Firefly III v4.8.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-09-08 // 15 days ago
  • 🚀 4.8.1 is a release mostly marked by bug fixes although there are some interesting fixes. Amongst them, all reports have been given a revamp and they're all multi-currency aware. This greatly reduces the parts of Firefly III that tend to fall back to whatever your default currency is.

    This version of Firefly III requires PHP7.3.

    🛠 Thanks for all the big fixes and issue reporting.

    📚 Upgrading should be fairly straightforward otherwise. Make sure you check out the documentation.

    Open and known issues

    • The "new transaction"-form isn't translated.
    • You can't drag and drop transactions.


    • 👌 Support for Greek
    • Issue 2383 Some tables in reports now also report percentages.
    • Issue 2389 Add category / budget information to transaction lists.
    • Issue 2464 Can now search for tag.
    • Issue 2466 Can order recurring transactions in a more useful manner.
    • Issue 2497 Transaction creation moment in hover of tag title.
    • Issue 2471 Added date tag to table cells.

    🔄 Changed

    • Issue 2285 Rule handling is now uniform across the app.
    • Issue 2231 You can now also use the DATABASE_URL for MySQL connections.
    • Issue 2291 All reports are now properly multi-currency.
    • Issue 2481 As part of the removal of local encryption, uploads and imports are no longer encrypted.
    • 👍 Issue 2495 A better message of transaction submission.
    • 🛠 Issue 2506 Some bugs in tag report fixed.
    • Issue 2510 All transaction descriptions cut off at 255 chars.
    • Changing your language preference invites you to submit corrections to Crowdin.
    • 👍 Better sum in bill view.
    • 🐳 Clean up docker files for flawless operation.


    • 👍 The bunq API has changed, and support for bunq has been disabled.

    🛠 Fixed

    • Issue 2470 Bad links for transactions.
    • Issue 2480 Large queries would break in SQLite.
    • Issue 2484 Transaction description auto-complete.
    • Issue 2487 Fix issues with FinTS
    • Issue 2488 404 after deleting a tag.
    • Issue 2490 "Reset form after submission" doesn't work.
    • Issue 2492 After submitting and fixing an error, the error is persistent.
    • 👍 Issue 2493 Auto detect transaction type is a bit better now.
    • Issue 2498 Pressing enter in some fields breaks the form.
    • Issue 2499 Auto-complete issues in transaction link form.
    • Issue 2500 Issue when submitting edited transactions.
    • 👍 Issue 2501 Better error messages for empty submissions.
    • 🚚 Issue 2508 Can remove category from transaction.
    • Issue 2516 Can no longer import transactions with no amount.
    • Issue 2518 Link in balance box goes to current period.
    • Issue 2521 Foreign transaction currency is hidden when the user hasn't enabled foreign currencies.
    • Issue 2522 Some reports were missing the "overspent" field.
    • 🚚 Issue 2526 It was impossible to remove the budget of a transaction.
    • Issue 2527 Some bulk edits were buggy.
    • 🛠 Issue 2539 Fixed a typo.
    • Issue 2545 Deleted tags would still show up.
    • 🚚 Issue 2547 Changing the opening balance to 0 will now remove it.
    • 👯 Issue 2549 Can now clone transactions again.
    • Issue 2550 Added missing locales for moment.js
    • 🛠 Issue 2553 Fixed an issue with split transactions.
    • 👍 Issue 2555 Better error for when you submit the same account twice.
    • Issue 2439 SQL error in API post new user
    • ... and many other bugs.


    • Issue 2475 Tags are now the same for all views.
    • Issue 2476 Amount is now represented equally in all views.
    • ⚡️ Issue 2477 Rules are easier to update.
    • 🛠 Issue 2483 Several consistencies fixed.
    • 🛠 Issue 2484 Transaction link view fixed.
    • Issue 2557 Fix for issue in summary API
    • ⚡️ No longer have to submit mandatory fields to account end point. Just submit the field you wish to update, the rest will be untouched.
    • ⚡️ Rules will no longer list the "user-action" trigger Rules will have a "moment" field that says either "update-journal" or "store-journal".

    📚 Never heard of Firefly III? Check out the documentation and be sure to read the introduction and the grand theory to get an idea of what Firefly III is.

    Check out the full changelog.