] added cognito client id and secret in cofig
    • [cognito] revoke cognito token on logout
    • [drill] allow to batch inserts for higher rate but lower consistency
    • 🔊 [drill] record message in Audit logs after meta regeneration called via API is finished
    • [gateway_processor] ignore app does not exist errors setting
    • [ldap] ldap group authentication