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  • v2.4.0 Changes

    July 19, 2009
    • 2009-04-20 Changed default config size of IPC-Log (LogSystemCacheSize) to 32k (64k is not working on darwin).
    • 2009-04-20 Moved from bin/ to bin/ for a better maintanance.
    • 2009-04-20 Added warning screen to AdminSysConfig, AdminPackageManager, AdminGenericAgent to block to use it till SecureMode is activated.
    • 2009-04-18 Added SysConfig setting to (not) include custmers email address on composing an answer "Ticket::Frontend::ComposeAddCustomerAddress". Default is set to true.
    • 2009-04-17 Added own SysConfig settings for bulk action ( Ticket // Frontend::Agent::Ticket::ViewBulk).
    • 2009-04-15 Removed AgentCanBeCustomer option from agent frontend. Customer followup messages can only be created from the customer frontend.
    • 2009-04-09 Added search for article create times in ticket search.
    • 2009-04-09 Improved email send functionality to properly format emails with alternative parts and inline images.
    • 2009-04-09 Added enhancement bug#3514 - RegExp support in ACLs. Now you can use RegExp in ACLs like the following example:
        $Self->{TicketAcl}->{'ACL-Name-1'} = {
           # match properties
           Properties => {
               Queue => {
                   Name => ['[RegExp]^Misc'],
           # return possible options (white list)
           Possible => {
               # possible ticket options (white list)
               Ticket => {
                   Service  => ['[RegExp]^t1', '[RegExp]^t2'],
                   Priority => [ '4 high' ],

    Starting with "[RegExp]" in value area means the following will be a regexp content.

    This ACL will match all Queues with starting "Misc" and all services with starting "t1" and "t2". So you do not longer need to write every full queue names to the array list.

    Usage of [RegExp] results in case-sensitive matching. Usage of [regexp] results in case-insensitive matching.

    • 2009-04-08 Updated CPAN module CGI to version 3.43.
    • 2009-04-07 Changed default config size of IPC-Log (LogSystemCacheSize) to 64k (160k is not working on darwin).
    • 2009-04-07 Added SMTPS support for outgoing emails (e. g. for sending via gmail smtp server).
    • 2009-04-06 Added fulltext search feature for quick search (OpenSearch format and input field in nav bar - disabled per default).
    • 2009-04-03 Added check for required perl version 5.8.6.
    • 2009-04-02 Added possibility to search tickets with params like *OlderMinutes and *NewerMinutes with 0 minutes.
    • 2009-04-02 Fixed bug#3732 - Improved russion translation.
    • 2009-04-02 Dropped MaxDB/SAPDB support due to some limitations.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3295 - SQL error when you have no state of type "pending reminder".
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#2296 - Enable/disable "blinking queue" in QueueView via SysConfig.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3641 - AgentTicketCustomer totally broken in CVS.
    • 2009-04-01 When merging tickets, assign article based ticket history entries to the merged ticket as well.
    • 2009-04-01 Implemented enhancement/bug#3333 - Increased the memory of the shared memory used for SystemLog.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3737 - Non-ascii characters in filenames of outbound email attachments are not quoted.
    • 2009-04-01 Implement enhancement/bug#3527 - the input fields at the restrictions of the stats module now allow the use of wildcards at the beginning and end of a word (e.g. 'huber*'). This is now the same behavior as in GenericAgent. But not the behavior of the TicketSearch.
    • 2009-03-30 Updated CPAN module Authen::SASL to version 2.12.
    • 2009-03-30 Updated CPAN module Text::CSV to version 1.11.
    • 2009-03-30 Updated CPAN module File::Temp to version 0.21.
    • 2009-03-17 Fixed bug#3729 - Missing translation of "Customer history" in AgentTicketCustomer.
    • 2009-03-17 Fixed bug#3713 - Apache-error if ticket has only internal articles.
    • 2009-03-06 Added article filter feature in TicketZoom.
    • 2009-03-01 Replaced dtl variable for image location "$Env{"Images"}" by using config option "$Config{"Frontend::ImagePath"}" to remove not needed $Env{} "alias". Added "$Config{"Frontend::JavaScriptPath"}" for java script and "$Config{"Frontend::CSSPath"}" for css directory.
    • 2009-02-27 Added feature to show the ticket title or the last customer subject in TicketOverviewSmall.
    • 2009-02-27 Added enhancement bug#3271 Added accessibility of Kernel::System::CustomerUser (CustomerUserObject) to bin/cgi-bin/ (SOAP handle).
    • 2009-02-17 Added group permission support for bulk feature (config via SysConfig -> Ticket -> Core::TicketBulkAction).
    • 2009-02-17 Added read only permission support for watched tickets.
    • 2009-02-17 Added agent notification support for watched tickets (config via perferences setting for each agent).
    • 2009-02-11 Fixed ticket# 2009020942001554 - generic agent is logging many debug infos into log file.
    • 2009-02-09 Fixed bug#3075 - IntroUpgrade Text is not shown during package upgrade in admin interface of package manager.
    • 2009-02-09 Implement the same identifier handling for customer as for user. This effects the files Kernel/Ouptut/HTML/*/CustomerNavigationBar.dtl and Kernel/Ouptut/HTML/
    • 2009-02-05 Removed the dtl-if from Header.dtl. And implement a new handling to set a indentifier for the user information (usually visible on the top of the right side of a page).
    • 2009-02-04 Implement a config option to remove OTRS version tags from the http headers.
    • 2009-02-04 Removed a useless slogan from the HTML/DTL-Headers ( Kernel/Ouptut/HTML/*/Header.dtl, Kernel/Ouptut/HTML/*/Footer.dtl, ...).
    • 2009-01-28 Fixed bug#3233 - Better error message when adding auto responses with same name.
    • 2009-01-26 Removed outdated function FetchrowHashref() from core module Kernel/System/
    • 2009-01-08 Fixed bug#3571 - Output Filter Pre+Post of layout object will be use on any block, not on any template file like it was in 2.1-2.2. Moved back to old behavior.
    • 2009-01-05 Moved to new auth sync layer. Splited auth and agent sync into two module layers. For example:


