Mumble v1.3.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-07-09 // about 1 month ago
  • Mumble 1.3.2.

    🔄 Changelog


    🛠 Fixed: Overlay not starting (#4282)


    🛠 Fixed: keychain-error on macOS for custom certificates (#4345)

    Known issues

    • Overlay blocked by BattleEye. A request to whitelist it has been made.
    • Overlay blocked by CS:GO Trusted Mode

Previous changes from v1.3.1

  • Mumble 1.3.1.

    🔄 Changelog

    🔒 Security

    🛠 Fixed: Potential exploit in the OCB2 encryption (#4227)


    🛠 Fixed: Added missing UserKDFIterations field to UserInfo => Prevents getRegistration() from failing with enumerator out of range error (#3835)


    🛠 Fixed: Segmentation fault during murmur shutdown (#3938)


    🛠 Fixed: Crash when using multiple monitors (#3756)
    🛠 FIxed: Don't send empty message from clipboard via shortcut, if clipboard is empty (#3864)
    🛠 Fixed: Talking indicator being able to freeze to indicate talking when self-muted (#4006)
    🛠 Fixed: High CPU usage for update-check if update server not available (#4019)
    🛠 Fixed: DBus getCurrentUrl returning empty string when not in root-channel (#4029)
    🛠 Fixed: Small parts of whispering leaking out to normal talk (#4051)
    🛠 Fixed: Last audio frame of normal talking sent to last whisper target instead when using VoiceActivation (#4050)
    🛠 Fixed: LAN-icon not found in ConnectDialog (#4058)
    👌 Improved: Set maximal vertical size for User Volume Adjustment dialog (#3801)
    👌 Improved: Don't send empty data to PulseAudio (#3316)
    👌 Improved: Use the SRV resolved port for UDP connections (#3820)
    👌 Improved: Manual Plugin UI (#3919)
    👌 Improved: Don't start Jack server by default (#3990)
    👌 Improved: Overlay doesn't hook into all other processes by default (#4041)
    👌 Improved: Wait longer before disconnecting from a server due to unanswered Ping-messages (#4123)


    🛠 Fixed: Possibility to circumvent max user-count in channel (#3880)
    🛠 Fixed: Rate-limit implementation susceptible to time-underflow (#4004)
    🛠 Fixed: OpenSSL error 140E0197 with Qt >= 5.12.2 (#4032)
    🛠 Fixed: VersionCheck for SQL for when to use the WAL feature (#4163)
    🛠 Fixed: Wrong database encoding that could lead to server-crash (#4220)
    🛠 Fixed: DB crash due to primary key violation (now performs "UPSERT" to avoid this) (#4105)
    👌 Improved: The fields in the Version ProtoBuf message are now size-restricted in order to avoid attacks that can render another client unresponsive (#4101)

    🏁 Windows Installer

    👌 Improved: Mumble icon (now properly displayed) (#4204)