tania v1.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-10-23 // over 6 years ago
  • ⚡️ Hello DIY hackers and farmers, you are going to love the new updates of Tania. Now Tania has supported MQTT for reading sensor's data. Please, check the device section on Tania and integrate your DIY agriculture sensors.

    Happy farming and hacking.

Previous changes from v1.1.0

  • Hi fellow farmers and developers,

    Here are the new changes in Tania:

    1. The reservoir is not mandatory. So, a farmer who doesn't use special reservoir can ignore it.
    2. Making the entire text in Tania ready for internationalization. 🚀 3. Adopting 12factors and making it ready for deployment with Docker. 💻 4. A little bit UI tweaks.

    Happy farming!