Programming language: Ruby
License: GNU Affero General Public License v3.0
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Drabkirn Feedka

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Get authentic, kindful, and constructive feedback from your friends, family, and co-workers.

<!-- DONE: Add languages, CI/CD, main frameworks used from shields.io. Example --> Ruby 2.7.1 Rails Rspec 4.0 Build Status Test Coverage Maintainability Technical Dept Issues Issues closed Pulls Pulls License CLA assistant Dependabot Code size

<!-- DONE: Full description --> Feedka is an open-source web application that can serve as a platform to get feedback from your friends, family, and co-workers. We're all on the same boat in just our own different ocean. Let us all get better together.

<!-- DONE: Add website link here --> Visit website here

Table of Contents


  • Front-end built with Desityle CSS
  • Two Factor Authentication for users
  • Anonymous feedbacks
  • Random scheduling of feedbacks using sidekiq
  • Built-in moderation with AI API's
  • Server side encryption to all feedbacks

Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails: Backend
  • Desityle CSS: Front-end
  • Rspec: Testing suite
  • Simplecov: Test coverage and maintainability
  • MySQL: Database engine
  • Sidekiq and Redis: Scheduling feedbacks for later time
  • Sidekiq UI: Sidekiq dashboard for admins at /sidekiq
  • Administrate: Admin UI for admins at /admin
  • Heroku: Hosting
  • Sendgrid: Sending emails
  • Azure Content Moderation: Flagging abuse and PII info and block such feedbacks
  • Devise: User authentication
  • And maybe more: See our Gemfile


<!-- TODO: Change these steps to mirror your repo's installation --> We like to keep our GitHub repo clean and simple. So for usage and installation guides, please check out our documentation here


<!-- TODO: Change your repo's links for respective guides --> If you would like to contribute, please check this contributing guide

Please check this Code of Conduct guide before contributing or having any kind of discussion(issues, pull requests etc.) with the Feedka project!


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