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It's been 5 years since commercial browsers started supporting WebRTC . Peer5 is no longer able to keep Sharefest functional and operating, it's just too much out of our main focus - video streaming. We loved creating Sharefest - the first WebRTC file sharing production application, all the hacks that involved making it work on early Chrome and Firefox, going through first Interoperability of browsers, and now lately with Safari support, WebRTC is almost ubiquitous - it's been a hell of a ride! Thanks everyone that supported the project over the years and special thanks to the Chrome and Firefox teams for being super attentive and tolerant to all our bug reports, feature requests and plain questions about the technology. farewell!


One-To-Many sharing application. Serverless. Eliminates the need to fully upload your file to services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. Put your file and start sharing immediately with anyone that enters the page. Pure javascript-based. No plugins needed thanks to HTML5 WebRTC Data Channel API - http://webrtc.org

How does it work

http://sharefest.me/faq http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2HzZkd2A40&feature=youtu.be&t=15m30s

Sharefest operates on a mesh network similar to Bittorrent network. The main difference is that currently the peers are coordinated using an intelligent server. This coordinator controls which parts are sent from A to B and who shall talk with whom. Peer5 Coordinator (or any other solution) is used to accomplish this. Each peer will connect to few other peers in order to maximize the distribution of the file. Supporting Chrome (>26) and Firefox (>19)

First version includes a simple page that one user will drag a file onto to share, and other users will enter the first user's url and start downloading the file.

Hosted version: http://sharefest.me


Quick setup

  1. Install nodejs
  2. Download this repo, or git clone https://github.com/Peer5/ShareFest.git
  3. cd ShareFest
  4. npm install --dedupe to install dependencies.
  5. npm start to start the server
  6. http://localhost:13337 should work

Environment Variables

NODE_ENV: development or production REQUIRE_HTTPS: 1 redirect to HTTPS when http GET request is coming


Sharefest started by Peer5 at the SV DevFest 2012 hackathon (San Jose). It was soon open sourced to GitHub and now being developed by Peer5 and a community of great WebRTC hackers.


Apache 2.0 - see LICENSE file

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the ShareFest README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.