Traefik v2.8.0-rc2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-06-27 // 10 days ago

Previous changes from v2.8.0-rc1

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    • [consul,consulcatalog] Support multiple namespaces for Consul and ConsulCatalog providers (#8979 by rtribotte)
    • [http3] Upgrade quic-go to v0.27.0 (#8922 by tomMoulard)
    • [http3] Upgrade quic-go to v0.26.0 (#8874 by sylr)
    • 🔊 [logs] Add destination address to debug log (#9032 by qmloong)
    • [middleware,provider,tls] Deprecate caOptional option in client TLS configuration (#8960 by kevinpollet)
    • [middleware] Support URL replacement in errors middleware (#8956 by tomMoulard)
    • [middleware] Allow config of additional CircuitBreaker params (#8907 by aidy)
    • [provider] Implement Traefik provider for Nomad orchestrator (#9018 by shoenig)
    • [server] Allow HTTP/2 max concurrent stream configuration (#8781 by tomMoulard)
    • [tls,k8s/crd] Support certificates configuration in TLSStore CRD (#8976 by kevinpollet)
    • [webui,pilot,hub] Add Traefik Hub button and deprecate Pilot (#9091 by ldez)
    • 🔌 [webui,plugins] Reach the catalog of plugins from the Traefik dashboard (#9055 by seedy)