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License: MIT License
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  1. Go on PayPal web site
  2. Go to your PayPal history
  3. Download your payment history (csv or txt file)
  4. Go on homebank-converter application
  5. Choose PayPal
  6. Then select your PayPal file
  7. Click on Convert
  8. You will get a csv file readable by Homebank
  9. Run Homebank
  10. Open menu File, then Import...
  11. Select your converted file
  12. Finally follow Homebank wizard

Homebank: http://homebank.free.fr/

What ?

homebank-converter is a web app that aims to convert export bank files to compatible Homebank csv. It won't record any data, track event or whatever. It will try to guess "paymode" by analysing the "memo" of your files.


Paymode id Paymode name
1 Credit card
2 Cheque
3 Cash
4 Transfer
5 Internal transfer
6 Debit card
7 Standing order
8 Electronic payment
9 Deposit
10 FI fee

To see supported memo, open file: labelAndPaymode.json

Convert export bank file

Supported files:

Bank name File formats
Banque Postale csv, tsv
BNP Paribas Fortis csv
Boobank csv
PayPal csv, txt

Optimize xhb file

Optimize xhb file by removing useless spaces.

Why ?

Because your bank doesn't export files compatible with Homebank :)

How ?

This application use Html/JavaScript/CSS and is under the terms of the licence GNU AGPL.

Javascript libraries:

Library version
jQuery 3.5.1
Bootstrap 3.4.1
FileSaver.js 2.0.2
Moment.js 2.29.1
QUnit 2.11.3

Who ?


Unit tests

Run unit tests:

  1. Open the application
  2. Go on about tab
  3. Click on button run tests


  1. Open the application
  2. Go on about tab
  3. Changelog is displayed right here