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  • v3.7.0 Changes

    May 05, 2022

    ➕ Added

    * ➕ Added st2 API get action parameters by ref. #5509
      API endpoint ``/api/v1/actions/views/parameters/{action_id}`` accepts ``ref_or_id``.
      Contributed by @DavidMeu
    * 🤡 Enable setting ttl for MockDatastoreService. #5468
      Contributed by @ytjohn
    * ➕ Added st2 API and CLI command for actions clone operation.
      API endpoint ``/api/v1/actions/{ref_or_id}/clone`` takes ``ref_or_id`` of source action.
      Request method body takes destination pack and action name. Request method body also takes
      optional parameter ``overwrite``. ``overwrite = true`` in case of destination action already exists and to be
      CLI command ``st2 action clone <ref_or_id> <dest_pack> <dest_action>`` takes source ``ref_or_id``, destination
      pack name and destination action name as mandatory arguments.
      In case destination already exists then command takes optional argument ``-f`` or ``--force`` to overwrite
      destination action. #5345
      Contributed by @mahesh-orch.
    * Implemented RBAC functionality for existing ``KEY_VALUE_VIEW, KEY_VALUE_SET, KEY_VALUE_DELETE`` and new permission types ``KEY_VALUE_LIST, KEY_VALUE_ALL``.
      RBAC is enabled in the ``st2.conf`` file. Access to a key value pair is checked in the KeyValuePair API controller. #5354
      Contributed by @m4dcoder and @ashwini-orchestral
    * ➕ Added service deregistration on shutdown of a service. #5396
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * ➕ Added pysocks python package for SOCKS proxy support. #5460
      Contributed by @kingsleyadam
    * ➕ Added support for multiple LDAP hosts to st2-auth-ldap. #5535,
      Contributed by @ktyogurt
    * Implemented graceful shutdown for action runner. Enabled ``graceful_shutdown`` in ``st2.conf`` file. #5428
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * ✨ Enhanced 'search' operator to allow complex criteria matching on payload items. #5482
      Contributed by @erceth
    * ➕ Added cancel/pause/resume requester information to execution context. #5554
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * ➕ Added `trigger.headers_lower` to webhook trigger payload. This allows rules to match webhook triggers
      without dealing with the case-sensitive nature of `trigger.headers`, as `triggers.headers_lower` providers
      the same headers, but with the header name lower cased. #5038
      Contributed by @Rand01ph
    * ➕ Added support to override enabled parameter of resources. #5506
      Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Intive)
    * Add new ``api.auth_cookie_secure`` and ``api.auth_cookie_same_site`` config options which
      specify values which are set for ``secure`` and ``SameSite`` attribute for the auth cookie
      we set when authenticating via token / api key in query parameter value (e.g. via st2web).
      For security reasons, ``api.auth_cookie_secure`` defaults to ``True``. This should only be
      changed to ``False`` if you have a valid reason to not run StackStorm behind HTTPs proxy.
      Default value for ``api.auth_cookie_same_site`` is ``lax``. If you want to disable this
      functionality so it behaves the same as in the previous releases, you can set that option
      to ``None``.
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * ➕ Add new ``st2 action-alias test <message string>`` CLI command which allows users to easily
      test action alias matching and result formatting.
      This command will first try to find a matching alias (same as ``st2 action-alias match``
      command) and if a match is found, trigger an execution (same as ``st2 action-alias execute``
      command) and format the execution result.
      This means it uses exactly the same flow as commands on chat, but the interaction avoids
      chat and hubot which should make testing and developing aliases easier and faster. #5143
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * ➕ Add new ``credentials.basic_auth = username:password`` CLI configuration option.
      This argument allows client to use additional set of basic auth credentials when talking to the
      StackStorm API endpoints (api, auth, stream) - that is, in addition to the token / api key
      native StackStorm auth.
      This allows for simple basic auth based multi factor authentication implementation for
      installations which don't utilize SSO.
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * ➕ Add new audit message when a user has decrypted a key whether manually in the container (st2 key get [] --decrypt)
      or through a workflow with a defined config. #5594
      Contributed by @dmork123
    * ➕ Added garbage collection for rule_enforcement and trace models #5596/5602
      Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 intive)
    * ➕ Added garbage collection for workflow execution and task execution objects #4924
      Contributed by @srimandaleeka01 and @amanda11
    🔄 Changed
    • ⚡️ Minor updates for RockyLinux. #5552

    Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 intive)

    • ⬆️ Bump black to v22.3.0 - This is used internally to reformat our python code. #5606

    • ⚡️ Updated paramiko version to 2.10.3 to add support for more key verification algorithms. #5600

    🛠 Fixed

    * 🛠 Fix deserialization bug in st2 API for url encoded payloads. #5536
      Contributed by @sravs-dev
    * 🛠 Fix issue of WinRM parameter passing fails for larger scripts.#5538
      Contributed by @ashwini-orchestral
    * 🛠 Fix Type error for ``time_diff`` critera comparison. convert the timediff value as float to match
      ``timedelta.total_seconds()`` return. #5462
      Contributed by @blackstrip
    * 🛠 Fix issue with pack option not working when running policy list cli #5534
      Contributed by @momokuri-3
    * 🛠 Fix exception thrown if action parameter contains {{ or {% and no closing jinja characters. #5556
      contributed by @guzzijones12
    * 🔗 Link shutdown routine and sigterm handler to main thread #5555
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * 🐎 Change compound index for ActionExecutionDB to improve query performance #5568
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * 🛠 Fix build issue due to MarkUpSafe 2.1.0 removing soft_unicode
      Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 intive) #5581
    * 🛠 Fixed regression caused by #5358. Use string lock name instead of object ID. #5484
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * 🛠 Fix ``st2-self-check`` script reporting falsey success when the nested workflows runs failed. #5487
    * 🛠 Fix actions from the contrib/linux pack that fail on CentOS-8 but work on other operating systems and distributions. (bug fix) #4999 #5004
      Reported by @blag and @dove-young contributed by @winem.
    * 🔒 Use byte type lock name which is supported by all tooz drivers. #5529
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * 🛠 Fixed issue where pack index searches are ignoring no_proxy #5497
      Contributed by @minsis
    * 🛠 Fixed trigger references emitted by ``linux.file_watch.line``. #5467
      Prior to this patch multiple files could be watched but the rule reference of last registered file
      would be used for all trigger emissions causing rule enforcement to fail.  References are now tracked
      on a per file basis and used in trigger emissions.
      Contributed by @nzlosh
    * ⬇️ Downgrade tenacity as tooz dependency on tenacity has always been < 7.0.0 #5607
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * 📌 Pin ``typing-extensions<4.2`` (used indirectly by st2client) to maintain python 3.6 support. #5638
  • v3.6.0 Changes

    October 29, 2021

    ➕ Added

    * ➕ Added possibility to add new values to the KV store via CLI without leaking them to the shell history. #5164
    * 🔧 ``st2.conf`` is now the only place to configure ports for ``st2api``, ``st2auth``, and ``st2stream``.
      We replaced the static ``.socket`` sytemd units in deb and rpm packages with a python-based generator for the
      ``st2api``, ``st2auth``, and ``st2stream`` services. The generators will get ``<ip>:<port>`` from ``st2.conf``
      to create the ``.socket`` files dynamically. #5286 and st2-packages#706
      Contributed by @nzlosh
    🔄 Changed
    • Modified action delete API to delete action files from disk along with backward compatibility.

