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  • v0.19.4 Changes

    • #1888 Fix race condition in non-cache lfs context Fixes
    • LocalFileSystem Context: Remove extra flush code
    • Prevent race condition in caching mode of lfs context (#1889)
    • Allow context store name to be provided in the key
    • Switch node: only use promises when absolutely necessary
    • Fix dbl-click handling on webkit-based browsers
    • Ensure context.flow/global cannot be deleted or enumerated
    • #1883 Handle context.get with multiple levels of unknown key Fixes
    • Fix global.get("") for functionGlobalContext set values
    • Fix node color bug (#1877)
    • #1857 from cclauss/patch-1 Merge pull request
    • Define raw_input() in Python 3 & fix time.sleep()
  • v0.19.3 Changes

    • Split node - fix complete to send msg for k/v object
    • Remove unused Join node merged object key typed input
    • Set the JavaScript editor to full-screen
    • Filter global modules installed locally
    • Add svg to permitted icon extension list
    • Debug node - indicate status all the time if selected to do so
    • pi nodes - increase test coverage slightly
    • TCP-request node - only write payload
    • JSON schema: perform validation when obj -> obj or str -> str
    • JSON schema: add draft-06 support (via $schema keyword)
    • #1651. Mqtt proxy configuration for websocket connection,
    • Allows MQTT Shared Subscriptions for MQTT-In core node
    • Fix use of HTML tag or CSS class specification as icon of typedInput
  • v0.19.2 Changes

    • Ensure node default colour is used if palette.theme has no match
    • #1863 (#1864) fix lost messages / properties in TCPRequest Node; closes
    • Fix typo in template.html
    • Improve error reporting from context plugin loading
    • Prevent no-op edit of node marking as changed due to icon
    • Change node must handle empty rule set
  • v0.19.1 Changes

    • Pull in latest twitter node
    • Handle windows paths for context storage
    • Handle persisting objects with circular refs in context
    • Ensure js editor can expand to fill available space
    • Add example localfilesystem contextStorage to settings
    • Fix template node handling of nested context tags
  • v0.19 Changes


    • Add editorTheme.palette.theme to allow overriding colours
    • #1446 Index all node properties when searching Fixes
    • #1779 Handle NaN and Infinity properly in debug sidebar Fixes #1778
    • Prevent horizontal scroll when palette name cannot wrap
    • Ignore middle-click on node/ports to enable panning
    • Better wire layout when looping back
    • fix appearence of retry button of remote branch management dialog
    • Handle releasing ctrl when using quick-add node dialog
    • Add $env function to JSONata expressions
    • Widen support for env var to use ${} or $() syntax
    • Add env-var support to TypedInput
    • Show unknown node properties in info tab
    • Add node icon picker widget
    • Only edit nodes on dbl click on primary button with no modifiers
    • Allow subflows to be put in any palette category
    • Add flow navigator widget
    • #1753 Cache flow library result to improve response time Fixes
    • Add middle-button-drag to pan the workspace
    • allow multi-line category name in editor
    • Redesign sidebar tabs
    • Do not disable the export-clipboard menu option with empty selection


    • #1769 Change: Ensure runtime errors in Change node can be caught Fixes
    • File: Add output to File Out node
    • Function: add expandable JavaScript editor pane
    • Function: allow id and name reference in function node code (#1731)
    • HTTP Request: Move to request module
    • #1278 HTTP: Ensure apiMaxLength applies to HTTP Nodes Fixes
    • Join: accumulate top level properties
    • Join: allow environment variable as reduce init value
    • JSON: add JSON schema validation via msg.schema
    • Pi: Let nrgpio code work with python 3
    • Pi: let Pi nodes be visible/editable on all platforms
    • Switch: add isEmpty rule
    • #1414 TCP: queue messages while connecting; closes
    • #1805 TLS: Add servername option to TLS config node for SNI Fixes
    • UDP: Don't accidentally re-use udp port when set to not do so

    Persistent Context

    • Add Context data sidebar
    • Add persistable context option
    • Add default memory store
    • Add file-based context store
    • Add async mode to evaluateJSONataExpression
    • Update RED.util.evaluateNodeProperty to support context stores

    โš™ Runtime

    • Support flow.disabled and .info in /flow API
    • #1781 Node errors should be Strings not Errors Fixes
    • #1770 Add detection of connection timeout in git communication Fixes
    • Handle loading empty nodesDir
    • Add 'private' property to userDir generated package.json
    • Add RED.require to allow nodes to access other modules
    • Ensure add/remove modules are run sequentially
  • v0.18.7 Changes

    ๐Ÿ›  Editor Fixes

    • #1737 Do not trim wires if node declares outputs in defaults but misses value Fixes

