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  • v1.7.2 Changes


      • This release was pulled due to a bug in the installer, 1.7.3 replaces it.
  • v1.7.1 Changes


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Fixed fatal error when site.taxonomies contains a bad value * Sanitize valid Page extensions from Page::template_format() * Fixed bin/gpm index erroring out #3158 * Fixed bin/gpm selfupgrade failing to report failed Grav update #3116 * Fixed bin/gpm selfupgrade error on Call to undefined method #3160 * Flex Pages: Fixed fatal error when trying to move a page to Root (/) #3161 * Fixed twig parsing errors in pages where twig is parsed after markdown #3162 * Fixed lighttpd.conf access-deny rule #1876 * Fixed page metadata being double-escaped #3121

  • v1.7.0 Changes

    July 01, 2019


      • Requires PHP 7.3.6
      • Read about this release in the Grav 1.7 Released blog post
      • Read the full list of all changes in the Changelog on GitHub
      • Please read Grav 1.7 Upgrade Guide before upgrading!
      • Added support for overriding configuration by using environment variables
      • Use PHP 7.4 serialization (the old Serializable methods are now final and cannot be overridden)
      • Enabled ETag setting by default for 304 responses
      • Added FlexCollection::getDistinctValues() to get all the assigned values from the field
      • Flex Pages method $page->header() returns \Grav\Common\Page\Header object, old Page class still returns stdClass
      • Make it possible to use an absolute path when loading a blueprint
      • Make serialize methods final in ContentBlock, AbstractFile, FormTrait, ObjectCollectionTrait and ObjectTrait
      • Added support for relative paths in PageObject::getLevelListing() #3110
      • Better --env and --lang support for bin/grav, bin/gpm and bin/plugin console commands
        • BC BREAK Shorthand for --env: -e will not work anymore as it conflicts with some plugins
      • Added support for locking the start and limit in a Page Collection ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed port issue with system.custom_base_url
      • Hide errors with exif_read_data in ImageFile
      • Fixed unserialize in MarkdownFormatter and Framework\File classes
      • Fixed pages with session messages should never be cached #3108
      • Fixed Filesystem::normalize() with dot-dot paths
      • Fixed Flex sorting issues grav-plugin-flex-objects#92
      • Fixed Clockwork missing dumped arrays and objects
      • Fixed fatal error in PHP 8 when trying to access root page
      • Fixed Array->String conversion error when languages:translations: false admin#1896
      • Fixed Inflector methods when translation is missing GRAV.INFLECTOR_* translations
      • Fixed exception when changing parent of new page grav-plugin-admin#2018
      • Fixed ordering issue with moving pages grav-plugin-admin#2015
      • Fixed Flex Pages cache not invalidating if saving an old Page object #3152
      • Fixed multiple issues with system.language.translations: false
      • Fixed page collections containing dummy items for untranslated default language #2985
      • Fixed streams in setup.php being overridden by system/streams.yaml #2450
      • Fixed ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS with HTTPS = 'On' #3155
      • Fixed page collection pagination not behaving as it did in Grav 1.6
  • v1.7.0-rc.9 Changes

    April 27, 2020


      • Support for webp image format in Page Media #1168
      • Added Route::getBase() method
      • Support symlinks when saving File ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed flex objects with integer keys not working #2863
      • Fixed Pages::instances() returning null values when using Flex Pages #2889
      • Fixed Flex Page parent header.admin.children_display_order setting being ignored in Admin #2881
      • Implemented missing Flex $pageCollection->batch() and $pageCollection->order() methods
      • Fixed user avatar creation for new Flex Users when using folder storage
      • Fixed Trying to access array offset on value of type null PHP 7.4 error in Plugin.php
      • Fixed Gregwar Image library using .jpeg for cached images, rather use .jpg
      • Fixed Flex Pages with 00.home page not having ordering set
      • Fixed Flex Pages not updating empty content on save #2890
      • Fixed creating new Flex User with file storage
      • Fixed saving new Flex Object with custom key
      • Fixed broken Plugin::config() method
  • v1.7.0-rc.8 Changes

    March 19, 2020


      • Added MediaTrait::freeMedia() method to free media (and memory)
      • Added Folder::hasChildren() method to determine if a folder has child folders
      • Save memory when updating large flex indexes
      • Better Content-Encoding handling in Apache when content compression is disabled #2619 ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed creating new Flex User when folder storage has been selected
      • Fixed some bugs in Flex root page methods
      • Fixed bad default redirect code in ControllerResponseTrait::createRedirectResponse()
      • Fixed issue with PHP HTTP_X_HTTP_METHOD_OVERRIDE #2847
      • Fixed numeric usernames not working in Flex Users
      • Implemented missing Flex $page->move() method
  • v1.7.0-rc.7 Changes

