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This is the build code for NextCloudPi.

NextCloudPi is a ready to use image for Raspberry Pi, Odroid HC1, rock64 and other boards.

This code also generates the NextCloudPi docker images for ARM and x86 platforms, and includes an installer for any Debian based system.

Find the full documentation at docs.nextcloudpi.com


  • Debian/Raspbian 10 Buster
  • Nextcloud 18.0.5
  • Apache 2.4.25, with HTTP2 enabled
  • PHP 7.3
  • MariaDB 10
  • Redis memory cache
  • ncp-config for easy setup ( RAM logs, USB drive and more )
  • Automatic redirection to HTTPS
  • ACPU PHP cache
  • PHP Zend OPcache enabled with file cache
  • HSTS
  • Cron jobs for Nextcloud
  • Sane configuration defaults
  • Full emoji support
  • Postfix email
  • Secure


  • Setup wizard
  • NextCloudPi Web Panel
  • Wi-Fi ready
  • Ram logs
  • Automatic security updates, activated by default.
  • Let’s Encrypt for trusted HTTPS certificates.
  • Fail2Ban protection against brute force attacks.
  • UFW firewall
  • Dynamic DNS support for no-ip.org
  • Dynamic DNS support for freeDNS
  • Dynamic DNS support for duckDNS
  • Dynamic DNS support for spDYN
  • dnsmasq DNS server with DNS cache
  • ModSecurity Web Application Firewall
  • NFS ready to mount your files over LAN
  • SAMBA ready to share your files with Windows/Mac/Linux
  • USB automount
  • Remote updates
  • Automatic NCP updates
  • Automatic Nextcloud updates
  • Update notifications
  • NextCloud backup and restore
  • NextCloud online installation
  • Format USB drive to BTRFS
  • BTRFS snapshots
  • Automatic BTRFS snapshots
  • BTRFS snapshot auto sync
  • scheduled rsync
  • UPnP automatic port forwarding
  • Security audits with Lynis and Debsecan
  • ZRAM
  • SMART hard drive health monitoring

Extras can be activated and configured using the web interface at HTTPS port 4443


, or from the command line from

sudo ncp-config


Run in docker

docker run -d -p 4443:4443 -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -v ncdata:/data --name nextcloudpi ownyourbits/nextcloudpi $DOMAIN

How to build

Install git, docker, qemu-user-static, chroot and all the usual building tools.

git clone https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloudpi.git
cd nextcloudpi

, or for an Armbian based board

./build-SD-armbian.sh odroidxu4   # supported board code name

In order to generate the Docker images

git clone https://github.com/nextcloud/nextcloudpi.git
cd nextcloudpi
./build-docker.sh x86
./build-docker.sh armhf
./build-docker.sh arm64

NextCloudPi can be installed in any architecture running the latest Debian

# curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nextcloud/nextcloudpi/master/install.sh | bash


Get the image, find details and more instructions at


Pull the docker image




You can find us in the forums and a Telegram group