MoinMoin v1.9.11 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-11-08 // over 3 years ago

Previous changes from v1.9.10

  • 🚀 MoinMoin Wiki 1.9.10 aka "the end of spam release"!

    🔄 Changes overview:

    • 🔧 major changes to the default configuration to fight spam and improve
      🔒 security (esp. permissions, user account creation)
    • 🔒 a security fix and some bug fixes
    • a few, small new features
    • ⚡️ translation and system/help page updates
    • ⚡️ updated bundled software

    ⬆️ You (as wiki admin) and your wiki's users need to be aware of these changes, so please read docs/CHANGES before upgrading and communicate important changes to the users:


    Development and issue tracking is now on GitHub, so please file issues and other contributions there:

    🚀 The release is available on PyPi, here (GitHub Releases page) and on

    Thanks to all contributors!

    Thomas Waldmann

    MoinMoin Development