        # agent authentication against http basic auth
        $Self->{'AuthModule'} = 'Kernel::System::Auth::HTTPBasic';
        # agent data sync against ldap
        $Self->{'AuthSyncModule'} = 'Kernel::System::Auth::Sync::LDAP';
        $Self->{'AuthSyncModule::LDAP::Host'} = 'ldap://';
        $Self->{'AuthSyncModule::LDAP::BaseDN'} = 'dc=otrs, dc=org';
        $Self->{'AuthSyncModule::LDAP::UID'} = 'uid';
        $Self->{'AuthSyncModule::LDAP::SearchUserDN'} = 'uid=sys, ou=user, dc=otrs, dc=org';
        $Self->{'AuthSyncModule::LDAP::SearchUserPw'} = 'some_pass';
        $Self->{'AuthSyncModule::LDAP::UserSyncMap'} = {
            # DB -> LDAP
            UserFirstname => 'givenName',
            UserLastname  => 'sn',
            UserEmail     => 'mail',
    • 2008-12-28 Added daemon support to bin/ and bin/ by using "-b <BACKGROUND_INTERVAL_IN_MIN>".
    • 2008-12-22 Improved ticket escalation notification, moved to .dtl support (Kernel/Output/HTML/Standard/AgentTicketEscalation.dtl) and added ticket title as mouse on over note.
    • 2008-12-19 Added out of office feature for agent users.
    • 2008-12-15 Added new ticket attributes to CSV export of ticket in ticket search. New attributes are 'Closed', 'FirstLock' and 'FirstResponse'.
    • 2008-12-10 Added the text auto link feature to add http links for text body to add icons after conigured expressions the standard.
    • 2008-12-08 Added new postmaster filter to check if new arrived email is based on follow up of forwarded email. Then Followup should not be shown as "email-external", it should be shown as "email-internal".
    • 2008-11-12 Removed not supported PostMaster module Kernel/System/PostMaster/Filter/
    • 2008-11-10 Added autocomplete feature for customer search.
    • 2008-10-30 Fixed bug#2371 - "Panic, no user data!" message should be more verbose.
    • 2008-10-29 Added additional default attributes of customer attributes like (phone, fax, mobile, street, zip, city). Use scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.4.*.sql for upgrading.
    • 2008-10-28 Fixed bug#1722 - weekday sorting in TimeWorkingHours corrected.
    • 2008-10-28 Fixed bug#1491 - text in the file "UPGRADING" is misleading.
    • 2008-10-28 Implemented RFE (bug#1006): Added ticket change time to TicketGet and ArticleGet output. As a result, parameter 'Changed' is now usable as field in CSV search output as ticket change time.
    • 2008-10-24 Added StopAfterMatch attribute on postmaster filter (DB and config backend).
    • 2008-10-23 First version of improved ticket overview modus, added S/M/L options.
    • 2008-10-23 Added ticket change time option to agent ticket search.
    • 2008-10-14 Added COUNT as result option in TicketSearch() of Kernel::System::Ticket to increase performance of count lookups.
    • 2008-10-14 Added new tables for "RFC 2822 conform" and Service/SLA preferences feature (use scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.4.*.sql for upgrading).
    • 2008-10-14 Added RFC 2822 conform In-Reply-To and References header support for outgoing emails (Threading).
    • 2008-10-02 Added script to move stored attachments from one backend to other backend, e. g. DB -> FS (bin/
    • 2008-10-02 Added service and sla preferences feature, like already exising user, customer and queue preferences. Can be extended by config settings.
    • 2008-10-02 Improved package manager to get info about documentation availabe in online repository packages.
    • 2008-10-02 Added password reset option based on auth backend for multi auth support.
  • v2.3.6 Changes

