Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: PHP
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
Tags: Federated Identity/Authentication     FreeRADIUS    
Latest version: v1.1-2

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daloRADIUS is an advanced RADIUS web management application aimed at managing hotspots and general-purpose ISP deployments. It features user management, graphical reporting, accounting, a billing engine and integrates with GoogleMaps for geo-locating.

daloRADIUS is written in PHP and JavaScript and utilizes a database abstraction layer which means that it supports many database systems, among them the popular MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, MsSQL, and many others.

It is based on a FreeRADIUS deployment with a database server serving as the backend. Among other features it implements ACLs, GoogleMaps integration for locating hotspots/access points visually and many more features.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people :

<!-- ALL-CONTRIBUTORS-LIST:START - Do not remove or modify this section --> <!-- prettier-ignore --> Liran TalMiguelVisscrewloose83 screwloose83 Joshua Clark Francesco Cattoni Mohamed Eltantawi Seazon Reigel Gallarde Joshua Rosenfeld Nkansah Rexford Dennis de Greef <!-- ALL-CONTRIBUTORS-LIST:END -->


  • Apache.
  • PHP v5.5 or higher.
  • MySQL v4.1 or higher.
  • PEAR PHP extension.
  • PEAR package DB in order to access the database. To install it, execute at the command line: pear install DB
  • PEAR packages Mail and Mail_Mime to send notifications by email. To install them, execute at the command line: pear install -a Mail pear install -a Mail_Mime

More details about installation and requirements can be found if needed on the (maybe very old) files:

  • INSTALL.quick
  • INSTALL.win
  • FAQS


You can find some documentation in the doc directory.

daloRADIUS Book

Liran Tal authored a book about working with daloRADIUS covering most aspects through the UI, including setting up a captive portal system.

Amazon Paperback Book

The paperback book version is available through Amazon at http://www.amazon.com/daloRADIUS-User-Guide-Volume-1/dp/1463752199


PDF Digital Book

There is also a digital version of the book via PDF, available at: https://lirantal.selz.com/



User Management

* List Users
* Create New User
* Create New User - Quick add
  easy to use for POS or HotSpot shops
* Edit User
* Search User
* Delete User


HotSpot Management

* List HotSpots
* Create New HotSpot
* Edit HotSpot
* Delete HotSpot

NAS Management

* List NAS
* Create New NAS
* Edit NAS
* Delete NAS

Groups Management

* List, Create New, Edit and Delete User-Groups Mapping
  usergroup table in radius database
* List, Create New, Edit and Delete Group-Reply and Group-Check Settings
  radgroupreply and radgroupcheck tables in radius database for managing group-wide attributes


Users Accounting By

* Username
* IP Address
* NAS IP Address
* Date (From/To)
* Display of All Accounting records
  the entire content of the radacct table in the radius database
* Display of Active Accounting records
  performed by an algorithm implemented by daloRADIUS itself to calculate if
  an account has expired or not based on it's Max-All-Session attribute or Expiration attribute
* Custom Accounting Query

HotSpots Accounting

* Comparison of Accounting for different HotSpots
  provides information on hotspot's unique users, total hits, average time and total time


GIS - Geographical Information System

daloRADIUS comes with integrated support for GIS provided by
Leaflet and CARTO basemap thus
provides the ability to visually locate deployed HotSpots across a map, see their status,
and monitor them visually.

* View Map
  Provides functionality of monitoring deployed HotSpots

* Edit Map
  Provides functionality for adding or deleting HotSpots from within the map itself
  (i.e: no need to go to HotSpots Management page and delete or create a new one there)


Basic Reporting

* Online Users
  View Online users, users that are connected to the system from all NASes at a current
  point in time.
* Last Connection Attempts
  View last connection attempts and their status - whether they were rejected or successful
* Search Users
  Search for Users - similar to the functionality in User Management page
* Top Users
  View a report of the Top Users based on their Bandwidth consumption or Time usage

Logs Reporting

* daloRADIUS Log
  daloRADIUS keeps a log file for all the actions it performs itself (viewing pages,
  form actions like deleting users, creating new hotspots, queries submission as in
  performing user accounting and more)
* RADIUS Server Log
  Provides monitoring of the freeradius server logfile
* System Log
  Provides monitoring of the system log, being syslog or messages, depends.
* Boot Log
  Provides monitoring of the boot/kernel log (dmesg)

Status Reporting

* Server Status
  Provides detailed information on the server daloRADIUS is deployed.
  Information such as CPU utilization, uptime, memory, disks information, and more.
* RADIUS Status
  Provides information whether the freeradius server is running along with the database
  server (mysql, postgresql, or others)


* POS (Point of Sales)
* Plans
* Rates
* PayPal Transactions
* Billing History
* Invoices
* Payments


Users Graphs

Provides visual graphs and statistical listing per user connection's attributes, being:

* Logins/Hits
* Download
* Upload

Server-Wide Graphs

Provides visual graphs and statistical listing for the entire server, all-time information on:

* Logins/Hits
* Traffic Comparison


Global Configuration

* Database Settings
  Database connection information (storage: mysql, postgresql and others),
  credentials (username and password), radius database tables names (radcheck, radacct, etc),
  and database password encryption type (none, md5, sha1)
* Language Settings
  daloRADIUS is multi-lingual and supports currently English and Russian language packs
* Logging Settings and Debugging
  Logging of different actions, queries and page visiting performed on different pages.
  Also supports debugging of SQL queries executed.
* Interface Settings
  Support for displaying password text in either clear-text or as asterisks to hide it.
  Table listing spanning across multiple pages is configurable on number of rows per page
  and addition of numbers links for quick-access to different pages.


* Test User Connectivity
  Provides the ability to check if a user's credentials (username and password) are valid by
  executing a radius query to a radius server (configurable for radius port, shared secret, etc)
* Disconnect User
  Supply a username and send a PoD (Packet of Disconnect) or CoA (Change of Authority) packet
  to the NAS to disconnect the user.


daloRADIUS supports Operators for complete management of the entire platform. Different Operators can be added with their contact information and ACLs settings to grant or revoke them of permissions to access different pages.

* List Operators
* Create New Operator
* Edit Operator
* Delete Operator


daloRADIUS makes use of several third-party packages and I would like to thank these great tools and their authors for releasing such a good software to the community.


Helpful resources to find help and support with daloRADIUS:


Copyright Liran Tal 2007-2019. All rights reserved. For release information and license, read LICENSE.

daloRADIUS version 1.3 stable release by Liran Tal [email protected], Miguel García [email protected].

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the daloRADIUS README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.