Portofino is a web application framework written in Java and extensible using Groovy, distributed under the LGPL open source license. It is developed by ManyDesigns, based in Genoa, Italy (http://www.manydesigns.com).

The framework can be used to create good looking database-driven web applications. The creation process can include automatic generation through a "wizard" tool that analyses the structure of a relational database, manual configuration through a web-based administration interface, and customization through Groovy code. The result is a fully functional application with a responsive web user interface, REST APIs, users and permissions, an email subsystem and much more, which is easy to incrementally extend and customize, both graphically and in functionality (e.g., adding new buttons to existing pages).

Portofino is based on popular and proven open source libraries such as Hibernate, Groovy, Apache Shiro, the Stripes web framework, Twitter Bootstrap, Jersey JAX-RS.

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Programming language: Java
Tags: Software Development     Self-hosted     Password Managers     Web Apps     Rapid Application Builder    

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