    September 15, 2010
    • 2010-07-23 Fixed bug#3426 - Abort while processing mails with invalid charset messes up POP3 mailbox handling.
  • v2.3.5 Changes

    February 08, 2010
    • 2010-02-04 Fixed SQL quoting issue (see also
    • 2009-05-19 Fixed bug#3844 - SLA get's not removed on reload if servics was selected before (in agent interface).
    • 2009-04-23 Fixed bug#3495 - Missing ldap disconnects leaves CLOSE_WAIT tcp sessions.
    • 2009-04-23 Fixed bug#3674 - CustomerSearch() doesn't match non-single words if they are in the same DB field.
    • 2009-04-23 Fixed bug#3684 - No search for * in LDAP-CustomerBackend.
    • 2009-04-02 Fixed bug#3732 - Improved russion translation.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3573 - Deleting tickets on PostgreSQL 8.3.0 failes.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3719 - otrs.checkModules incorrectly parses PDF::API2 version.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3257 - otrs.checkModules incorrectly states DBD:mysql is required.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3739 - Customer can not logon to the Customer Interface if ShowAgentOnline is used.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3404 - doesn't unlock the closed tickets.
    • 2009-04-01 Fixed bug#3745 - German umlaut in customer login_id breaks login.
    • 2009-03-24 Fixed bug#3735 - Queue names should be quoted when editing queues (In this case if you use them in regular expressions).
    • 2009-02-19 Fixed bug#3636 - Phone call link can be used without adding a body the ticket mask.
    • 2009-02-19 Fixed bug#3671 - Priority in CustomerTicketZoom resets to pre-configured or 3.
    • 2009-02-13 Fixed bug#3657 - Stats module: The locking attribute doesn't work.
    • 2009-02-11 Fixed ticket# 2009020942001554 - generic agent is logging many debug infos into log file.
    • 2009-02-09 Fixed bug#3656 - The package manager testscript doesn't work on developer installations.
    • 2009-01-30 Fixed bug#3635 - Was not able to install .opm packages bigger then 1MB (because of missing MySQL config) but OTRS error message was miss leading.
    • 2009-01-28 Fixed bug#3242 - AdminGenericAgent produces apache-error-log entry.
    • 2009-01-26 Fixed bug#3528 - Stats-cache-mechanism does not take unfixed restrictions in consideration.
    • 2009-01-23 Fixed bug#3615 - The links to the related Customer User and related Group in [ Customer Users <-> Groups ] frontend were broken.
    • 2009-01-23 Fixed bug#3499 - Permission problems if you change the configuration of the System::Permissions. Now it doesn't matter if you active or deactive one of the additional permissions.
    • 2009-01-22 Fixed bug#3137 - Ticket search does not work with words like "BPX" and "new".
    • 2009-01-22 Fixed bug#3596 - Show a warning, if some tries to renaming the admin group in admin frontend.
  • v2.3.4 Changes

