Plik v1.3.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-27 // over 3 years ago
  • Plik 1.3.1

    Hi, today we're releasing Plik 1.3.1 !
    Here is the changelog :
        - Server Side Encryption support for S3 data backend
        - Docker based cross-compilation and release process
        - Redirect to login page if not logged in and anonymous upload is disabled
        - Fix npe when --info and not --server
        - Fix server cmd user list to display all users if --provider is not used
        - Fix authentication redirect URL when config.Path is set
        - Add confirm dialog to delete upload and files actions
        - All binaries are now statically linked
        - Removed server releases for Windows and MacOS

    The plik team

Previous changes from v1.3

  • Plik 1.3

    Hi, today we're releasing Plik 1.3 !
    Here is the changelog :
        - Add --info to cli client to display server configuration
        - Fix common.AskConfirmation handling of no input
        - Fix missing unit in frontend menu when default TTL equals 86400s
        - Fix missing downloadDomain in bash script if not given in plikd.cfg
        - Fix missing focus and submit in login form
        - Fix bypass ~/.plikrc creation if --server cli param is provided
        - darwin-386 target ( )
        - Improved cross-compilation in Makefile
        - Cross-compiled docker images
        - Pass build info using ldflags
        - EnhancedWebSecurity configuration parameter removes sensible information form /version API endpoint
    Binaries are compiled using Go v1.15.2

    The Plik team