REI3 is a Business Management Software that is built on modern web technologies. Open-source, free to use and expandable, anyone can use REI3 to address business software needs.

A growing number of business applications are already available. Track employee time, manage tasks, control assets and much more with REI3 applications. And if those applications do not completely fulfill your requirements: Easily expand them with extra data, business logic and user interfaces.

Also included: The Builder. A graphical, low-code tool to build upon existing or create completely new REI3 applications. With visual form editors but also access to complex data structures and performance optimization features, highly scalable applications are simple to create.

Programming language: JavaScript
License: MIT License
Tags: Self-hosting Solutions     Web Apps     Low Code    

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REI3 is a business application platform that anyone can use. It includes access to a growing range of business applications that can be deployed and extended by organizations free of charge. New applications are created with the integrated Builder graphical utility and can be added to the global or self-hosted repositories.

Installation wizards for standalone as well as support for dedicated systems allow large and small organizations to deploy REI3 for their needs.


The REI3 server application is built on Golang with the frontend primarily based on Vue.js. By using modern web standards, REI3 applications run very fast (cached application schemas, data-only websocket transfers) and can optionally be installed as PWA on client devices.

On the data side, REI3 heavily relies on PostgreSQL for data storage, functions and data access control.

Besides the application web frontend, REI3 connects to LDAP, offers CSV and ICS handlers as well as import/export functions for CSV data processing.

How to build

To build REI3 a current version of Golang must be installed. Inside the r3 source directory (where r3.go is located), go build will download Golang dependencies and build the current version of REI3.

To get running quickly, an official version can be installed from the REI3 website; the r3 executable is then replaced with the newly built version. A valid config.json configuration file and PostgreSQL database must be available to run REI3.

The Javascript parts of REI3 do not need to be pre-compiled - REI3´s frontend runs natively in modern browsers. The official version combines and minifies the Javascript source files - this is done for various reasons but is not necessary to run a custom version of REI3.