    January 21, 2009
    • 2009-02-09 Fixed bug#3458 - Length of E-mail adress form in AdminSystemAddressForm is way too short.
    • 2009-01-20 Fixed bug#3447 - CustomerUser-Renaming to existing UserLogin was possible.
    • 2009-01-20 Fixed bug#3603 - Different Max-Attribute handling in BuildSelection and OptionStrgHashRef.
    • 2009-01-20 Fixed bug#3601 - Problems in function BuildSelection with ''-Strings and 0.
    • 2009-01-15 Fixed bug#3595 - VacationCheck() of Kernel::System::Time is ignoring different OTRS calendar.
    • 2009-01-13 Fixed bug#3542 - Static Stats lose associated perlmodule after editing.
    • 2009-01-10 Fixed bug#3575 - Framework file get lost after upgrading OTRS and reinstalling or uninstalling e. g. ITSM pakages then.
    • 2008-12-08 Added feature to install included packages located under var/packages/*.opm on first/initial setup.
    • 2008-12-08 Fixed bug#3462 - SMIME crypt and sign functions bail out - unable to save random state.
    • 2008-12-04 Fixed bug#3360 - Service list formating broken after AJAX reload.
    • 2008-12-02 Fixed bug#3495 - No unbind in LDAP-CustomerDataBackend.
    • 2008-12-01 Fixed bug#3493 - does not work.
    • 2008-11-26 Fixed bug#2582 - Ticket print and config option Ticket::Frontend::ZoomExpandSort gets not recognized.
    • 2008-11-16 Fixed bug#3452 - "permission denied" after moving tickets into a queue with no permissions.
    • 2008-11-16 Fixed bug#3461 - It's not possible to past an email into a note screen, only 70 signs are possible for each line, it should be increased to 78.
    • 2008-11-14 Fixed bug#3459 - Ticket in state "pending" are not escalating but shown in escalation overview with incorect timestamp calculation (34512 days).
    • 2008-11-10 Fixed bug#3213 - Make work when using ModPerl.
    • 2008-11-10 Fixed bug#3442 - HTML2Ascii is ignoring spaces on email processing.
    • 2008-11-07 Fixed bug#2730 - Sending mails to MS Exchange Server 2007 fails sometimes with "Bad file descriptor!".
    • 2008-11-01 Fixed bug#3207 - Expanded articles in wrong order.
    • 2008-10-30 Fixed bug#2071 - Dead link to online documentation in admin interface (AdminState).
    • 2008-10-29 Fixed bug#3244 - "Defination"-Typo in
    • 2008-10-29 Fixed bug#2736 - AdminUser&Subaction=Change - Valid is automatically changed
    • 2008-10-29 Fixed bug#2710 - Error: Module 'Kernel::Modules::' not found!
    • 2008-10-28 Fixed bug#3402 - AgentLinkObject crashes with "Got no UserLanguage" if browser sends exotic language.
    • 2008-10-28 Fixed bug#3405 - Input field agent-email-address too short.
    • 2008-10-28 Fixed bug#1719 - psql -u deprecated.
    • 2008-10-28 Fixed bug#3366 - TicketEvent ArticleFreeTextSet does not know ArticleID.
    • 2008-10-28 Fixed bug#3346 - improved error logging of new postmaster tickets for invalid priority names.
    • 2008-10-28 Fixed bug#3376 - GenericAgent: A warning like "you have to set schedule times" would be helpful.
    • 2008-10-20 Fixed bug#3391 - Filter out hazardous characters from redirects.
    • 2008-10-16 Fixed bug#2415 - Wrong info after editing salutation.
    • 2008-10-15 Fixed bug#3379 - Documentation of packages got not shown in admin package manager.
    • 2008-10-15 Updated Chinese translation, thanks to Never Min!
    • 2008-10-13 Fixed bug#3373 - Postmaster match filter is losing [***] on second time.
    • 2008-10-13 Fixed bug#3367 - Escalation of first response gets not changed on note-external (which was working in OTRS 2.2.x).
    • 2008-10-09 Fixed bug#3358 - Removed useless error warning in stats module.
  • v2.3.3 Changes

    October 02, 2008
    • 2009-01-13 Fixed bug#3542 - Static Stats lose associated perlmodule after editing.
    • 2008-09-30 Fixed bug#3335 - No user name in pdf - print of stats-report
    • 2008-09-29 Updated Italian translation, thanks to Remo Catelotti!
    • 2008-09-29 Fixed bug#3315 - GenericAgent does not work with pending time reached for x units.
    • 2008-09-29 Fixed bug#3314 - Escalation time not updated correctly, e. g. ticket get's not escalated if one escalation time got solved.
    • 2008-09-25 Updated Chinese translation, thanks to Never Min!
    • 2008-09-24 Fixed bug#3322 - After updating SysConfig I get: Can't use string ("0") as a HASH ref while "strict refs" in use at Kernel/System/ line 716.
    • 2008-09-24 Fixed bug#3321 - "(" or ")" in user name is breaking ldap query for agent and customer auth.
    • 2008-09-13 Fixed bug#3289 - Error when trying to delete an answer (with std attachment) in admin interface.
    • 2008-09-12 Fixed bug#3292 - Missing entries in the generic agent mask if a freetext field is configured as pull down menu.
    • 2008-09-11 Fixed bug#3275 - Kernel::System::EmailParser::CheckMessageBody uses undefined $Param{URL}.
    • 2008-09-11 Fixed bug#3284 - Missing entries in the stats mask if a freetext field is configured as pull down menu.
    • 2008-09-10 Fixed bug#3287 - Possible CSS on login page, in AgentTicketMailbox and CustomerTicketOverView.
    • 2008-09-08 Fixed bug#3158 - Ticket has a "pending" state --> the escalation time is not set out.
    • 2008-09-08 Fixed bug#3266 - calls "mysqldump5" not "mysqldump".
    • 2008-09-08 Fixed bug#3251 - Error retrieving pop3s email from gmail or MS Exchange.
    • 2008-09-08 Fixed bug#3247 - GenericAgent is running also without time settings.
    • 2008-09-08 Fixed bug#3261 - Escalation also for ro tickets (normally just rw tickets).
    • 2008-08-30 Fixed bug#2862 - Wrong summary in GenericAgent webinterface after adding a new job. Max. shown 10,000 affected tickets.
    • 2008-08-30 Fixed bug#3053 - AJAX functionality without cookies is not working.
    • 2008-08-29 Fixed bug#3152 - German wording in link tables within english environment.
    • 2008-08-21 Fixed bug#3227 - Link delete doesn't work if the key includes double colons.
  • v2.3.2 Changes

