RERO ILS v1.11.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-05-18 // 4 months ago
  • Full Changelog


    • ⚡️ help: update flask-wiki #2924 (by @PascalRepond)
    • Item local fields and item temporary circulation category should be indexed in the document #2211 (by @zannkukai, @vgranata)
    • Items: add rtsp protocole in jsonschema of item #2892 (by @benerken)
    • Librarians should receive a notification when an item arrives at desk #2695 (by @zannkukai)
    • ⚡️ Communication channel should be automatically updated if the patron adds or remove an e-mail #1580 (by @BadrAly)
    • Small improvements in the patron account #2751 (by @zannkukai)
    • ↔ Integrate IdRef and GND identifiers in the document index #1547 (by @rerowep)
    • ➕ Add the Subject subdivisions (MARC21 6XX $v $x $y $z) #2455 (by @zannkukai)
    • ➕ Add "access_note" in the online holdings #2607 (by @zannkukai)
    • ➕ Add a button in the patron account to extend all lines (accordion) #2839 (by @zannkukai)

    🛠 Fixes:

    • alembic: reindex holdings items_count and public_items_count #2840 (by @rerowep)
    • document: fix thumbnail caption #2844 (by @zannkukai)
    • schema: correct errored values of https #2866 (by @BadrAly)
    • Holdings : change the name of "Available collection" and "Supplementary content" #1769 (by @PascalRepond)
    • Impossible to access statistics from a patron linked to more than one organisation #2697 (by @vgranata)
    • 🌐 Missing translations in the holdings detail view #2276 (by @PascalRepond)
    • Edit document field subject (is newly implemented) #1869 (by @zannkukai)
    • Subjects from MEF are not displayed correctly in document detailed view #2609 (by @zannkukai)
    • Removing an e-mail in the user does not check in all organisations if there is still an e-mail communication channel #2281 (by @BadrAly)
    • "1 request" is not translated in the professional document detailed view #2752 (by @PascalRepond)
    • Fees: Some strings not extracted #2727 (by @PascalRepond)
    • Incorrect patron communication_channel after removing email. #2887 (by @BadrAly)
    • Reset password notification sent when changing/adding a user e-mail #2313 (by @BadrAly)
    • 💻 Line breaks in the enumerationAndChronology holding field are not displayed in the UI #2822 (by @zannkukai)
    • Validation error 'multiple of 0.01' at the receipt #2815 (by @zannkukai)
    • ISBN duplicates control shouldn't take into account the document currently edited #2407 (by @Garfield-fr)
    • Account name and number: duplicate should not be validated #2817 (by @Garfield-fr)
    • 0️⃣ ILL request form: change default pickup location behaviour #2772 (by @Garfield-fr)
    • Wrong fixtures for the organisation active budgets #2850 (by @BadrAly)
    • Entering a patron barcode doesn't work when the checkin form contains one or more lines #2735 (by @vgranata)
    • Some requests are not cancelled when they expire #2710 (by @zannkukai)
    • Draft records accessible in public view cause Internal Server errors #2623
    • Deletion of a location is not blocked if holdings are attached to it #2729 (by @zannkukai)
    • Wrong display of the titles parts #2703 (by @zannkukai)
    • Request: pickup deadline should be calculated starting from the checkin date #2679 (by @zannkukai)
    • Dispute creation lead to a server error #2774 (by @zannkukai)

    Other changes:

    • ✅ notifications: fix random unitest #2916 (by @zannkukai)
    • notification: Fix AT_DESK notification #2913 (by @zannkukai)
    • 🌐 translations: replace 'Leser' by 'Kunde' in German #2912 (by @PascalRepond)
    • python: use poetry >= 1.1 #2720 (by @rerowep)
    • 📄 docs: improve issues and PR templates #2896 (by @PascalRepond)
    • ebooks: fix dojson subjects #2888 (by @rerowep)
    • document: agent identifiers #2876 (by @rerowep)
    • contribution: fix replace ReplaceMefIdentifiedBy #2856 (by @rerowep)
    • cli: fix reroils endpoints #2855 (by @rerowep)
    • subjects: change bf:Organization to bf:Organisation #2857 (by @rerowep)
    • homepage: add viewcode on ill link for the vs skin #2860 (by @Garfield-fr)
    • contribution: fix fixtures #2863 (by @rerowep)
    • contribution: adapt refs #2761 (by @rerowep)
    • 🛠 fixtures: extract json #2845 (by @rerowep)
    • ⚡️ dependencies: update the dependencies lock file #2805 (by @rerowep)
    • ✅ tests: better file fixtures management #2833 (by @zannkukai)

Previous changes from v1.10.0