    From CLI st2 action delete <pack>.<action> will delete only action database entry. From CLI st2 action delete --remove-files <pack>.<action> or st2 action delete -r <pack>.<action> will delete action database entry along with files from disk.

    API action DELETE method with {"remove_files": true} argument in json body will remove database entry of action along with files from disk. API action DELETE method with {"remove_files": false} or no additional argument in json body will remove only action database entry. #5304, #5351, #5360

    Contributed by @mahesh-orch.

    • ✂ Removed --python3 deprecated flag from st2client. #5305

    Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Ammeon Solutions)

    Contributed by @blag.

    • Fixed files to use double quotes to better align with black linting #5299

    Contributed by @blag.

    • ⬇️ Reduced minimum TTL on garbage collection for action executions and trigger instances from 7 days to 1 day. #5287

    Contributed by @ericreeves.

    • ⚡️ update db connect mongo connection test - isMaster MongoDB command depreciated, switch to ping #5302, #5341

    Contributed by @lukepatrick

    • 👷 Actionrunner worker shutdown should stop Kombu consumer thread. #5338

    Contributed by @khushboobhatia01

    • 🚚 Move to using Jinja sandboxed environment #5359

    Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Ammeon Solutions)

    • 📌 Pinned python module networkx to versions between 2.5.1(included) and 2.6(excluded) because Python v3.6 support was dropped in v2.6. Also pinned decorator==4.4.2 (dependency of networkx<2.6) to work around missing python 3.8 classifiers on decorator's wheel. #5376

    Contributed by @nzlosh

    • ➕ Add new --enable-profiler flag to all the servies. This flag enables cProfiler based profiler for the service in question and dumps the profiling data to a file on process exit.

    This functionality should never be used in production, but only in development environments or similar when profiling code. #5199

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • ➕ Add new --enable-eventlet-blocking-detection flag to all the servies. This flag enables eventlet long operation / blocked main loop logic which throws an exception if a particular code blocks longer than a specific duration in seconds.

    This functionality should never be used in production, but only in development environments or similar when debugging code. #5199

    • Silence pylint about dev/debugging utility (tools/ that uses pika because kombu doesn't support what it does. If anyone uses that utility, they have to install pika manually. #5380

    • 🛠 Fixed version of cffi as changes in 1.15.0 meant that it attempted to load #5390

    Contributed by @amanda11, Ammeon Solutions

    • ⚡️ Updated Bash installer to install latest RabbitMQ version rather than out-dated version available in OS distributions.

    Contributed by @amanda11, Ammeon Solutions

    🛠 Fixed

    * Correct error reported when encrypted key value is reported, and another key value parameter that requires conversion is present. #5328
      Contributed by @amanda11, Ammeon Solutions
    * ⚡️ Make ``update_executions()`` atomic by protecting the update with a coordination lock. Actions, like workflows, may have multiple
      concurrent updates to their execution state. This makes those updates safer, which should make the execution status more reliable. #5358
      Contributed by @khushboobhatia01
    * 🛠 Fix "not iterable" error for ``output_schema`` handling. If a schema is not well-formed, we ignore it.
      Also, if action output is anything other than a JSON object, we do not try to process it any more.
      ``output_schema`` will change in a future release to support non-object output. #5309
      Contributed by @guzzijones
    * 🗄 ``core.inject_trigger``: resolve ``trigger`` payload shadowing by deprecating ``trigger`` param in favor of ``trigger_name``.
      ``trigger`` param is still available for backwards compatibility, but will be removed in a future release. #5335 and #5383
      Contributed by @mjtice
  • v3.5.0 Changes

    June 23, 2021

    ➕ Added

    * ➕ Added web header settings for additional security hardening to nginx.conf: X-Frame-Options,
      Strict-Transport-Security, X-XSS-Protection and server-tokens. #5183
      Contributed by @shital.
    * ➕ Added support for ``limit`` and ``offset`` argument to the ``list_values`` data store
      service method (#5097 and #5171).
      Contributed by @anirudhbagri.
    * 👍 Various additional metrics have been added to the action runner service to provide for better
      operational visibility. (improvement) #4846
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * ➕ Added sensor model to list of JSON schemas auto-generated by `make schemasgen` that can be used
      by development tools to validate pack contents. (improvement)
    * ➕ Added the command line utility `st2-validate-pack` that can be used by pack developers to
      validate pack contents. (improvement)
    * 🛠 Fix a bug in the API and CLI code which would prevent users from being able to retrieve resources
      which contain non-ascii (utf-8) characters in the names / references. (bug fix) #5189
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * 🛠 Fix a bug in the API router code and make sure we return correct and user-friendly error to the
      user in case we fail to parse the request URL / path because it contains invalid or incorrectly
      URL encoded data.
      Previously such errors weren't handled correctly which meant original exception with a stack
      trace got propagated to the user. (bug fix) #5189
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * 0️⃣ Make redis the default coordinator backend.
    * 🛠 Fix a bug in the pack config loader so that objects covered by an additionalProperties schema
      can use encrypted datastore keys and have their default values applied correctly. #5225
      Contributed by @cognifloyd.
    * Add new ``database.compressors`` and ``database.zlib_compression_level`` config option which
      specifies compression algorithms client supports for network / transport level compression
      when talking to MongoDB.
      Actual compression algorithm used will be then decided by the server and depends on the
      algorithms which are supported by the server + client.
      Possible / valid values include: zstd, zlib. Keep in mind that zstandard (zstd) is only supported
      by MongoDB >= 4.2.
      Our official Debian and RPM packages bundle ``zstandard`` dependency by default which means
      setting this value to ``zstd`` should work out of the box as long as the server runs
      MongoDB >= 4.2. #5177
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * ➕ Add support for compressing the payloads which are sent over the message bus. Compression is
      disabled by default and user can enable it by setting ``messaging.compression`` config option
      to one of the following values: ``zstd``, ``lzma``, ``bz2``, ``gzip``.
      In most cases we recommend using ``zstd`` (zstandard) since it offers best trade off between
      compression ratio and number of CPU cycles spent for compression and compression.
      How this will affect the deployment and throughput is very much user specific (workflow and
      resources available). It may make sense to enable it when generic action trigger is enabled
      and when working with executions with large textual results. #5241
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * Mask secrets in output of an action execution in the API if the action has an output schema
      defined and one or more output parameters are marked as secret. #5250
      Contributed by @mahesh-orch.
    🔄 Changed
    • 💅 All the code has been refactored using black and black style is automatically enforced and required for all the new code. (#5156)

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • 🐳 Default nginx config (conf/nginx/st2.conf) which is used by the installer and Docker images has been updated to only support TLS v1.2 and TLS v1.3 (support for TLS v1.0 and v1.1 has been removed).

