Programming language: Haxe
License: MIT License
Tags: Media Streaming     Video Streaming    

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Synchronized video viewing with chat and other features. Lightweight modern implementation and very easy way to run locally.

Default channel example: http://synctube-example.herokuapp.com/

New features

  • Reworked layout and theme
  • Multi-Language support
  • Hotkeys (Alt-P for global play/pause, etc)
  • Mobile view with page fullscreen
  • Way to play local videos for network users (without NAT loopback feature)
  • Playback rate synchronization (with leader)
  • /30, /-21, etc to rewind video playback in seconds
  • Links mask: foo.com/bar${1-4}.mp4 to add multiple items
  • Override every front-end file you want (user/res folder)
  • Native mobile client

Supported players

  • Youtube (videos, streams and playlists)
  • Raw mp4 videos and m3u8 playlists (or any other media format supported in browser)
  • Iframes (without sync)


  • Open 4200 port in your router settings (port is customizable)
  • npm install ws in this project folder (NodeJS required)
  • Run node build/server.js
  • Open showed "Local" link for yourself and send "Global" link to friends

Setup (Docker)

  • As alternative, you can install Docker and run:
  • docker build -t synctube .
  • docker run --rm -it -p 4200:4200 -v ${PWD}/user:/usr/src/app/user synctube
  • (Docker container hides real local/global ips, so you need to checkout it manually)


It's just works, but you can also check user/ folder for server settings and additional customization.


How to use

  • Login with any nickname
  • Add your video url with "plus" button below (youtube or direct link to mp4 for example)
  • Now it plays and syncs for all page users, well done
  • You can click "leader" button to get access to global video controls (play/pause, time setting, playback speed)
  • If you want to restrict permissions or add admins/emotes, see Configuration above


  • Create app and commit repo to get build
  • Remove user/ folder from .gitignore and commit it to change default configuration
  • Add APP_URL config var with your-app-link.herokuapp.com value to prevent sleeping when clients online


  • Install Haxe 4.2, VSCode and Haxe extension
  • haxelib install all to install extern libs
  • If you skipped Setup section before: npm ci
  • Open project in VSCode and press F5 for client+server build and run