    August 25, 2008
    • 2008-08-21 Fixed bug#3076 - Ticket Eskalation of update time is not working correctly.
    • 2008-08-21 Fixed bug#3064 - Java Script Error if I use "Internet Explorer 7".
    • 2008-08-21 Fixed bug#3198 - ACL is not working for services in Customer Panel for creating new tickets.
    • 2008-08-21 Fixed bug#3214 - PostMasterFilter - Its not possible to filter for "Return-Path".
    • 2008-08-21 Fixed bug#3216 - CustomerTicketSearch returns links to internal articles.
    • 2008-08-21 Fixed bug#3219 - Bogus 7bit check in the file cache backend.
    • 2008-08-21 Implemented display of ticket search profiles in Agent Interface for immediate access (disabled by default).
    • 2008-08-18 Fixed bug#3199 - Queue lists - The queue tree has problems with disabled queues.
    • 2008-08-18 Fixed bug#3139 - QueueUpdate-Bug on oracle and postgres dbs.
    • 2008-08-14 Fixed bug#3191 - It is hard to identify the selected page of a list of elements.
    • 2008-08-13 Fixed bug#3133 - OTRS creates temp dirs with wrong access permissions.
  • v2.3.1 Changes

    August 04, 2008
    • 2008-08-03 Fixed bug#3096 - Errorlog messages from NET::DNS (Subroutine nxrrset redefined at ...).
    • 2008-08-03 Added http target for customer user map config options in position 9 (see Kernel/Config/ for examples).
    • 2008-08-02 Fixed bug#3121 - OTRS corrupts email headers (Subject, From etc.) while encoding with utf-8.
    • 2008-08-01 Fixed bug#3142 - The Ticket-ACL module CloseParentAfterClosedChilds produces errors.
    • 2008-07-31 Fixed bug#3141 - The TicketSearch() function produces error on a DB2 database, if the argument TicketCreateTimeOlderDate is given.
    • 2008-07-31 Added function LinkCleanup() to delete forgotten temporary links that are older than one day. The function is called only when deleting a link.
    • 2008-07-30 Updated dansk language translation, thanks to Mads N. Vestergaard!
    • 2008-07-30 Updated spanish translation, thanks to Pelayo Romero Martin!
    • 2008-07-30 Updated CPAN module CGI to version 3.39.
    • 2008-07-30 Updated CPAN module MailTools to version 2.04.
    • 2008-07-27 Updated russian translation, thanks to Egor Tsilenko!
    • 2008-07-25 Fixed bug#3122 - Ticket attributes in agent ticket search CSV export gets not translated.
    • 2008-07-25 Fixed bug#2300 - Not all Notification Tags are working in Notifications.
    • 2008-07-21 Fixed bug#3117 - Auto increment of "id" in article_search table is not needed.
    • 2008-07-21 Fixed bug#3104 - If new config can't get created by scripts/, the script need to stop.
  • v2.3.0 Changes

