Pico v2.1.0-beta.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-11-04 // over 3 years ago
  • 🚀 First beta release of Pico v2.1. This is a pre-release!

    * [New] Add `assets_dir`, `assets_url` and `plugins_url` config params
    * [New] Add `%config.*%` Markdown placeholders for scalar config params and the
            `%assets_url%`, `%themes_url%` and `%plugins_url%` placeholders
    * [New] Add `content-sample/theme.md` for theme testing purposes
    * [New] Introduce API versioning for themes and support theme-specific configs
            using the new `pico-theme.yml` in a theme's directory; `pico-theme.yml`
            allows a theme to influence Pico's Twig config, to register known meta
            headers and to provide defaults for theme config params
    * [New] Add `assets_url`, `themes_url` and `plugins_url` Twig variables
    * [New] Add `pages` Twig function to deal with Pico's page tree; this function
            replaces the raw usage of Pico's `pages` array in themes
    * [New] Add `url` Twig filter to replace URL placeholders (e.g. `%base_url%`)
            in strings using the new `Pico::substituteUrl()` method
    * [New] Add `onThemeLoading` and `onThemeLoaded` events
    * [New] Add `debug` config param and the `Pico::isDebugModeEnabled()` method,
            cehcking the `PICO_DEBUG` environment variable, to enable debugging
    * [New] Add new `Pico::getNormalizedPath()` method to normalize a path; this
            method should be used to prevent content dir breakouts when dealing
            with paths provided by user input
    * [New] Add new `Pico::getUrlFromPath()` method to guess a URL from a file path
    * [New] Add new `Pico::getAbsoluteUrl()` method to make a relative URL absolute
    * [New] #505: Create pre-built `.zip` release archives
    * [Fixed] #461: Proberly handle content files with a UTF-8 BOM
    * [Changed] Introduce API version 3
    * [Changed] Rename `theme_url` config param to `themes_url`; the `theme_url`
                Twig variable and Markdown placeholder are kept unchanged
    * [Changed] Update to Parsedown Extra 0.8 and Parsedown 1.8 (both still beta)
    * [Changed] Enable Twig's `autoescape` feature by default; outputting a
                variable now causes Twig to escape HTML markup; Pico's `content`
                variable is a notable exception, as it is marked as being HTML safe
    * [Changed] Rename `prev_page` Twig variable to `previous_page`
    * [Changed] Mark `markdown` and `content` Twig filters as being HTML safe
    * [Changed] Add `$singleLine` param to `markdown` Twig filter as well as the
                `Pico::parseFileContent()` method to parse just a single line of
                Markdown input
    * [Changed] Add `AbstractPicoPlugin::configEnabled()` method to check whether
                a plugin should be enabled or disabled based on Pico's config
    * [Changed] Deprecate the use of `AbstractPicoPlugin::__call()`, use
                `PicoPluginInterface::getPico()` instead
    * [Changed] Update to Twig 1.36 as last version supporting PHP 5.3, use a
                Composer-based installation to use a newer Twig version
    * [Changed] Add `$basePath` and `$endSlash` params to `Pico::getAbsolutePath()`
    * [Changed] Deprecate `Pico::getBaseThemeUrl()`
    * [Changed] Replace various `file_exists` calls with proper `is_file` calls
    * [Changed] Refactor release & build system
    * [Changed] Improve PHP class docs
    * [Changed] Various small improvements
    * [Removed] Remove superfluous `base_dir` and `theme_dir` Twig variables
    * [Removed] Remove `PicoPluginInterface::__construct()`