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Programming language: JavaScript
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
Tags: Media Streaming     Audio Streaming    
Latest version: v4.7.0

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mStream Music

mStream is a personal music streaming server. You can use mStream to stream your music from your home computer to any device, anywhere.

Main Shared Admin
main shared admin

Demo & Other Links

Check Out The Demo!

Discord Channel


Server Features

  • Cross Platform. Works on Windows, OSX, Linux, & FreeBSD
  • Light on memory and CPU
  • Tested on multi-terabyte libraries
  • Runs on ARM boards like the Raspberry Pi

WebApp Features

  • Gapless Playback
  • Milkdrop Visualizer
  • Playlist Sharing
  • Upload Files through the file explorer

Installing mStream

Quick Install from CLI

# Install From Git
git clone https://github.com/IrosTheBeggar/mStream.git
cd mStream
npm install --production

# Boot mStream
node cli-boot-wrapper.js

Android App

The old Android App will not work with v5!

There's a new Android App being developed. It's not on Google Play yet, bu you can download an early release here:


Technical Details

  • Dependencies: NodeJS v10 or greater

  • Supported File Formats: flac, mp3, mp4, wav, ogg, opus, aac, m4a


mStream is built on top some great open-source libraries:

  • music-metadata - The best metadata parser for NodeJS
  • LokiJS - A native, in-memory, database written in JavaScript. LokiJS is the reason mStream is so fast and easy to install
  • Butterchurn - A clone of Milkdrop Visualizer written in JavaScript

And thanks to the LinuxServer.io group for maintaining the Docker image!