Directus v9.14.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-07-07 // 3 months ago
  • :sparkles: New Features

    • API
      • #14203 Emitter emits event in the meta (by @licitdev)

    :rocket: Improvements

    • API
      • :warning: #14287 Terminate Directus if OpenID discovery fails (by @aidenfoxx)
      • #14164 Add emitEvents flag to item reads in service (by @rijkvanzanten)
      • #9191 Enable caching for App assets (by @nickrum)
    • shared
      • #14254 Fix type for defaults in useCollection composable (by @addisonElliott)
    • App
      • #14244 Don't show language select when there is only one language to choose from (by @janwillemvd)
      • #14232 Use string displays on the calendar layout (by @rijkvanzanten)
      • #14229 Hide user invite flow when default auth provider is disabled (by @rijkvanzanten)
      • #14193 Use native api with access_token when defineing url as relative (by @u12206050)
      • #14186 Tweaks for datetime display options (by @azrikahar)

    ๐Ÿ›  :bug: Bug Fixes

    • App
      • #14303 Prevents selecting relational fields as sort field (by @br41nslug)
      • #14300 Fixes data missing after sort in m2a interface (by @br41nslug)
      • #14252 Remove auto-open groups in v-select (by @azrikahar)
      • #14251 Fix crash on logout due to te missing (by @addisonElliott)
      • #14241 broken image display for null assets (by @br41nslug)
      • #14234 Don't force reset scroll on hash changes (by @rijkvanzanten)
      • #14233 Fix conditions crash when custom options component is used (by @rijkvanzanten)
      • #14231 Fix vertical alignment of render-template in tabular (by @rijkvanzanten)
      • #14227 Persist existing global variable values on save (by @azrikahar)
      • #14216 Only emit value if updated for wysiwyg interface (by @licitdev)
      • #14195 Fix rendering of social icons (by @licitdev)
      • #14188 Performance improvements for groups within v-form (by @br41nslug)
      • #13970 Fix Save As Copy with edited relational fields (by @younky-yang)
    • API
      • #14286 Fix filename charset for uploaded files (by @azrikahar)
      • #14131 Fixes: No notification being created when sendmail fails. (by @jaycammarano)
      • #14127 Check if a date string is valid ISO8601 before parsing it (by @br41nslug)
      • #14057 CSV import converts numeric strings to numbers (by @br41nslug)

    :sponge: Optimizations

    • App
      • #14299 Remove invalid exported type in app (by @azrikahar)
      • #14255 Fix duplicate logic for retrieving system collections in related-collection-select (by @addisonElliott)
    • Misc.
      • #14214 Fix vite error when pre-bundling docs package (by @azrikahar)

    ๐Ÿ“š :memo: Documentation

    • #14177 Add bootstrap step in manual installation (by @raflymln)