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Markdown Tree

What is it?

Take a folder with a hierarchy of markdown files and use this script to serve that folder as a live styled site with a built in navigation.

Basically this is a Sinatra script to serve a hierarchy / tree directory of markdown files as a live dynamic site. Use intended for small sites built in markdown.


There are many similar scripts done in a static fashion but I couldn't find a minimal system for serving markdown hierarchy based sites that was dynamic.

For that reason I created Markdown Tree. Having a dynamically generated site allows me to not have to worry about regenerating my site every time I make a minor change.

Installation and Usage

  • Clone the repo: git clone git://github.com/mil/markdown-tree.git
  • Go into the directory: cd markdown-tree
  • Install the Sinatra and Redcarpet gems: gem install redcarpet sinatra
  • Run the script: ruby markdown-tree.rb

Folder Structure / Customization

  • markdown-tree.rb : The ruby script to run which serves your site
  • config.yaml : 4 option config used by markdown-tree.rb
  • template/ : Contains the default template
    • template.erb : ERB template pages are built from
  • content/ : Contains the hierarchy of markdown files for your Sites

Example Sites


  • Clean up the default template's CSS
  • Add more error handling for reading file