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License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
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Latest version: v0.11.2

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Recipes CI

Recipes is a Django application to manage, tag and search recipes using either built in models or external storage providers hosting PDF's, Images or other files.


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  • :package: Sync files with Dropbox and Nextcloud (more can easily be added)
  • :mag: Powerful search with Djangos TrigramSimilarity
  • :label: Create and search for tags, assign them in batch to all files matching certain filters
  • :page_facing_up: Create recipes locally within a nice, standardized web interface
  • :arrow_down: Import recipes from thousands of websites supporting ld+json or microdata
  • :iphone: Optimized for use on mobile devices like phones and tablets
  • :shopping_cart: Generate shopping lists from recipes
  • :calendar: Create a Plan on what to eat when
  • :family: Share recipes with friends and comment on them to suggest or remember changes you made
  • :whale: Easy setup with Docker
  • :art: Customize your interface with themes
  • :envelope: Export and import recipes from other users
  • :heavy_plus_sign: Many more like recipe scaling, image compression, cookbooks, printing views, ...

This application is meant for people with a collection of recipes they want to share with family and friends or simply store them in a nicely organized way. A basic permission system exists but this application is not meant to be run as a public page. Some Documentation can be found here


The docker image (vabene1111/recipes) simply exposes the application on port 8080. You may choose any preferred installation method, the following are just examples to make it easier.


  1. Choose one of the included configurations [here](docs/docker).
  2. Download the environment (config) file template and fill it out wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/vabene1111/recipes/develop/.env.template -O .env
  3. Start the container docker-compose up -d
  4. Open the page to create the first user. Alternatively use docker-compose exec web_recipes createsuperuser


Python >= 3.8 is required to run this!

Refer to [manual install](docs/manual_install) for detailled instructions.


While intermediate updates can be skipped when updating please make sure to read the release notes in case some special action is required to update.

  1. Before updating it is recommended to create a backup!
  2. Stop the container using docker-compose down
  3. Pull the latest image using docker-compose pull
  4. Start the container again using docker-compose up -d


You can find a basic kubernetes setup [here](docs/k8s/). Please see the README in the folder for more detail.


Pull Requests and ideas are welcome, feel free to contribute in any way. For any questions on how to work with django please refer to their excellent documentation.


There is a transifex project project to enable community driven translations. If you want to contribute a new language or help maintain an already existing one feel free to create a transifex account (using the link above) and request to join the project.

It is also possible to provide the translations directly by creating a new language using manage.py makemessages -l <language_code> -i venv. Once finished simply open a PR with the changed files.


Beginning with version 0.10.0 the code in this repository is licensed under the GNU AGPL v3 license with an common clause selling exception. See LICENSE.md for details.

Reasoning This software and all its features are and will always be free for everyone to use and enjoy.

The reason for the selling exception is that a significant amount of time was spend over multiple years to develop this software. A payed hosted version which will be identical in features and code base to the software offered in this repository will likely be released in the future (including all features needed to sell a hosted version as they might also be useful for personal use). This will not only benefit me personally but also everyone who self-hosts this software as any profits made trough selling the hosted option allow me to spend more time developing and improving the software for everyone. Selling exceptions are approved by Richard Stallman and the common clause license is very permissive (see the FAQ).

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Recipes README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.