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Meteor Spyfall

Spyfall on your mobile device!

This is the code that currently runs http://spyfall.crabhat.com. It's a simple site built as a learning project, so definitely don't use it as an example of Meteor best practices. Pull requests welcome!


Spyfall is a party game designed by Alexandr Ushan and published by Hobby World. This is an unofficial fan project designed to complement the physical game, and is not endorsed in any way by the designer or publisher.


If you'd like to see the site in your own language, there are two ways to contribute a translation - Transifex or pull request.


Transifex is an easy to use translation service. It has a nice interface and is great for non-programmers. Simply go to the following link:


Then click the big "Help Translate Spyfall" button. After creating a user account you should be able to start working on a translation right away. Once you're done, I'll be sent an email and will add your translation to the live site as soon as possible.

Pull request

If you're comfortable with Github and JSON files, feel free to simply create a new file in the spyfall/i18n directory, using en.i18n.json as a base.

Notes for translators

Please make sure that the translations you provide are as close as possible to the original meaning - try not to alter roles or locations, as I'd like the game to still be playable when different players in the same game are using different languages.

Running your own instance with custom locations

Install meteor

Clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/mpcovcd/spyfall.git ./spyfall

Enter the spyfall directory:

cd spyfall/spyfall

Edit the locations file as required:

nano lib/locations.js

Run the meteor server to test locally:

meteor --settings settings/example.json

Sadly, production deployment has gotten a little trickier since meteor.com stopped providing easy free hosting. I recommend a combination of digitalocean.com and mupx for a relatively easy and robust solution.


To run this instance in a docker container, check out noamokman/docker-spyfall


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