    Keep in mind that TLS v1.3 will only be used when nginx is running on more recent distros where nginx is compiled against OpenSSL v1.1.1 which supports TLS 1.3. #5183 #5216

    Contributed by @Kami and @shital.

    • ➕ Add new -x argument to the st2 execution get command which allows result field to be excluded from the output. (improvement) #4846

    • ⚡️ Update st2 execution get <id> command to also display execution log attribute which includes execution state transition information.

    By default end_timestamp attribute and duration attribute displayed in the command output only include the time it took action runner to finish running actual action, but it doesn't include the time it it takes action runner container to fully finish running the execution - this includes persisting execution result in the database.

    For actions which return large results, there could be a substantial discrepancy - e.g. action itself could finish in 0.5 seconds, but writing data to the database could take additional 5 seconds after the action code itself was executed.

    For all purposes until the execution result is persisted to the database, execution is not considered as finished.

    While writing result to the database action runner is also consuming CPU cycles since serialization of large results is a CPU intensive task.

    This means that "elapsed" attribute and start_timestamp + end_timestamp will make it look like actual action completed in 0.5 seconds, but in reality it took 5.5 seconds (0.5 + 5 seconds).

    Log attribute can be used to determine actual duration of the execution (from start to finish). (improvement) #4846

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • 📜 Various internal improvements (reducing number of DB queries, speeding up YAML parsing, using DB object cache, etc.) which should speed up pack action registration between 15-30%. This is especially pronounced with packs which have a lot of actions (e.g. aws one). (improvement) #4846

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • Underlying database field type and storage format for the Execution, LiveAction, WorkflowExecutionDB, TaskExecutionDB and TriggerInstanceDB database models has changed.

    This new format is much faster and efficient than the previous one. Users with larger executions (executions with larger results) should see the biggest improvements, but the change also scales down so there should also be improvements when reading and writing executions with small and medium sized results.

    Our micro and end to benchmarks have shown improvements up to 15-20x for write path (storing model in the database) and up to 10x for the read path.

    To put things into perspective - with previous version, running a Python runner action which returns 8 MB result would take around ~18 seconds total, but with this new storage format, it takes around 2 seconds (in this context, duration means the from the time the execution was scheduled to the time the execution model and result was written and available in the database).

    The difference is even larger when working with Orquesta workflows.

    Overall performance improvement doesn't just mean large decrease in those operation timings, but also large overall reduction of CPU usage - previously serializing large results was a CPU intensive time since it included tons of conversions and transformations back and forth.

    The new format is also around 10-20% more storage efficient which means that it should allows for larger model values (MongoDB document size limit is 16 MB).

    The actual change should be fully opaque and transparent to the end users - it's purely a field storage implementation detail and the code takes care of automatically handling both formats when working with those object.

    Same field data storage optimizations have also been applied to workflow related database models which should result in the same performance improvements for Orquesta workflows which pass larger data sets / execution results around.

    Trigger instance payload field has also been updated to use this new field type which should result in lower CPU utilization and better throughput of rules engine service when working with triggers with larger payloads.

    This should address a long standing issue where StackStorm was reported to be slow and CPU inefficient with handling large executions.

    If you want to migrate existing database objects to utilize the new type, you can use st2common/bin/migrations/v3.5/st2-migrate-db-dict-field-values migration script. (improvement) #4846

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • ➕ Add new result_size field to the ActionExecutionDB model. This field will only be populated for executions which utilize new field storage format.

    It holds the size of serialzed execution result field in bytes. This field will allow us to implement more efficient execution result retrieval and provide better UX since we will be able to avoid loading execution results in the WebUI for executions with very large results (which cause browser to freeze). (improvement) #4846

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • ➕ Add new /v1/executions/<id>/result[?download=1&compress=1&pretty_format=1] API endpoint which can be used used to retrieve or download raw execution result as (compressed) JSON file.

    This endpoint will primarily be used by st2web when executions produce very large results so we can avoid loading, parsing and formatting those very large results as JSON in the browser which freezes the browser window / tab. (improvement) #4846

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • ⚡️ Update jinja2 dependency to the latest stable version (2.11.3). #5195

    • ⚡️ Update pyyaml dependency to the latest stable version (5.4). #5207

    • ⚡️ Update various dependencies to latest stable versions (bcrypt, appscheduler, pytz, python-dateutil, psutil, passlib, gunicorn, flex, cryptography. eventlet, greenlet, webob , mongoengine, pymongo, requests, pyyaml, kombu, amqp, python-ldap).


    Contributed by @Kami.

    • ⚡️ Update code and dependencies so it supports Python 3.8 and Mongo DB 4.4 #5177

    Contributed by @nzloshm @winem @Kami.

    • ⚡️ StackStorm Web UI (st2web) has been updated to not render and display execution results larger than 200 KB directly in the history panel in the right side bar by default anymore. Instead a link to view or download the raw result is displayed.

    Execution result widget was never optimized to display very large results (especially for executions which return large nested dictionaries) so it would freeze and hang the whole browser tab / window when trying to render / display large results.

    If for some reason you want to revert to the old behavior (this is almost never a good idea since it will cause browser to freeze when trying to display large results), you can do that by setting max_execution_result_size_for_render option in the config to a very large value (e.g. max_execution_result_size_for_render: 16 * 1024 * 1024).

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • 🔨 Some of the config option registration code has been refactored to ignore "option already registered" errors. That was done as a work around for an occasional race in the tests and also to make all of the config option registration code expose the same consistent API. #5234

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • ⚡️ Update pyywinrm dependency to the latest stable version (0.4.1). #5212

    Contributed by @chadpatt .

    • Monkey patch on st2stream earlier in flow #5240

    Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Ammeon Solutions)

    • 👌 Support % in CLI arguments by reading the ConfigParser() arguments with raw=True.

    This removes support for '%' interpolations on the configuration arguments.

    See for further details. #5253

    Contributed by @winem.

    • ✂ Remove duplicate host header in the nginx config for the auth endpoint.

    • ⚡️ Update orquesta to v1.4.0.

    👌 Improvements

    * ⚡️ CLI has been updated to use or ``orjson`` when parsing API response and C version of the YAML
      safe dumper when formatting execution result for display. This should result in speed up when
      displaying execution result (``st2 execution get``, etc.) for executions with large results.
      When testing it locally, the difference for execution with 8 MB result was 18 seconds vs ~6
      seconds. (improvement) #4846
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * ⚡️ Update various Jinja functiona to utilize C version of YAML ``safe_{load,dump}`` functions and
      orjson for better performance. (improvement) #4846
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * 🐎 For performance reasons, use ``udatetime`` library for parsing ISO8601 / RFC3339 date strings
      where possible. (improvement) #4846
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * Speed up service start up time by speeding up runners registration on service start up by
      re-using existing stevedore ``ExtensionManager`` instance instead of instantiating new
      ``DriverManager`` instance per extension which is not necessary and it's slow since it requires
      disk / pkg resources scan for each extension. (improvement) #5198
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * Add new ``?max_result_size`` query parameter filter to the ``GET /v1/executiond/<id>`` API
      This query parameter allows clients to implement conditional execution result retrieval and
      only retrieve the result field if it's smaller than the provided value.
      This comes handy in the various client scenarios (such as st2web) where we don't display and
      render very large results directly since it allows to speed things up and decrease amount of
      data retrieved and parsed. (improvement) #5197
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * ⚡️ Update default nginx config which is used for proxying API requests and serving static
      content to only allow HTTP methods which are actually used by the services (get, post, put,
      delete, options, head).
      If a not-allowed method is used, nginx will abort the request early and return 405 status
      code. #5193
      Contributed by @ashwini-orchestral
    * ⚡️ Update default nginx config which is used for proxying API requests and serving static
      content to not allow range requests. #5193
      Contributed by @ashwini-orchestral
    * ⬇️ Drop unused python dependencies: prometheus_client, python-gnupg, more-itertools, zipp. #5228
      Contributed by @cognifloyd.
    * ⚡️ Update majority of the "resource get" CLI commands (e.g. ``st2 execution get``,
      ``st2 action get``, ``st2 rule get``, ``st2 pack get``, ``st2 apikey get``, ``st2 trace get``,
      ``st2 key get``, ``st2 webhook get``, ``st2  timer get``, etc.) so they allow for retrieval
      and printing of information for multiple resources using the following notation:
      ``st2 <resource> get <id 1> <id 2> <id n>``, e.g. ``st2 action.get packs.get
      This change is fully backward compatible when retrieving only a single resource (aka single
      id is passed to the command).
      When retrieving a single source the command will throw and exit with non-zero if a resource is
      not found, but when retrieving multiple resources, command will just print an error and
      continue with printing the details of any other found resources. (new feature) #4912
      Contributed by @Kami.
    🛠 Fixed
    • 🔨 Refactor spec_loader util to use yaml.load with SafeLoader. (security) Contributed by @ashwini-orchestral

    • Import ABC from for Python 3.10 compatibility. (#5007) Contributed by @tirkarthi

    • ⚡️ Updated to use virtualenv 20.4.0/PIP20.3.3 and fixate-requirements to work with PIP 20.3.3 #512 Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Ammeon Solutions)

    • 🛠 Fix st2 execution get --with-schema flag. (bug fix) #4846

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • 🛠 Fix SensorTypeAPI schema to use class_name instead of name since documentation for pack development uses class_name and registrar used to load sensor to database assign class_name to name in the database model. (bug fix)

    • ⚡️ Updated paramiko version to 2.7.2, to go with updated cryptography to prevent problems with ssh keys on remote actions. #5201

    Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Ammeon Solutions)

    • 📇 Update rpm package metadata and fix Provides section for RHEL / CentOS 8 packages.

    In the previous versions, RPM metadata would incorrectly signal that the st2 package provides various Python libraries which it doesn't (those Python libraries are only used internally for the package local virtual environment).

    Contributed by @Kami.

    • 👉 Make sure doesn't leave stray / zombie processes laying around in some command timeout scenarios. #5220

    Contributed by @r0m4n-z.

    • 🛠 Fix support for skipping notifications for workflow actions. Previously if action metadata specified an empty list for notify parameter value, that would be ignored / not handled correctly for workflow (orquesta, action chain) actions. #5221 #5227

    Contributed by @khushboobhatia01.

    • 🚚 Clean up to remove unused methods in the action execution concurrency policies. #5268
  • v3.4.1 Changes

    March 14, 2021

    ➕ Added

    * ⚡️ Service start up code has been updated to log a warning if a non-utf-8 encoding / locale is
      Using non-utf-8 locale while working with unicode data will result in various issues so users
      are strongly recommended to ensure encoding for all the StackStorm service is
      set to ``utf-8``. (#5182)
      Contributed by @Kami.
    🔄 Changed
    • ✅ Use sudo -E to fix GitHub Actions tests #5187

    Contributed by @cognifloyd

    🛠 Fixed

    * 🔊 Properly handle unicode strings in logs #5184
      Fix a logging loop when attempting to encode Unicode characters in locales that do not support
      Unicode characters - CVE-2021-28667.
      See for more information.
      Contributed by @Kami
    * 🛠 Fix SensorTypeAPI schema to use class_name instead of name since documentation for pack
      development uses class_name and registrar used to load sensor to database assign class_name
      to name in the database model. (bug fix)
    * ⚡️ Updated paramiko version to 2.7.2, to go with updated cryptography to prevent problems
      with ssh keys on remote actions. #5201
      Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Ammeon Solutions)
  • v3.4.0 Changes

    March 02, 2021

    ➕ Added

    * ➕ Added support for GitLab SSH URLs on pack install and download actions. (improvement) #5050
      Contributed by @asthLucas
    * ➕ Added st2-rbac-backend pip requirements for RBAC integration. (new feature) #5086
      Contributed by @hnanchahal
    * ➕ Added notification support for err-stackstorm. (new feature) #5051
    * ➕ Added st2-auth-ldap pip requirements for LDAP auth integartion. (new feature) #5082
      Contributed by @hnanchahal
    * ➕ Added --register-recreate-virtualenvs flag to st2ctl reload to recreate virtualenvs from
      scratch. (part of upgrade instructions) #5167
      Contributed by @winem and @blag
    🔄 Changed
    • ⚡️ Updated deprecation warning for python 2 pack installs, following python 2 support removal. #5099 Contributed by @amanda11

    • 👌 Improve the st2-self-check script to echo to stderr and exit if it isn't run with a ST2_AUTH_TOKEN or ST2_API_KEY environment variable. (improvement) #5068

    • ➕ Added timeout parameter for packs.install action to help with long running installs that exceed the default timeout of 600 sec which is defined by the python_script action runner (improvement) #5084

    Contributed by @hnanchahal

    • 🔒 Upgraded cryptography version to 3.2 to avoid CVE-2020-25659 (security) #5095

    • 👷 Converted most CI jobs from Travis to GitHub Actions (all except Integration tests).

