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  • v0.4 Changes

    • Full IE5.5 compatibility for Jappix Mini @valeriansaliou
    • BOSH without cURL (if cURL unavailable) @valeriansaliou
    • Handle multiple microblog attached files @valeriansaliou
    • Microblog attached files thumbnails @valeriansaliou
    • BOM (Byte Order Mark) filtering for Get API @valeriansaliou
    • Autoplay for new YouTube HTML5 player @valeriansaliou
    • Support for privacy lists pushs @valeriansaliou
    • Roster-side privacy lists (make contact blocking/unblocking easy) @valeriansaliou
    • Better update checker @valeriansaliou
    • XEP-0144: Roster Item Exchange @valeriansaliou
    • Cross domain support for Internet Explorer and legacy browsers @valeriansaliou
    • Update jQuery (v1.4.4) @valeriansaliou
    • TZO fix (for negative timezones, e.g.: UTC-5) @valeriansaliou
    • Better language detection @valeriansaliou
    • Use HTML5 or Flash for YouTube embedded videos @valeriansaliou
  • v0.3 Changes

    • [SECURITY] Fix JS escape bug for quotes @valeriansaliou
    • [SECURITY] HTML-encode notification username @valeriansaliou
    • Introduction of Jappix Mini @valeriansaliou
    • Introduction of Jappix Manager @valeriansaliou
    • Introduction of Jappix Install @valeriansaliou
    • XEP-0050: Ad-Hoc Commands @valeriansaliou
    • XEP-0136: Message Archiving @valeriansaliou
    • Update Jappix logo @valeriansaliou
    • Declare application language to XMPP server @valeriansaliou
    • Add a buddy search tool @valeriansaliou
    • Support for old/legacy vCard server implementations @valeriansaliou
    • Inbox messages sorted by date @valeriansaliou
    • Better music search @valeriansaliou
    • Human-readable geolocation @valeriansaliou
    • Gateway show/hide @valeriansaliou
    • HTML5 forms @valeriansaliou
    • Better notification management @valeriansaliou
    • Unified chat design @valeriansaliou
    • Dynamic DOM load (better performances) @valeriansaliou
    • Jappix logo shown when connected (improves branding) @valeriansaliou
  • v0.2 Changes

    • Introduction of Jappix Mobile @valeriansaliou
    • UI redesign (from grey to black and blue) @valeriansaliou
    • Social channel introduced (microblog) @valeriansaliou
  • v0.1 Changes

    • Initial version, released after private beta @valeriansaliou
    • Introduction of Jappix Desktop @valeriansaliou
    • Basic chat, groupchat, roster and profile features @valeriansaliou
    • Basic UI @valeriansaliou

    For more information about what changed through time, check the changes made to our source code on GitHub: