Jenkins v2.192 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-26 // 3 months ago

Previous changes from v2.190

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    # Major BUGs and regressions- type: todoissue: 58595message: |- Add missing ${h} in rss and atom viewspull: 4148authors: - jvz# Major RFE- type: todoissue: 23349message: |- Project names: Add support of characters which are not convertible to UTF-8 (emojis, surrogate pairs)pull: 4152authors: - slide# RFEs- type: todoissue: 58734message: |- Use SHA-256 for crumbspull: 4134authors: - jvz- type: todoissue: 58892message: |- Remove build-pipeline-plugin from setup wizardpull: 4147authors: - daniel-beck# Bug fixes- type: todoissue: 54772message: |- Fix reported list of environment variables from agentpull: 3770authors: - pjanouse- type: todoissue: 58157message: |- Fix handling of long build names in Web UIpull: 4121authors: - aakashkanvinde- type: todoissue: 58736message: |- Correction of /assets throwing 500pull: 4136authors: - Wadeck- type: todoissue: 58571message: |- Check if name is editable on item before doing rename.pull: 4122authors: - aHenryJard# Localization- type: todomessage: |- Add Polish translationspull: 4140authors: - damianszczepanik- type: todoissue: 58836message: |- Wrong spanish argentinian translation for 'logout'pull: 4144authors: - belingueres