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RSS Merger 2.4.0-beta Atoms welcome

Forked by Stéphane Mourey ([email protected])

URL: http://stephanemourey.fr

Created by: Makis Tracend ([email protected])

URL: http://www.makesites.cc/projects/rss_merger


This script will load a number of RSS or Atom feeds and compile them into one RSS 2.0 file. You can use it to present a mash-up of your news from different places (blogs, twitter etc.) or just present news from other sources around the Net. This script is able to load all feeds asyncrhoniously if the CURL extension is loaded, which provides a significative speed improvement. But you should really use it with a cache of some sort. rssCacheInt is a interface that will helps you to write your own, if you need, but RSS Merger come with the rssFileCache class, which enable the use of a cache directory on the file system.


Without cache :

$mymerger = new Taophp\rssMerger();

// Set the total number of items to produce (default is all)

// Set the number of items to gather from each feed (default is all)

// Adding feeds
// with the fluent interface
// With one argument foreach new feed
// Or with an array of feeds

// Get the resulting RSS feed in a string
$rssString = $mymerger->getMerged();
header('Content-Type: application/rss+xml; charset=UTF-8');
echo $rssString;

With file cache :


$mymerger = new Taophp\rssMerger();

// create the cache from a directory path
try {
    $cache = new Taophp\rssFileCache('/path/to/cache/directory');
} catch (Exception $e) {

// if $cache creation is successfull, associate it to the merger
if ($cache) $mymerger   ->setCache($cache);

$mymerger   ->addFeeds('http://exemple.com/feed5.rss,http://exemple.com/feed6.rss');

// Get the resulting RSS feed in a string
$rssString = $mymerger->getMerged();

Options and Important Options


By default, we use asynchronious loading of feeds. If you experience troubles like overloaded CPU, try to turn it off this way :

$mymerger->asynchronious = false;

Loading timeout

To prevent endless loading of slow feeds, we use the cURL timeout option set to 10 seconds. If you experience unloaded feed, you can try a longer one this way : $mymerger->curlTimeOut = 15; //example for 15 seconds


By default, we do not use any cache, but we strongly recommand to use one for many reasons. First, make all your settings with none and then, when things work, refer the Usage section to enable one. After that, never disable it except for debuging purposes.


By default, we do not use line breaks or tabulations to format the output feed. If you want to, you can this way :

$mymerger->formatted = true;


You can set the language of your feed (default is english) this way:

$mymerger->lang = 'fr'; //example for french


By default, the output feed is encoded using UTF-8. You can change it this way:

$mymerger->xmlEncoding('UTF-16');   //example for UTF-16



  • PHP >= 5.3



16-10-2014 (v2.4.0-beta) Now accepting Atom feeds

19-09-2014 (v2.3.2-beta) Make the script not to overload the CPU, neither to wait endlessly for a feed, adding the CDATA tag to all data, better solution that XML_Util....

19-09-2014 (v2.3.1-beta) Make the script to provide valid feed in anycase (hope so!)

18-09-2014 (v2.3.0-beta) Adding the ability to download all the feeds asynchroniously.

15-09-2014 (v2.2.0-beta) Removing the ability for rssFileCache to redirect to a file, which seems to have been a bad idea from Makis Tracend, because the client should use the url of the cached file to retrieve later news, but it may be overdated or even dead.

15-09-2014 (v2.1.3-beta) Some tests and fixes. Should work well. Please submit an issue if any.

12-09-2014 (v2.0.1-Pre-alpha) Adding rssCacheInt interface and rssFileCache class, re-enabled the cache use in rssMerger in a new way, some renaming, and documentation, adding a feature to enable or disable the output formatting

11-09-2014 (v2.0.0-Pre-alpha) Move the code to my own pseudo "Coding Standard", inhibate the use of the cache

23-05-2009 (v1.21) Removed extra information before the tag to better support feedburner

14-06-2008 (v1.2) Re-written parsing function for PHP 5 using the SimpleXML extension. Items now sorted by date.

01-02-2008 (v1.1) Bug fix: Absence of a description or title for the XML file could break structure of the final XML output. Improvement: Made the description of the final XML output a variable.

27-01-2008 (v1.0) Initial release: Basic parsing & caching functionality created.


  • be compliant with PSR-4


This work is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.txt

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the RSS Merger README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.