    Contributed by @nmaludy, @winem, and @blag

    • ⚡️ Updated cryptography dependency to version 3.3.2 to avoid CVE-2020-36242 (security) #5151

    • ⚡️ Update most of the code in the StackStorm API and services layer to utilize orjson library for serializing and de-serializing json.

    That should result in better json serialization and deserialization performance.

    The change should be fully backward compatible, only difference is that API JSON responses now won't be indented using 4 spaces by default (indenting adds unnecessary overhead and if needed, the response can be pretty formatted on the client side using jq or similar). (improvement) #5153

    Contributed by @Kami

    🛠 Fixed

    * 📌 Pin chardet version as newest version was incompatible with pinned requests version #5101
      Contributed by @amanda11
    * 🛠 Fixed issue were st2tests was not getting installed using pip because no version was specified.
      Contributed by @anirudhbagri
    * ➕ Added monkey patch fix to st2stream to enable it to work with mongodb via SSL. (bug fix) #5078 #5091
    * 🛠 Fix nginx buffering long polling stream to client.  Instead of waiting for closed connection
      wait for final event to be sent to client. (bug fix) #4842  #5042
      Contributed by @guzzijones
    * StackStorm now explicitly decodes pack files as utf-8 instead of implicitly as ascii (bug fix)
      #5106, #5107
    * 🛠 Fix incorrect array parameter value casting when executing action via chatops or using
      ``POST /aliasexecution/match_and_execute`` API endpoint. The code would incorrectly assume the
      value is always a string, but that may not be the cast - they value could already be a list and
      in this case we don't want any casting to be performed. (bug fix) #5141
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * 🛠 Fix ``@parameter_name=/path/to/file/foo.json`` notation in the ``st2 run`` command which didn't
      work correctly because it didn't convert read bytes to string / unicode type. (bug fix) #5140
      Contributed by @Kami.
    * 🛠 Fix broken ``st2 action-alias execute`` command and make sure it works
      correctly. (bug fix) #5138
      Contributed by @Kami.
    ✂ Removed
    • ✂ Removed --python3 pack install option #5100 Contributed by @amanda11

    • ✂ Removed submit-debug-info tool and the st2debug component #5103

    • ✂ Removed check-licence script (cleanup) #5092

    Contributed by @kroustou

    • ⚡️ Updated Makefile and CI to use Python 3 only, removing Python 2 (cleanup) #5090

    Contributed by @blag

    • ✂ Remove st2resultstracker from st2ctl, the development environment and the st2actions (cleanup) #5108

    Contributed by @winem

  • v3.3.0 Changes

    October 06, 2020

    ➕ Added

    ➕ Add make command to autogen JSON schema from the models of action, rule, etc. Add check
    ⚡️ to ensure update to the models require schema to be regenerated. (new feature)

    👌 Improved st2sensor service logging message when a sensor will not be loaded when assigned to a
    different partition (@punkrokk) #4991

    ➕ Add support for a configurable connect timeout for SSH connections as requested in #4715
    by adding the new configuration parameter ssh_connect_timeout to the ssh_runner
    group in st2.conf. (new feature) #4914

    This option was requested by Harry Lee (@tclh123) and contributed by Marcel Weinberg (@winem).

    ➕ Added a FAQ for the default user/pass for the tools/ script and print out the
    0️⃣ default pass to screen when the script completes. (improvement) #5013

    Contributed by @punkrokk

    ➕ Added deprecation warning if attempt to install or download a pack that only supports
    Python 2. (new feature) #5037

    Contributed by @amanda11

    ➕ Added deprecation warning to each StackStorm service log, if service is running with
    Python 2. (new feature) #5043

    Contributed by @amanda11

    ➕ Added deprecation warning to st2ctl, if st2 python version is Python 2. (new feature) #5044

    Contributed by @amanda11

    🔄 Changed

    0️⃣ Switch to MongoDB 4.0 as the default version starting with all supported OS's in st2
    v3.3.0 (improvement) #4972

    Contributed by @punkrokk

    ➕ Added an enhancement where ST2api.log no longer reports the entire traceback when trying to get a datastore value
    🛠 that does not exist. It now reports a simplified log for cleaner reading. Addresses and Fixes #4979. (improvement) #4981

    Contributed by Justin Sostre (@saucetray)

    The built-in st2.action.file_writen trigger has been renamed to st2.action.file_written
    to fix the typo (bug fix) #4992

    ⚡️ Renamed reference to the RBAC backend/plugin from enterprise to default. Updated st2api
    🔧 validation to use the new value when checking RBAC configuration. Removed other references to
    enterprise for RBAC related contents. (improvement)

    ✂ Remove authentication headers St2-Api-Key, X-Auth-Token and Cookie from webhook payloads to
    🔒 prevent them from being stored in the database. (security bug fix) #4983

    Contributed by @potato and @knagy

    ⚡️ Updated orquesta to version v1.2.0.

    🛠 Fixed

    🛠 Fixed a bug where type attribute was missing for netstat action in linux pack. Fixes #4946

    Reported by @scguoi and contributed by Sheshagiri (@Sheshagiri)

    🛠 Fixed a bug where persisting Orquesta to the MongoDB database returned an error
    message: key 'myvar.with.period' must not contain '.'. This happened anytime an
    input, output, publish or context var contained a key with a . within
    the name (such as with hostnames and IP addresses). This was a regression introduced by
    🐎 trying to improve performance. Fixing this bug means we are sacrificing performance of
    serialization/deserialization in favor of correctness for persisting workflows and
    their state to the MongoDB database. (bug fix) #4932

    Contributed by Nick Maludy (@nmaludy Encore Technologies)

    🛠 Fix a bug where passing an empty list to a with items task in a subworkflow causes
    the parent workflow to be stuck in running status. (bug fix) #4954

    🛠 Fixed a bug in the example nginx HA template declared headers twice (bug fix) #4966
    Contributed by @punkrokk

    🛠 Fixed a bug in the paramiko_ssh runner where SSH sockets were not getting cleaned
    up correctly, specifically when specifying a bastion host / jump box. (bug fix) #4973

    Contributed by Nick Maludy (@nmaludy Encore Technologies)

    🛠 Fixed a bytes/string encoding bug in the linux.dig action so it should work on Python 3
    (bug fix) #4993

    🛠 Fixed a bug where a python3 sensor using ssl needs to be monkey patched earlier. See also #4832, #4975 and gevent/gevent#1016 (bug fix) #4976

    Contributed by @punkrokk

    🛠 Fixed bug where action information in RuleDB object was not being parsed properly
    because mongoengine EmbeddedDocument objects were added to JSON_UNFRIENDLY_TYPES and skipped.
    ✂ Removed this and added if to use to_json method so that mongoengine EmbeddedDocument
    📜 are parsed properly.