    July 21, 2008
    • 2008-05-16 Updated cpan module Text::CSV to the version 1.05.
    • 2008-05-15 Added ticket search close time support to agent ticket search and generic agent.
    • 2008-05-15 Reimplmeented "bin/", works now with new cmd params. Now "-t $DatabaseType", "-n $Name", "-s $SplitInPrePostFiles" and "-o $OutputDir".
    • 2008-05-15 Renamed mssql reserved database table word "system_user" to "users". Use scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.3.*.sql for database upgrade.
    • 2008-05-15 If signing via SMIME fails, we now fall back to the original unsigned mailtext instead of sending an empty mail.
    • 2008-05-15 Fixed bug#2844 - Improved robustness of RANDFILE setting for openssl (SMIME).
    • 2008-05-15 Refactored SMIME to work on Windows, too.
    • 2008-05-09 Added service <-> sla multi relation support.
    • 2008-05-09 Fixed bug#2448 - Not necessary unique check of SLA name.
    • 2008-05-07 Renamed/cleanup of all config setting names for QueueView, StatusView and LockedTickets.
    • 2008-05-07 Improved use of existing unique-names in xml definition of scripts/database/otrs-schema.xml (not longer auto generated).
    • 2008-05-07 Improved oracle database backend, generation of long index/koreign key names, moved from NUMBER to NUMBER(12,0).
    • 2008-05-07 Added some new database indexes to increase the database speed (for more info see scripts/DBUpdate*.sql).
    • 2008-05-07 Added article index support to increase speed of full text search up to 50% (need to be configured via SysConfig and bin/ need to be executed after backend change).
    • 2008-05-07 Added ticket event support for TicketWatch*() in Kernel::System::Ticket. Fixed not removed ticket watch infos after deleting a ticket.
    • 2008-05-07 Improved speed of ticket search screen on large installation, added cache for database lookup to get all unique ticket free text fields (tooks up to 10 sek, on lage installations).
    • 2008-05-02 Deleted textarea wrap in perl code and set browser wrap in dtl files.
    • 2007-04-29 Added X-OTRS-TicketTime and X-OTRS-FollowUp-TicketTime email header support as additional attributes like already existing X-OTRS-Header (for more info see doc/X-OTRS-Headers.txt).
    • 2007-04-29 Added Format attribute (default html, optional plain) for "Intro*" tags in .sopm files. Format="html" will work as default and it's possible to put every html into the intro message. Format="plain" will add automatically <pre></pre> to intro messages, so new lines and spaces are shown 1:1 in intro messages (for more info see developer manual).
    • 2007-04-29 TicketFreeTime, TicketFreeFields and Article Attachments now are taken over on ticket split.
    • 2007-04-29 Updated cpan module CGI to version 3.37.
    • 2007-04-25 Added create and drop of index and unique in xml TableAlter tag (for more info see developer manual).
    • 2008-04-20 Changed GenericAgent default limit of matching ticket for each run of a job from 2000 to 4000.
    • 2008-04-18 Let FrontendOutputFilters have access to LayoutObject and TemplateFile.
    • 2008-04-18 Added Title-Attribute (for Tooltips) to BuildSelection.
    • 2008-04-14 Increased db2 BLOB size from 20M to 30M in scripts/database/otrs-schema.db2.sql.
    • 2008-04-14 Improved admin interface, show only links with own permissions. So it's possible/easy to create sub admins for part administration (Fixed bug#2535 - User is able to access admin menu).
    • 2008-04-14 Improved .opm packages to definde pre and post Code* and Database* tags to define time point of execution. For more info how to use it see developer manual.
    • 2008-04-14 Renamed .opm package tags for intro messages Intro(Install|Upgrade|Unintall)(Pre|Post) from <IntroInstallPost> to new format like <IntroInstall Type="post">. For more info see developer manual. Note: Old tags still usable, will be converted by OTRS automatically.
    • 2008-04-10 Added global Search-Condition-Feature (AND/OR/()/!/+) to ticket search backend, customer search backend and faq.
    • 2008-04-10 Added support to ticket print to print selected article only.
    • 2008-04-10 Fixed bug#2159 - added ticket close time search option (works like ticket create time search option) to agent ticket search screen.
    • 2008-04-10 Updated cpan module CGI to version 3.35.
    • 2008-04-02 Moved from default password 'crypt' method to 'md5'. All new changed passwords are stored with md5-password method. Old stored passwords still usable.
    • 2008-04-02 Fixed bug#1952 - Superfluous error messages by Kernel/Config/ in Debug mode.
    • 2008-04-02 Fixed bug#2496 - HTML formatting in the customer ticket zoom is wrong.
    • 2008-04-02 Fixed bug#1116 - Made uses of <br\> and <input\> comply with XHTML.
    • 2008-04-01 Fixed bug#2575 - Trying to Kernel::System::PGP::Crypt() utf8-character-strings no longer bails, but simply auto-converts the string into an utf8-byte-string, such that the correct data is written into the temp file.
    • 2008-04-01 Added new SysLog backend config for log sock. Defaulte use is 'unix'. On Solaris you may need to use 'stream'.
    • 2008-03-31 Added ticket free time as required field support (works like for already existing ticket free text fields).
    • 2008-03-31 Added missing ticket type as required check if ticket type feature is enabled.
    • 2008-03-31 Fixed MD5/SHA1 mixups in SMIME handling on older systems (that have MD5 as default, not SHA1).
    • 2008-03-27 Added OpenSearchDescription to support "quick" search for ticket numbers for browsers like firefox2.
    • 2008-03-26 Added POP3/POP3S/IMAP/IMAPS support for PostMaster sub system (new bin/ is replacing old bin/ Thanks to Igor Stradwo for this patch! NOTE: table pop3_account need to be modified - use scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.3.*.sql
    • 2008-03-26 Added support of renaming of database tables in XML backend and database drivers (Kernel/System/DB/*.pm). Example:

      <TableAlter NameOld="calendar_event" NameNew="calendar_event_new"/>

    • 2008-03-25 Added enhancement for agent and customer HTTPBasicAuth to strip parts of REMOTE_USER or HTTP_REMOTE_USER by using a regexp. Example to strip of login. [Kernel/]

        # In case you need to replace some part of the REMOTE_USER, you can
        # use the following RegExp ($1 will be new login).
        $Self->{'AuthModule::HTTPBasicAuth::ReplaceRegExp'} = '^(.+?)@.+?$';
    • 2008-03-21 Added enhancement bug#2773 - HTTPBasicAuth fails when only HTTP_REMOTE_USER is populated (not REMOTE_USER).
    • 2008-03-18 Fixed mssql/sybase/freetds database problem "Setting of CS_OPT_TEXTSIZE failed. at" if a mssql customer backend is used. The problem is, that LongReadLen is not supported by dbd::sybase (this is the reason of this error message). So the database customer is now improved to set all database attributes in CustomerUser config. For example this is the solution to prevent the sybase error message:
        $Self->{CustomerUser} = {
            Name   => 'Database Backend',
            Module => 'Kernel::System::CustomerUser::DB',
            Params => {
                DSN       => 'DBI:sybase:yourdsn',
                User      => 'some_user',
                Password  => 'some_password',
                Table     => 'customer_user',
                Attribute => {},

