Para v1.36.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-03-19 // 18 days ago
  • ⬆️ Note: Lucene indices will have to be rebuilt after upgrading.

    👀 You may see errors in the logs saying:

    No search results for type 'null' in app 'para': cannot change field "_docid" from index
     options=DOCS_AND_FREQS to inconsistent index options=DOCS_AND_FREQS_AND_POSITIONS.

    🛠 The can be fixed with a full reindex of the root app index and other child app indices.

    🚀 765625c Release v1.36.0.
    🛠 44f9d37 fixed bugs reported by sonar
    3920ced added option to map LDAP nodes to user groups
    🛠 15f2de1 fixed serialized JSON output in ParaClient should not have indentation
    🛠 08b75b5 Merge pull request #71 from madpeteguy/bugfix/madpeteguy/rootdn-ron-ldap
    👍 2971d42 Custom rootDn config support for Active Directory.
    b12d6e6 added catch clause to a method in GitHubAuthFilter
    🌲 f59bd9c added extra logging info about failed OAuth 2 requests
    🛠 bc07146 fixed http responses not closed properly
    e47a9c0 improved CSRF protection for logins with stateless tokens
    👍 cb1fa8a added support for SameSite auth cookies
    🛠 3353ae5 fixed email pattern for longer TLDs
    8535666 added missing mattermost provider in User class
    🛠 1b1506f fixed certain LDAP login issues with Active Directory servers where logins would fail if the UPN suffix is different than the given domain, related to Erudika/scoold#67
    🛠 1cd04f8 fixed possible user duplication issues due to identical emails with different case
    ⚡️ f4d64b7 updated plugins
    🛠 300a4ef fixed potentially invalid CSRF cookie values
    3162635 added test for invalid base64 encoded strings
    🌲 14981b7 added more detailed log message for requests with invalid signatures
    0266ceb added error message to Utils.base64dec() method
    13b4056 bumped year in license
    🏗 382b853 fixed docker base build, closes #70
    🚀 e1d3c8a [maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration

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Previous changes from v1.35.0

    ⬆️ Upgrading to this version of Para requires you migrate your H2 database to the new version 1.4.200. If you're not using H2 as database, no further action is necessary.

    Follow the migration guide here

    🚀 9a19957 Release v1.35.0.
    🛠 56c6328 fixed errors reported by sonar
    🚚 42ec075 removed unused class LanguageUtils
    ⚡️ 400a7fc updated dependencies
    🛠 3af402f fixed AWSDynamoDAO not handling ProvisionedThroughputExceededException properly
    🏗 767136c fixed docker-base build, related to #70
    🌲 758789e made logging of API exceptions less verbose
    ⚡️ 6ac0d4e updated AWS SDK to 2.10.56
    070d8a0 updated SQL DAO plugin to 1.35.0, database migration may be necessary
    c7f6d0f added new option para.debug_request_signatures to print out request signatures for debugging

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