    Contributed by Bradley Bishop (@bishopbm1 Encore Technologies)

    🛠 Fix a regression when updated dnspython pip dependency resulted in
    st2 services unable to connect to mongodb remote host (bug fix) #4997

    🛠 Fixed a regression in the linux.dig action on Python 3. (bug fix) #4993

    Contributed by @blag

    🛠 Fixed a bug in pack installation logging code where unicode strings were not being
    interpolated properly. (bug fix)

    Contributed by @misterpah

    🛠 Fixed a compatibility issue with the latest version of the logging library API
    where the find_caller() function introduced some new variables. (bug fix) #4923

    Contributed by @Dahfizz9897

    🛠 Fixed another logging compatibility issue with the logging API in Python 3.
    🌲 The return from the logging.findCaller() implementation now expects a 4-element
    tuple. Also, in Python 3 there are new arguments that are passed in and needs to be
    acted upon, specificall stack_info that determines the new 4th element in the returned
    tuple. (bug fix) #5057

    Contributed by Nick Maludy (@nmaludy Encore Technologies)

    ✂ Removed

    ✂ Removed Mistral workflow engine (deprecation) #5011

    Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Ammeon Solutions)

    ✂ Removed CentOS 6/RHEL 6 support #4984

    Contributed by Amanda McGuinness (@amanda11 Ammeon Solutions)

    ✂ Removed our fork of codecov-python for CI and have switched back to the upstream version (improvement) #5002

  • v3.2.0 Changes

    April 29, 2020


    ➕ Added

    • ➕ Add support for blacklisting / whitelisting hosts to the HTTP runner by adding new
      url_hosts_blacklist and url_hosts_whitelist runner attribute. (new feature)
    • ➕ Add user parameter to re_run method of st2client. #4785
    • Install pack dependencies automatically. #4769
    • ➕ Add support for immutable_parameters on Action Aliases. This feature allows default
      parameters to be supplied to the action on every execution of the alias. #4786
    • ➕ Add get_entrypoint() method to ActionResourceManager attribute of st2client.
    • ➕ Add support for orquesta task retry. (new feature)
    • ⏱ Add config option scheduler.execution_scheduling_timeout_threshold_min to better control the cleanup of scheduled actions that were orphaned. #4886

    🔄 Changed

    ✅ Install pack with the latest tag version if it exists when branch is not specialized.
    (improvement) #4743

    Implement "continue" engine command to orquesta workflow. (improvement) #4740

    ⚡️ Update various internal dependencies to latest stable versions (apscheduler, eventlet,
    kombu, amqp, pyyaml, mongoengine, python-gnupg, paramiko, tooz, webob, bcrypt).

    🐎 Latest version of mongoengine should show some performance improvements (5-20%) when
    writing very large executions (executions with large results) to the database. #4767

    👌 Improved development instructions in requirements.txt and comment headers
    (improvement) #4774

    Add new actionrunner.stream_output_buffer_size config option and default it to -1
    🐎 (previously default value was 0). This should result in a better performance and smaller
    CPU utilization for Python runner actions which produce a lot of output.

    Reported and contributed by Joshua Meyer (@jdmeyer3) #4803

    ⚙ Add new action_runner.pip_opts st2.conf config option which allows user to specify a list
    💻 of command line option which are passed to pip install command when installing pack
    dependencies into a pack specific virtual environment. #4792

    🔨 Refactor how orquesta handles individual item result for with items task. Before the fix,
    when there are a lot of items and/or result size for each item is huge, there is a negative
    🐎 performance impact on write to the database when recording the conductor state. (improvement)

    ✂ Remove automatic rendering of workflow output when updating task state for orquesta workflows.
    This caused workflow output to render incorrectly in certain use case. The render_workflow_output
    function must be called separately. (improvement)

    ⚡️ Update various internal dependencies to latest stable versions (cryptography, jinja2, requests,
    ⏱ apscheduler, eventlet, amqp, kombu, semver, six) #4819 (improvement)

    👌 Improve MongoDB connection timeout related code. Connection and server selection timeout is now
    0️⃣ set to 3 seconds. Previously a default value of 30 seconds was used which means that for many
    ⏱ connection related errors, our code would first wait for this timeout to be reached (30 seconds)
    before returning error to the end user. #4834

    ⬆️ Upgrade pymongo to the latest stable version (3.10.0.). #4835 (improvement)

    ⚡️ Updated Paramiko to v2.7.1 to support new PEM ECDSA key formats #4901 (improvement)

    ✂ Remove .scrutinizer.yml config file. No longer used.

    Convert escaped dict and dynamic fields in workflow db models to normal dict and dynamic fields.
    (performnce improvement)

    ➕ Add support for PEP 508 <>_
    environment markers in generated requirements.txt files. (improvement) #4895

    👉 Use pip-compile from pip-tools instead of pip-conflict-checker (improvement) #4896

    🔨 Refactor how inbound criteria for join task in orquesta workflow is evaluated to count by
    task completion instead of task transition. (improvement)

    🚀 The workflow engine orquesta is updated to v1.1.0 for the st2 v3.2 release. The version upgrade
    🚀 contains various new features and bug fixes. Please review the release notes for the full list of
    🚀 changes at and the st2 upgrade notes
    for potential impact. (improvement)

    🛠 Fixed

    🛠 Fix the action query when filtering tags. The old implementation returned actions which have the
    provided name as action name and not as tag name. (bug fix) #4828

    Reported by @AngryDeveloper and contributed by Marcel Weinberg (@winem)

    🛠 Fix the passing of arrays to shell scripts where the arrays where not detected as such by the
    st2 action_db utility. This caused arrays to be passed as Python lists serialized into a string.

    Reported by @kingsleyadam #4804 and contributed by Marcel Weinberg (@winem) #4861

    🛠 Fix ssh zombies when using ProxyCommand from ssh config #4881 [Eric Edgar]

    🛠 Fix rbac with execution view where the rbac is unable to verify the pack or uid of the execution
    because it was not returned from the action execution db. This would result in an internal server
    error when trying to view the results of a single execution.
    Contributed by Joshua Meyer (@jdmeyer3) #4758

    🛠 Fixed logging middleware to output a content_length of 0 instead of Infinity
    👍 when the type of data being returned is not supported. Previously, when the value was
    set to Infinity this would result in invalid JSON being output into structured
    🔊 logs. (bug fix) #4722

    Contributed by Nick Maludy (@nmaludy Encore Technologies)

    🛠 Fix the workflow execution cancelation to proceed even if the workflow execution is not found or
    completed. (bug fix) #4735

    ➕ Added better error handling to contrib/linux/actions/ to inform if dig is not installed.
    🔀 Contributed by JP Bourget (@punkrokk Syncurity) #4732

    ⚡️ Update dist_utils module which is bundled with st2client and other Python packages so it
    ✅ doesn't depend on internal pip API and so it works with latest pip version. (bug fix) #4750

