Programming language: PHP
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Latest version: v3.0.0

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The devShort URL shortener is the perfect choice for web developers, admins and professionals. It is simple and privacy friendly but very powerful since it focuses on the most important things.

What is a URL shortener? Visit our wiki article for more information.

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1-2-3 Main features

  1. Slim but powerful
    • No database required
    • Fast installation
    • Integrated statistics viewer
    • No feature overhead
  2. Widely configurable for your needs with only one file
  3. Privacy friendly
    • Only the access count and date is tracked
    • The whole code is verifiable in minutes
    • Privacy and security by default

1-2-3 Reasons to install

  1. Give everyone a good-looking and easy to remember link
  2. Know when and how many times the links are used
  3. Have no hassle with the software because it's slim and easy to configure

1-2-3 Step installation

  1. Download the latest release and upload it to the desired installation place
  2. Insert a admin password in the admin/config.json
  3. Start using devShort! If you want to know what else devShort can do, visit our wiki.


To see devShort live and in action check out our demo.

Admin panel Index
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Maintainer: flokX, Contributors: RenΓ© Wagner

License: The MIT License

Third-party credits: Vue.js, Bootstrap, Frappe Charts and IO-Images,

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the devShort README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.