Pepperminty Wiki v0.16-beta1 Release Notes

  • ➕ Added

    • Add json support to the search action :D
    • Added page moves to the recent changes page (#151)
    • Hyperlinked image preview on file pages to the original image (#153)
    • Added the commit hash Pepperminty Wiki was built against to the master settings configuration page, and the debug action
    • Added user count statistic
    • Added redirect page count statistic
    • Add orphan pages statistic
    • Add most linked-to pages statistic
    • [Rest API] Added support for the mode parameter to the random action
    • [Rest API] Added format parameter to recentchanges action
    • [Rest API] Added comments-fetch action to return a page's comments as JSON
    • [Rest API] Added acquire-edit-key action to allow scripts and other automated services (e.g. bots and mobile apps) to fetch an edit key for a specified page name.
    • [Rest API] Added extra headers to save action on failure to aid identification by automated services

    🛠 Fixed

    • Fixed various issues with both the module api & the rest api docs.
    • Properly escaped content of short code box on file pages
    • Display a more meaningful message to a logged in user if editing is disabled
    • Fixed fetching the size of SVGs in some cases
    • Fixed image captions in some cases (let me know if you still get warnings)
    • Squashed warnings when you do a search with a forward slash (/) in your query
    • Fixed that age-old warning in the search results if you have pages with special characters! I learnt a lot about utf8 whilst fixing this one.... (#114)
      • You'll need to rebuild your search index for this fix to fully take effect (call the invindex-rebuild action as a mod or better)
    • Normalise utf8 text to avoid duplicate ids and missing search results.
    • Improved handling of mime types in some places in the API.
    • [Rest API] Added minified option to status action to reduce data usage slightly
    • Fixed floating images that have captions
    • [Rest API] Fix checklogin action documentation
    • Fix link on credits page
    • Made rebuild search index progress bar fill completely up when done & neatened up UI placement

    🔄 Changed

    • Disallow uploads if editing is disabled. Previously files could still be uploaded even if editing was disabled - unless upload_enabled was set to false.
    • Added x-login-required: yes header to responses that redirect to the login page for easy detection by machines
    • Added x-login-success: (yes|no) header to login responses for easier machine parsing
    • Enhance the longest pages statistic rendering

    ✂ Removed

    • [Module API] Removed accept_contains_mime, as it's both unstable and currently unnecessary. Contributions for a better version are welcome!