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Latest version: v2.0

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Jitsi Videobridge is an XMPP server component that allows for multiuser video communication. Unlike the expensive dedicated hardware videobridges, Jitsi Videobridge does not mix the video channels into a composite video stream, but only relays the received video channels to all call participants. Therefore, while it does need to run on a server with good network bandwidth, CPU horsepower is not that critical for performance.

You can find documentation in the doc/ directory in the source tree.

Running it

You can download binary packages for Debian/Ubuntu:

Maven assembly binaries:

Or you can clone the Git repo and run the JVB from source using maven.

HOST="Your XMPP server hostname/IP address goes here."
DOMAIN="The JVB component name goes here."
PORT="the component port of your XMPP server goes here."
SECRET="The secret or password for the JVB component."
JVB_HOME="The path to your JVB clone."

mvn compile exec:exec -Dexec.executable=java -Dexec.args="-cp %classpath org.jitsi.videobridge.Main --domain=\"${DOMAIN}\" --host=\"${HOST}\" --port=\"${PORT}\" --secret=\"${SECRET}\" -Djava.library.path=$JVB_HOME/lib/native/linux-64 -Djava.util.logging.config.file=$JVB_HOME/lib/logging.properties -Dnet.java.sip.communicator.SC_HOME_DIR_NAME=.jitsi-videobridge "