Hauk v1.6.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-24 // about 4 years ago
  • 🆕 New features

    • ➕ Added translations to Italian, Portugese and Turkish and updated German, Spanish, Dutch, French and Russian
    • API now returns HTTP 404 on fetch.php if trying to open a non-existing share (#131)

    🛠 Bugfixes

    • 🛠 Fixed Redis authentication not working properly (#125)
    • The text in the leftmost column on the main screen now properly wraps if it is too long, fixing layout issues in various locales including French and Dutch (#127, #132)
    • 🚦 The GNSS location listener is now always kept alive if there is signal, preventing the device from falling back to network location if stationary for too long (#124)

Previous changes from v1.6

  • 🆕 New features

    • 🚚 Moved connection settings to a separate menu (#74)
    • ➕ Added dark theme (#74)
    • ➕ Added a button that allows showing, panning to and navigating to anyone on the map (#101, #102)
    • 👍 HTTP and SOCKS proxy support (#75)
    • 👍 LDAP authentication support
    • 🔧 Connection timeout is now configurable (#75)
    • App now asks for confirmation before stopping shares; this can be disabled in settings (#78)
    • ⚡️ Minimum distance between location updates can now be configured to save data usage when not moving (#107)
    • 💻 Tapping the logo or link in the app now opens this repository in a browser (#74)
    • Clients using network-based rather than GNSS-based location will be colored yellow on the map to highlight that their location is inaccurate (#74)

    🛠 Bugfixes

    • App will now fall back to network location after a while if GNSS location service is lost
    • Notification now displays status (#74)
    • Group shares can no longer be joined without a nickname (#74)
    • O and 0 can no longer appear in upper/mixed-case share IDs (#91)
    • 🛠 Fixed various issues when opening the app after swiping it away in the carousel while a share is running (e.g. #108)
    • 🛠 Fixed unpredictable behavior when choosing extremely long sharing durations (#100)
    • The "Location sharing active" dialog is no longer displayed when resuming shares (#111)
    • The "Create new sharing link" button no longer has the redundant sharing mode selector (#118)
    • 🐳 Properly clean up after Apache in Docker (#92, #93)
    • 👍 Xiaomi battery savings detection now works better (#104)
    • "Get it on" badges for F-Droid and Google Play are now only downloaded when necessary (#114)
    • 🔄 Changed various strings for better UX and consistency (#72, #95, #96, #99, #112, #117)