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Net64+ Server

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Net64 aka SM64O allows playing Super Mario 64 in an online multiplayer mode. Net64+ is the official continuation of the program and features an integrated server list.

This repository includes the dedicated server software. For the client please visit the client repository.

Server List

There is a public server list of all Net64+ server, that have enabled listing.


For user servers, there is a prebuilt Windows version with a few limitations, but it is much easier to host in general. The prebuilt version is bundled with the Net64+ Client, but you can also download it in the release section.


  • download and install Node 12
    • you can try using a later version of Node, but you will need to install C++ compilers
    • on Windows you can do the following: npm i -g windows-build-tools / or use yarn global add
  • install yarn. It's a package manager for npm, which is generally faster
  • git clone this repository or download as zip
  • modify settings.json
  "port": "3678", // make sure your port is forwarded
  "enableWebHook": false, // set this to true, if you want your server to be listed
  "gamemode": 1, // the initial gamemode
  "enableGamemodeVote": true, // whether gamemode voting should be enabled
  "passwordRequired": false, // whether password is required to join this server
  "name": "A Net64+ Server", // display name for public server list
  "domain": "", // domain of your server for public server list. keep it empty, if you don't have a domain
  "description": "The **best** Net64+ server ever\n\n:unicorn_face:", // description for public server list
  "apiKey": "" // this is required, if you want your server to be listed
  • (OPTIONAL) if you want your server to be listed, go to SMMDB, login with Google, go to profile and get your API key
    • Do not share your API key, because it gives full access to your account
    • You can only list one server per API key
    • name will be shortened to 40 characters at most
    • description will be shortened to 200 characters at most
    • description supports Markdown and emojis
  • open a terminal in the folder of your server and execute the following commands
$ yarn install
$ yarn start
  • (OPTIONAL) if you want to run your server indefinitely with auto restarts, I suggest to use pm2
$ yarn global add pm2
$ yarn build
$ pm2 start ./dist --name="net64 server"


You can also pull Net64+ Server from Docker Hub.

Make sure that Docker is installed and running. Then execute the following commands:

$ docker run --rm -it -p 3678:3678 tarnadas/net64plus-server
$ # or run it detached in background
$ docker run --rm -it -d -p 3678:3678 tarnadas/net64plus-server

You will still need to port-forward in order for this to work.

The Docker Container accepts all arguments that the regular Net64+ Server executable accepts as well.

Optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit.
  --port PORT, -P PORT
  --gamemode GAMEMODE, -g GAMEMODE
  --disableGamemodeVote, -G
  --passwordRequired, -pr
  --password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD
  --name NAME, -n NAME
  --domain DOMAIN, -D DOMAIN
  --enableWebHook, -w
  --apiKey APIKEY, -k APIKEY
  --verbose, -v
  --skipPortCheck, -s

An example to host a public server on port 8080:

$ docker run --rm -it -d -p 8080:8080 tarnadas/net64plus-server -P 8080 -w -k $API_KEY -n "Public Net64+ Server" -d "This is a publicly hosted Net64+ Server"