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License: Apache License 2.0
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Microservice based webmail client built with ReactJS and Spring.


This webmail client is still in a very early stage, use at your own risk.


If you just want to check out the current status of the project you can deploy the application using the example traefik docker-compose.

Just run the following commands:

git clone https://github.com/manusa/isotope-mail.git
cd isotope-mail/deployment-examples
docker-compose pull && docker-compose up --force-recreate

Point your browser to localhost and login using the credentials of your mailserver.


You can see the latest snapshot version in action at: isotope.marcnuri.com

Use the following credentials:

  • Host: isotope
  • User: isotope
  • Password: demo

You can send e-mails to the demo account (isotope@isotope) by setting the SMTP server advanced settings:

  • Port: 25
  • SMTP SSL: false

Focus on Code Quality

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One of the main reasons to develop Isotope Mail is to learn and showcase new technologies, frameworks and libraries and how they can be used in a real life product. There is a stronger focus on achieving top quality code rather than delivering a large number of features.

In order to guarantee top code quality the project is using Sonar Cloud and LGTM - Looks Good To Me to perform static code analysis.

How to deploy

Following is a list of resources that can help you deploy Isotope Mail Client in different environments


Isotope is [Apache 2.0 Licensed](./LICENSE).


Isotope Mail team wants to recognize the following third parties for providing software, support or services free of charge.

Thanks to BrowserStack for providing a free open source account to use their products for testing in real devices and browsers.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Isotope Mail README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.