    ๐Ÿ‘€ For more info see:

    • 2008-03-17 Fixed bug#2197 - utf8 problems with auto generated Kernel/Config/Files/ and Kernel/Config/Files/ (non ascii signs and utf8 stamps).
    • 2008-03-17 Added ACL example module "CloseParentAfterClosedChilds" which allows you to not close parent tickets till all childs are closed ( configuable via SysConfig -> Ticket -> Core::TicketACL).
    • 2008-03-17 Improved ticket zoom view, shown linked objects (only show link types (Normal/Child/Parent) if links are available).
    • 2008-03-16 Improved ticket zoom view, shown plain link to emails (per default, can be enabled via sys config) and improved shown linked/merged tickets.
    • 2008-03-09 Improved API of Cache core module (Kernel::System::Cache), added type param to define the type of cached object/data (so also a better storage is possible because you can manage each cache type object/data it self, e. g. if file system backend is used in differend sub directories).

    API Example (old):

                Key   => 'SomeKey',
                Value => 'Some Value',
                TTL   => 24*60*60,     # in sec. in this case 24h

    API Example (new):

                Type  => 'ObjectName', # only A-z chars usable
                Key   => 'SomeKey',
                Value => 'Some Value',
                TTL   => 24*60*60,     # in sec. in this case 24h
    • 2008-03-06 Fixed use of uninitialized value in (visible when executed in ModPerl environment).
    • 2008-03-02 Added title of object to div tag of linked objects to have an preview to the content of a linked object.
    • 2008-03-01 Added missing ticket title to ticket search mask in agent and generic agent interface.
    • 2008-02-17 Removed not needed Encode::decode_utf8() in core module Kernel::System::Encode (only set if utf-8 stamp is needed).
    • 2008-02-17 Upgraded Mail::Tools from version 1.77 to 2.02 from CPAN.
    • 2008-02-12 Fixed bug#2670 - "wide character" error when login with russian password. Note: It could be on older systems, that existing passwords are not longer valid. Just reset the password and everything will work fine.
    • 2008-02-12 Fixed bug#1996 - Replaced 'U' & 'D' with respective arrow icons.
    • 2008-02-12 Improved Fix for bug#1608 - Badly formatted calendar popup. Now the table width is explicity passed into DTL from the perl module and the customer calendar view has been fixed, too.
    • 2008-02-11 Added queue preferences - module support like for agents and customer to create easier extentions/addons for queues. See Developer-Manual for more information. NOTE: table sla need to be modified - use scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.3.*.sql
    • 2008-02-11 Added escalation warning feature. So agents will be notified before a ticket will escalate. This time point can be configured in the admin interface for queue and sla settings. NOTE: table queue need to be modified - use scripts/DBUpdate-to-2.3.*.sql
    • 2008-02-04 Fixed bug#1608 - Badly formatted calendar popup.
    • 2008-02-04 Fixed bug#2657 - Improved regexp in RPM spec files to detect already existing "otrs" user (it was also matching on xxxotrsxxx names).
    • 2008-01-28 Added note permission "note" to default ticket permissions to manage list of inform involved agents out of the box.
    • 2008-01-24 Fixed bug#2611 - PGP module not working on Windows platform.
    • 2008-01-15 Fixed bug#2227 - XMLHashSearch returns no values on MS SQL in certain cases.
    • 2008-01-08 Added expand/collapse option to ticket zoom.
    • 2008-01-08 Added multi attachment support to ticket move screen.
    • 2008-01-08 Added AJAX support in email ticket.
    • 2008-01-03 Changed default session settings SessionMaxTime from 14h to 16h and SessionMaxIdleTime from 5h to 6h.
    • 2008-01-02 Improved ticket zoom view, removed plain-text attachments of html with plain attachment emails.
    • 2008-01-02 Fixed bug#2600 - MS SQL: Fulltext search in ticket body with mssql backend not possible (improved Kernel::System::DB API with database preferences option "NoLikeInLargeText").
    • 2007-12-28 Improved config file mechanism generated by SysConfig to improve speed in mod_perl is used (about 0.2%-4% speed improvement, depends on which shown site). Note: Kernel/Config/Files/ and Kernel/Config/Files/ generated by OTRS 2.3 or higher is not longer compat. to OTRS 2.2 and lower. But OTRS 2.3 or higher can read config files from OTRS 2.2 and lower.
    • 2007-12-27 Fixed bug#2596 - Problems to download file from Action=AdminPackageManager with IE and Safari.