    🛠 Fix dependency conflicts in pack CI runs: downgrade requests dependency back to 0.21.0, update
    🛠 internal dependencies and test expectations (amqp, pyyaml, prance, six) (bugfix) #4774

    🛠 Fix secrets masking in action parameters section defined inside the rule when using
    GET /v1/rules and GET /v1/rules/<ref> API endpoint. (bug fix) #4788 #4807

    Contributed by @Nicodemos305 and @jeansfelix

    🛠 Fix a bug with authentication API endpoint (POST /auth/v1/tokens) returning internal
    server error when running under gunicorn and whenauth.api_url config option was not set.
    (bug fix) #4809

    Reported by @guzzijones

    🛠 Fixed st2 execution get and st2 run not printing the action.ref for non-workflow
    actions. (bug fix) #4739

    Contributed by Nick Maludy (@nmaludy Encore Technologies)

    ⚡️ Update st2 execution get command to always include context.user, start_timestamp and
    end_timestamp attributes. (improvement) #4739

    🛠 Fixed core.sendmail base64 encoding of longer subject lines (bug fix) #4795

    Contributed by @stevemuskiewicz and @guzzijones

    ⚡️ Update all the various rule criteria comparison operators which also work with strings (equals,
    🚀 icontains, nequals, etc.) to work correctly on Python 3 deployments if one of the operators is
    of a type bytes and the other is of a type unicode / string. (bug fix) #4831

    🛠 Fix SSL connection support for MongoDB and RabbitMQ which wouldn't work under Python 3 and would
    result in cryptic "maximum recursion depth exceeded while calling a Python object" error on
    connection failure.

    NOTE: This issue only affected installations using Python 3. (bug fix) #4832 #4834

    Reported by @alexku7.

    🛠 Fix the amqp connection setup for WorkflowExecutionHandler to pass SSL params. (bug fix) #4845

    Contributed by Tatsuma Matsuki (@mtatsuma)

    🛠 Fix dependency conflicts by updating requests (2.23.0) and gitpython (2.1.15). #4869

    🛠 Fix orquesta syntax error for with items task where action is misindented or missing. (bug fix)
    PR StackStorm/orquesta#195.

    🛠 Fix orquesta yaql/jinja vars extraction to ignore methods of base ctx() dict. (bug fix)
    🛠 PR StackStorm/orquesta#196. Fixes #4866.

    🛠 Fix parsing of array of dicts in YAQL functions. Fix regression in YAQL/Jinja conversion
    functions as a result of the change. (bug fix) PR StackStorm/orquesta#191.

    Contributed by Hiroyasu Ohyama (@userlocalhost)

    ✂ Removed

    • ✂ Removed Ubuntu 14.04 from test matrix #4897
  • v3.1.0 Changes

    July 01, 2019

    🔄 Changed

    • 👍 Allow the orquesta st2kv function to return default for nonexistent key. (improvement) #4678
    • ⚡️ Update requests library to latest version (2.22.0) in requirements. (improvement) #4680
    • Disallow "decrypt_kv" filter to be specified in the config for values that are marked as
      "secret: True" in the schema. (improvement) #4709
    • ⬆️ Upgrade tooz library to latest stable version (1.65.0) so it uses latest version of
      grpcio library. (improvement) #4713
    • ⚡️ Update st2-pack-install and st2-pack-download CLI command so it supports installing
      packs from local directories which are not git repositories. (improvement) #4713

    🛠 Fixed

    • 🛠 Fix orquesta st2kv to return empty string and null values. (bug fix) #4678
    • 👍 Allow tasks defined in the same task transition with fail to run for orquesta. (bug fix)
    • 🛠 Fix workflow service to handle unexpected coordinator and database errors. (bug fix) #4704 #4705
    • Fix filter to_yaml_string to handle mongoengine base types for dict and list. (bug fix) #4700
    • 🛠 Fix timeout handling in the Python runner. In some scenarios where action would time out before
      ⏱ producing any output (stdout, stder), timeout was not correctly propagated to the user. (bug fix)
    • ⚡️ Update st2common/ file so it correctly declares all the dependencies and script
      files it provides. This way st2-pack-* commands can be used in a standalone fashion just by
      📦 installing st2common Python package and nothing else. (bug fix) #4713
    • 🛠 Fix st2-pack-download command so it works in the environments where sudo binary is not
      🐳 available (e.g. Docker). (bug fix) #4713
  • v3.0.1 Changes

    May 29, 2019

    🛠 Fixed

    🛠 Fix a bug in the remote command and script runner so it correctly uses SSH port from a SSH config
    ⚙ file if ssh_runner.use_ssh_config parameter is set to True and if a custom (non-default)
    🔧 value for SSH port is specified in the configured SSH config file
    ⚙ (ssh_runner.ssh_config_file_path). (bug fix) #4660 #4661

    📇 Update pack install action so it works correctly when python_versions pack.yaml metadata
    attribute is used in combination with --python3 pack install flag. (bug fix) #4654 #4662

    ➕ Add source_channel back to the context used by Mistral workflows for executions which are
    triggered via ChatOps (using action alias).

    🚚 In StackStorm v3.0.0, this variable was inadvertently removed from the context used by Mistral
    workflows. (bug fix) #4650 #4656

    🛠 Fix a bug with timestamp attribute in the execution.log attribute being incorrect when
    server time where st2api is running was not set to UTC. (bug fix) #4668

    Contributed by Igor Cherkaev. (@emptywee)

    🛠 Fix a bug with some packs which use --python3 flag (running Python 3 actions on installation
    where StackStorm components run under Python 2) which rely on modules from Python 3 standard
    📦 library which are also available in Python 2 site-packages (e.g. concurrent) not working

    📦 In such scenario, package / module was incorrectly loaded from Python 2 site-packages instead of
    Python 3 standard library which broke such packs. (bug fix) #4658 #4674

    ✂ Remove policy-delayed status to avoid bouncing between delayed statuses. (bug fix) #4655

    🛠 Fix a possible shell injection in the linux.service action. User who had access to run this
    action could cause a shell command injection by passing a compromised value for either the
    service or action parameter. (bug fix) #4675

    Reported by James Robinson (Netskope and Veracode).

    Replace sseclient library on which CLI depends on with sseclient-py. sseclient has
    various issue which cause client to sometimes hang and keep the connection open which also causes
    st2 execution tail command to sometimes hang for a long time. (improvement)

    Truncate some database index names so they are less than 65 characters long in total. This way it
    👍 also works with AWS DocumentDB which doesn't support longer index name at the moment.

    👍 NOTE: AWS DocumentDB is not officially supported. Use at your own risk. (improvement) #4688 #4690

    Reported by Guillaume Truchot (@GuiTeK)

  • v3.0.0 Changes

    April 26, 2019

    ➕ Added

    👍 Allow access to user-scoped datastore items using {{ st2kv.user.<key name> }} Jinja template
    0️⃣ notation inside the action parameter default values. (improvement) #4463

    Contributed by Hiroyasu OHYAMA (@userlocalhost).

