pretalx is a conference planning tool focused on providing the best experience for organisers, speakers, reviewers, and attendees alike. It handles the submission process with a configurable Call for Participation, the reviewing and selection of submissions, and the scheduling and release handling. After the event, pretalx allows speakers to receive feedback, upload their slides, and organisers to embed recordings.

Read our extensive feature list in our docs to get a better idea of what pretalx can do for you, but it probably involves everything you'll need to curate submissions and contents for a conference with up to 200 talks.

You can host pretalx yourself, as detailed in our administrator documentation, or use our public instance at pretalx.org.

Programming language: Python
Tags: Python     Scheduling     Conference Management     Cfp     Pretix     Postgres     Easy To Use    

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We're organizing a yearly conference with ≈ 100 talks called PrivacyWeek. We switched to pretalx because it's easy to setup and easy to use for our team. It handles creating the conference, managing the call for participation (cfp), reviewing submissions and creating the schedule, collecting feedback and speaker communication. It's compatible with infobeamer displays ( https://info-beamer.com/ ), pretix ticket sales. Dev team is very responsive and helpful.

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  • You want to install pretalx on your own server? That’s great! We have documentation for a standard installation using pip in an unprivileged local user account. If you want a more out-of-the-box way of running pretalx, head over to our docker-compose setup (but note that the pip installation is by far better tested and supported than the docker setup).
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