    • 2007-12-27 Improved way how to reset a password. Added password reset via token (email which needs to be accepted by new password requester first).
    • 2007-12-21 Added possiblity to use options of StringClean() in GetParam() and GetArray() functions.
    • 2007-12-21 Add StringClean() function to improve quality of strings.
    • 2007-12-19 Improved installer description to prevent bugs like bug#2492.
    • 2007-12-17 Fixed bug#2586 - File download of package in AdminPackageManager is not delivering the whole file name anymore.
    • 2007-12-17 Fixed bug#2539 - SMIME signing was broken for private keys that have no passphrase and when openssl is unable to write to random state file.
    • 2007-12-11 Fixed bug#2479 - Unable to retrieve attachments bigger than 3Mb (on Oracle DB). Changed default read size from 4 MB to 40 MB in Kernel/System/DB/
        $Self->{'DB::Attribute'}      = {
            LongTruncOk => 1,
            LongReadLen => 40 * 1024 * 1024,
    • 2007-12-10 Updated MIME::Tools to current CPAN version 5.425.
    • 2007-12-06 Fixed bug#2568 - Problems with attachment downloads if the active element filter is enabled.
    • 2007-12-05 Fixed bug#1399 - Missing Translation. Added some translation to customer interface.
    • 2007-12-04 Fixed bug#2257 - Silent ignorance of SMTP / Sendmail errors, now we collect the error and log it (which in turn displays it to the user).
    • 2007-11-20 Rewrite of Kernel::System::CSV by using cpan module Text::CSV for parsing and generating CSV files (added Text::CSV to bin/otrs.checkModules to check it).
    • 2007-11-07 Changed default config of WebMaxFileUpload from 10 MB to 16 MB.
    • 2007-11-07 Changed Kernel::System::Crypt::PGP to reject any UTF8-strings, as these would get autoconverted into ISO - thus garbling the result. Currently, only binary octets and ISO-strings are supported as input.
    • 2007-10-25 Improved Kernel::System::Crypt::PGP to return information about the PGP-keys that were actually used in Decrypt() and Verify().
    • 2007-10-25 Updated all cpan modules.
    • 2007-10-17 Added GroupLookup() and RoleLookup() to and removed the two methods GetGroupIdByName() and GetRoleIdByName() which were already marked as deprecated.
    • 2007-10-08 Added support of ticket free text links in ticket view, configurable via SysConfig.
    • 2007-10-05 Added fist version of AJAX framework support in phone ticket.
    • 2007-10-01 Added <ModuleRequired Version="0.01">SomeModule</ModuleRequired> feature to .opm format for enforcing installed CPAN modules.
    • 2007-09-25 Fixed bug#2312 - Wide character error in if system runs in utf-8 mode.
    • 2007-09-18 Did some improvments in Kernel/Output/HTML/ to get an better performance if the block function is used many times (e. g. > 1000 times, 30% faster).
    • 2007-09-13 Fixed bug#1186 - Convertion from HTML to text incomplete if html encoded chars like È or é is used. Added full HTML to text convertion to email parser.
    • 2007-09-13 Improved report overview of perfornance log.
  • v2.2.9 Changes

    February 08, 2010
  • v2.2.8 Changes

    August 25, 2008
    • 2008-08-12 Fixed bug#3156 - When the "EMAILADDRESS:" attribute is used to define a specific email address, then secodary match attributes are applied to all mails.
    • 2008-07-20 Fixed bug#3155 - Wrong header charset in lost password notification.
    • 2008-07-20 Fixed bug#3103 - CustomerInterface: Ticket of other customers accessible for other customers.
    • 2008-07-18 Fixed bug#3101 - Getting Queue view after adding a note with state "open".
    • 2008-07-18 Fixed reopend bug#2330 - restart <OTRS_USER> doesn't work.
    • 2008-07-16 Fixed bug#2967 - Stats module, illegal division by zero at ../../Kernel/System/ line 1581
    • 2008-07-16 Fixed bug#3079 - Default CheckEmailInvalidAddress regexp rejects mail to MobileMe ( accounts.
    • 2008-07-08 Fixed bug#3062 - Not possible to search for Customer Company
    • 2008-06-25 Increaded max size of reformated text (reformating new lines) from 20,000 to 60,000 signs (this size is just a safety performance setting in Kernel::Output::HTML::Layout::Ascii2Html()).
    • 2008-06-20 Fixed bug#3000 - Configured sender address for auto response get's ignored.
    • 2008-06-05 Fixed bug#2962 - Freetext cache problem, old used ticket free text values get not added to pull down list in agent ticket search.
    • 2008-06-04 Removed not wanted email rfc check in AgentTicketPhone and AgentTicketEmail, it's already done by OTRS via config settings.