    ➕ Add support for new python_versions (list of string) attribute to pack metadata file
    👍 (pack.yaml). With this attribute pack declares which major Python versions it supports and
    works with (e.g. 2 and 3).

    📇 For backward compatibility reasons, if pack metadata file doesn't contain that attribute, it's
    assumed it only works with Python 2. (new feature) #4474

    ⚡️ Update service bootstrap code and make sure all the services register in a service registry once
    they come online and become available.

    🔧 This functionality is only used internally and will only work if configuration backend is
    🔧 correctly configured in st2.conf (new feature) #4548

    ➕ Add new GET /v1/service_registry/groups and
    GET /v1/service_registry/groups/<group_id>/members API endpoint for listing available service
    registry groups and members.

    Also add corresponding CLI commands - st2 service-registry group list, st2 service registry member list [--group-id=<group id>]

    NOTE: This API endpoint is behind an RBAC wall and can only be viewed by the admins. (new feature)

    Add support for ?include_attributes and ?exclude_attributes query param filter to the
    ⚡️ GET /api/v1/executions/{id} API endpoint. Also update st2 execution get CLI command so it
    only retrieves attributes which are displayed. (new feature) #4497

    Contributed by Nick Maludy (@nmaludy Encore Technologies)

    ➕ Add new --encrypted flag to st2 key set CLI command that allows users to pass in values
    which are already encrypted.

    🚦 This attribute signals the API that the value is already encrypted and should be used as-is.

    ⚡️ st2 key load CLI command has also been updated so it knows how to work with values which are
    already encrypted. This means that st2 key list -n 100 -j < data.json ; st2 key load data.json will now also work out of the box for encrypted datastore values (values which have
    encrypted: True and secret: True attribute will be treated as already encrypted and used

    The most common use case for this feature is migrating / restoring datastore values from one
    StackStorm instance to another which uses the same crypto key.

    Contributed by Nick Maludy (Encore Technologies) #4547

    ➕ Add source_channel to Orquesta st2() context for workflows called via ChatOps. #4600

    🔄 Changed

    🔄 Changed the inquiries API path from /exp to /api/v1. #4495

    🔨 Refactored workflow state in orquesta workflow engine. Previously, state in the workflow engine
    is not status to be consistent with st2. Other terminologies used in the engine are also revised
    to make it easier for developers to understand. (improvement)

    ⚡️ Update Python runner code so it prioritizes libraries from pack virtual environment over StackStorm
    system dependencies.

    For example, if pack depends on six==1.11.0 in pack requirements.txt, but StackStorm depends
    on six==1.10.0, six==1.11.0 will be used when running Python actions from that pack.

    Keep in mind that will not work correctly if pack depends on a library which brakes functionality used
    by Python action wrapper code.

    Contributed by Hiroyasu OHYAMA (@userlocalhost). #4571

    👌 Improved the way that the winrm-ps-script runner sends scripts to the target Windows
    host. Previously the script was read from the local filesystem and serialized as one long
    💻 command executed on the command line. This failed when the script was longer than either
    🏁 2047 or 8191 bytes (depending on Windows version) as the Windows command line uses this
    as its maximum length. To overcome this, the winrm-ps-script runner now uploads the
    script into a temporary directory on the target host, then executes the script.
    (improvement) #4514

    Contributed by Nick Maludy (Encore Technologies)

    ⚡️ Update various internal dependencies to latest stable versions (apscheduler, pyyaml, kombu,
    mongoengine, pytz, stevedore, python-editor, jinja2). #4637

    ⚡️ Update logging code so we exclude log messages with log level AUDIT from a default service
    🌲 log file (e.g. st2api.log). Log messages with level AUDIT are already logged in a
    🌲 dedicated service audit log file (e.g. st2api.audit.log) so there is no need for them to also
    🌲 be duplicated and included in regular service log file.

    🌲 NOTE: To aid with debugging, audit log messages are also included in a regular log file when log
    level is set to DEBUG or system.debug config option is set to True.

    Reported by Nick Maludy. (improvement) #4538 #4502 #4621

    ➕ Add missing --user argument to st2 execution list CLI command. (improvement) #4632

    Contributed by Tristan Struthers (@trstruth).

    ⚡️ Update decrypt_kv Jinja template filter so it to throws a more user-friendly error message
    when decryption fails because the variable references a datastore value which doesn't exist.
    (improvement) #4634

    ⚡️ Updated orquesta to v0.5. (improvement)

    🛠 Fixed

    🐎 Refactored orquesta execution graph to fix performance issue for workflows with many references
    🔨 to non-join tasks. st2workflowengine and DB models are refactored accordingly. (improvement)

    🛠 Fix orquesta workflow stuck in running status when one or more items failed execution for a with
    items task. (bug fix) #4523

    🛠 Fix orquesta workflow bug where context variables are being overwritten on task join. (bug fix)

    🛠 Fix orquesta with items task performance issue. Workflow runtime increase significantly when a
    🔒 with items task has many items and result in many retries on write conflicts. A distributed lock
    is acquired before write operations to avoid write conflicts. (bug fix) StackStorm/orquesta#125

    🛠 Fix a bug with some API endpoints returning 500 internal server error when an exception contained
    unicode data. (bug fix) #4598

    🛠 Fix the st2 workflow inspect command so it correctly passes authentication token. (bug fix)

    🛠 Fix an issue with new line characters (\n) being converted to \r\n in remote shell
    command and script actions which use sudo. (bug fix) #4623

    ⚡️ Update service bootstrap and st2-register-content script code so non-fatal errors are
    0️⃣ suppressed by default and only logged under DEBUG log level. (bug fix) #3933 #4626 #4630

    🛠 Fix a bug with not being able to decrypt user-scoped datastore values inside Jinja expressions
    using decrypt_kv Jinja filter. (bug fix) #4634

    Contributed by Hiroyasu OHYAMA (@userlocalhost).

    🛠 Fix a bug with user-scoped datastore values not working inside action-chain workflows. (bug fix)

    Added missing parameter types to linux.wait_for_ssh action metadata. (bug fix) #4611

    🛠 Fix HTTP runner (http-request) so it works correctly with unicode (non-ascii) body payloads.
    (bug fix) #4601 #4599

    Reported by Carlos Santana (@kknyxkk) and Rafael Martins (@rsmartins78).

    🛠 Fix st2-self-check so it sets correct permissions on pack directories which it copies over
    to /opt/stackstorm/packs. (bug fix) #4645

    🛠 Fix POST /v1/actions API endpoint to throw a more user-friendly error when writing data file
    to disk fails because of incorrect permissions. (bug fix) #4645