    March 05, 2020


      • Added Session::regenerateId() method to properly prevent session fixation issues
      • Added configuration option system.strict_mode.blueprint_compat to maintain old validation: strict behavior #1273
      • Improved Flex events
      • Updated CLI commands to use the new methods to initialize Grav ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Fixed Flex Pages having broken isFirst(), isLast(), prevSibling(), nextSibling() and adjacentSibling()
      • Fixed broken ordering sometimes when saving/moving visible Flex Page #2837
      • Fixed ordering being lost when saving modular Flex Page
      • Fixed validation: strict not working in blueprints (see system.strict_mode.blueprint_compat setting) #1273
      • Fixed Blueprint::extend() and Blueprint::embed() not initializing dynamic properties
      • Fixed fatal error on storing flex flash using new object without a key
      • Regression: Fixed unchecking toggleable having no effect in Flex forms
      • Fixed changing page template in Flex Pages #2828
  • v1.7.0-rc.6 Changes

    February 12, 2020


      • Plugins & Themes: Call $plugin->autoload() and $theme->autoload() automatically when object gets initialized
      • CLI: Added $grav->initializeCli() method
      • Flex Directory: Implemented customizable configuration
      • Flex Storages: Added support for renaming directory entries
      • Vendor updates to latest ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Regression: Fixed fatal error in blueprints #2811
      • Regression: Fixed bad method call in FlexDirectory::getAuthorizeRule()
      • Regression: Fixed fatal error in admin if the site has custom permissions in onAdminRegisterPermissions
      • Regression: Fixed flex user index with folder storage
      • Regression: Fixed fatal error in bin/plugin command
      • Fixed FlexObject::triggerEvent() not emitting events #2816
      • Grav 1.7: Fixed saving Flex configuration with ignored values becoming null
      • Grav 1.7: Fixed bin/plugin initialization
      • Grav 1.7: Fixed Flex Page cache key not taking account active language
  • v1.7.0-rc.5 Changes

    February 03, 2020


    ๐Ÿ›  1. * Regression: Flex not working in PHP 7.2 or older * Fixed creating first user from admin not clearing Flex User directory cache #2809 * Fixed Flex Pages allowing root page to be deleted

  • v1.7.0-rc.4 Changes

    February 03, 2020


      • POTENTIAL BREAKING CHANGE: Upgraded Parsedown to 1.7 for Parsedown-Extra 0.8. Plugins that extend Parsedown may need a fix to render as HTML
      • Added $grav['flex'] to access all registered Flex Directories
      • Added $grav->dispatchEvent() method for PSR-14 events
      • Added FlexRegisterEvent which triggers when $grav['flex'] is being accessed the first time
      • Added Flex cache configuration options
      • Added PluginsLoadedEvent which triggers after plugins have been loaded but not yet initialized
      • Added SessionStartEvent which triggers when session is started
      • Added PermissionsRegisterEvent which triggers when $grav['permissions'] is being accessed the first time
      • Added support for Flex Directory specific configuration
      • Added support for more advanced ACL
      • Added flatten_array filter to form field validation
      • Added support for security@: or: [admin.super, admin.pages] in blueprints (nested AND/OR mode support)
      • Blueprint validation: Added validate: value_type: bool|int|float|string|trim to array to filter all the values inside the array
      • Twig url() takes now third parameter (true) to return URL on non-existing file instead of returning false ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Grav 1.7: Fixed blueprint loading issues #2782
      • Fixed PHP 7.4 compatibility issue with Stream
      • Fixed new Flex Users being stored with wrong filename, login issues #2785
      • Fixed ignore_empty: true not removing empty values in blueprint filtering
      • Fixed {{ false|string }} twig to return '0' instead of ''
      • Fixed twig url() failing if stream has extra slash in it (e.g. user:///data)
      • Fixed Blueprint::filter() returning null instead of array if there is nothing to return
      • Fixed Cannot use a scalar value as an array error in Utils::arrayUnflattenDotNotation(), ignore nested structure instead
      • Fixed Route instance in multi-site setups
      • Fixed system.translations: false breaking Inflector methods
      • Fixed filtering ignored (eg. security@: admin.super) fields causing Flex Objects to lose data on save
      • Grav 1.7: Fixed Flex Pages unserialize issues if Flex-Objects Plugin has not been installed
      • Grav 1.7: Require Flex-Objects Plugin to edit Flex Accounts
      • Grav 1.7: Fixed bad result on testing isPage() when using Flex Pages
  • v1.7.0-rc.3 Changes

    January 02, 2020


      • Added root page support for Flex Pages
      • Twig filter |yaml_serialize: added support for JsonSerializable objects and other array-like objects
      • Added support for returning Flex Page specific permissions for admin and testing
      • Updated copyright dates to 2020
      • Various vendor updates ๐Ÿ›  1.
      • Grav 1.7: Fixed error on page initialization #2753
      • Fixed checking ACL for another user (who is not currently logged in) in a Flex Object or Directory
      • Fixed bug in Windows where Filesystem::dirname() returns backslashes
      • Fixed Flex object issues in Windows #2773