Pepperminty Wiki v0.18-beta1 Release Notes

  • ➕ Added

    • Added inter-wiki link support via the new feature-interwiki-links module
      • Added interwiki_index_location setting to control the location of the interwiki index (which is a CSV file that is documented in the main Pepperminty Wiki documentation), which has to be specified in order for it to activate
      • Provides new module api functions: interwiki_pagename_parse, interwiki_pagename_resolve, interwiki_get_pagename_url, and is_interwiki_link
    • Added new formats to the recent-changes action (append &format=XXX to the url)
      • Added CSV support (csv)
      • Added Atom 1.0 feed support (atom)
      • All alternative formats for this action are advertised in via a <link rel="alternate" /> in the <head> now
    • Added count and offset GET parameters to recent-changes action.
    • Added new find_revisionid_timestamp() function to feature-recent-changes module.
    • Added new parser output caching system!
      • Saves to ._cache in the data directory (alongside the pages themselves)
      • 2 new settings have been added: parser_cache and parser_cache_min_size
      • Uses a hash of the content, the Pepperminty Wiki version, and the parser name as the cache id - so it should never serve stale content (unless you're actively working on particular areas of Pepperminty Wiki's codebase of course)
      • Useful for longer pages
      • parser_cache_min_size may need tuning for your specific installation (lower it if you regularly use features that are slow to parse; raise if it's the opposite)
    • Internal links now show the page name on hover (inter-wiki links are also supported here)

    🔄 Changed

    • Completely reworked the README to refactor out the documentation to its own static site
    • Updated the {{{@}}} templating variable to output a message if no parameters were specified instead of not parsing it at all
    • [Module API] Refactored the main page_renderer class
      • All static methods now have a consistent naming scheme
      • Added page_renderer::add_header_html()

    🛠 Fixed

    • Squashed a warning in the history revision system when creating new pages (thanks @tspivey for spotting this!)
    • Standardise line endings to \n (linux)
    • Enhanced setup instructions in README.
    • Long lines in code blocks now wrap correctly.
    • The export action now correctly includes uploaded files alongside their descriptions