EasyBook Project v4.9.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2015-05-22 // almost 9 years ago
  • Changelog

    [4677633] Added a new syntax to force page breaks (compatible with LeanPub and Marked)
    ⚠ [d8e8f32] Added support for all kinds of admonitions (note, tip, sidebar, warnings, ...)
    0️⃣ [eb96ba9] Greatly improved themes and default templates
    ✅ [4c8323f] Fixed unit tests
    [dbfbca8] Added option to include html toc in ebook
    [77d7c74] Avoid creating an extra folder into zip file.
    [913da20] Generate unique id for custom css in content.opf
    [82deb31] Added inclusion of images that are not figures
    📚 [a652216] Improved documentation
    [6689ea1] Include in navigational toc only 'tocable' items
    [5ead921] Fix formattin of TOC items whithout label
    [e22a608] Epub: do not use twig namespaces when rendering templates as this precludes the usage of customized templates per ebook
    [cde1137] correct images label when there is a title
    [094a818] Added a new 'chunk_level' option to 'html_chunked' format.
    [02494ab] Added images_base_dir option to set the base directory for web images.
    💅 [6414218] Added support for books written in Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Greek, Czech, LAtvian, Polish and Ukrainian.