    ๐Ÿ›  Node Fixes

    • Relax twitter node version ready for major version bump
    • Pass Date into the Function node sandbox to fix instanceof tests
    • let TCP in node report remote ip and port when in single packet mode
    • typo fix in node help (#1735)

    ๐Ÿ›  Other Fixes

    • #1738 Tidy up default grunt task and fixup test break due to reorder Fixes
    • Bump jsonata version
  • v0.18.6 Changes

    ๐Ÿ›  Editor Fixes

    • #1724 Handle a node having wires in the editor on ports it no longer has Fixes
    • Add missing ACE snippet files
    • #1726 Fix wireClippedNodes is not defined Fixes
    • Split node html to isolate bad nodes when loading
    • Avoid unnecessary use of .html() where .text() will do

    • Add editorTheme.projects.enabled to default settings.js"

  • v0.18.5 Changes


    • Add clone project to welcome screen
    • Handle cloning a project without package.json
    • Keep remote branch state in sync between editor and runtime

    ๐Ÿ†• New Features

    • Add type checks to switch node options (#1714)
    • add output property select to HTML parse node (#1701)
    • Add Prevent Following Redirect to HTTP Request node (#615) (#1684)
    • Add debug and trace functions to function node (#1654)
    • Enable user defined icon for subflow
    • Add MQTT disconnect message and rework broker node UI (#1719)
    • Japanese message catalogue updates (#1723)
    • Show node load errors in the Palette Manager view

    ๐Ÿ›  Editor Fixes

    • #1698 Highlight subflow node when log msg comes from inside Fixes
    • #1678 Ensure node wires array is not longer than outputs value Fixes
    • #1681 Allow importing an unknown config node to be undone Fixes
    • #1696 Ensure keyboard shortcuts get saved in runtime settings Fixes
    • Don't mark a subflow changed when actually modified nothing (#1665)

    ๐Ÿ›  Node Fixes

    • bind to correct port when doing udp broadcast/multicast (#1686)
    • Provide full error stack in Function node log message (#1700)
    • #1690 Fix http request doc type Fixes
    • Make debug slightly larger to pass WCAG AA rating
    • #1673 Make core nodes labels more consistent, to close
    • #1671 Allow template node to be updated more than once Fixes
    • Fix the problem that output labels of switch node sometimes disappear (#1664)
    • Chinese translations for core nodes (#1607)

    ๐Ÿ›  Runtime Fixes

    • #1689 (#1694) Handle and display for invalid flow credentials when project is disabled
    • node-red-pi: fix behavior with old bash version (#1713)
    • Fix ENOENT error on first start when no user dir (#1711)
    • #1721 Handle null error object in Flow.handleError Fixes
    • update settings comments to describe how to setup for ipv6 (#1675)
    • #1359 Remove credential props after diffing flow to prevent future false positives Fixes
    • #1645 Log error if settings unavailable when saving user settings Fixes
    • Keep backup of .config.json
    • Add warning if using _credentialSecret from .config.json
    • Filter req.user in /settings to prevent potentially leaking info
  • v0.18.4 Changes


    • Ensure sshkey file path is properly escaped on Windows
    • Normalize ssh key paths for Windows file names
    • Ensure userDir is an absolute path when used with sshkeygen
    • Detect if there are no existing flows to migrate into a project
    • Use relative urls when retriving flow history
    • Add credentialSecret to clone pane
    • Delay clearing inflight when changing credentials key
    • Mark deploy inflight when reverting a file change
    • Handle missing_flow_file error on clone properly
    • Remote project from cached list on delete so it can be reused
    • Fix tests for existing file flag in settings

    ๐Ÿ›  Editor Fixes

    • Fix merging a remote diff
    • Fixed the problems when using a node without defaults
    • Disable user defined icon for subflow
    • #1635 getDefaultNodeIcon should handle subflow instance nodes Fixes
    • Add Japanese info text for core nodes
    • Fix message lookup for core nodes in case of i18 locales directory exists
    • Prevent the last tab from being deleted

    ๐Ÿ›  Node Fixes

    • Ensure trigger gets reset when 2nd output is null
  • v0.18.3 Changes


    • Fix permissions on git/ssh scripts
    • Add support for GIT_SSH on older levels of git
    • Handle host key verification as auth error
    • Ensure commit list has a refs object even if empty
    • Make git error detection case-insensitive
    • Fix up merge conflict handling
    • Use flow-diff when looking at flow file changes

    ๐Ÿ›  Node Fixes

    • Ensure debug tools show for 'complete msg object'
    • Fix handling in concat mode of Batch node

    ๐Ÿ›  Editor Fixes

    • Fix offset calculation when dragging node from palette
    • Allow a library entry to use non-default node-input- prefixes
    • #1628 Change remote-diff shortcut and add it to keymap Fixes